1. says

    I hope this is a growing trend of celebrities (I guess you’d consider him a celeb) coming out in their prime… =)

  2. peterparker says

    OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!! J.P is so fucking HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had no idea he was gay. Now Andy can feature another model other than Chad White (hint, hint).

  3. Larry says

    When this last installment of “Survivor” was on the air and Brad, the only openly gay contestant, was voted off, there were rumors he was having a relationship with JP, and it was going to be announced during the live reunion special. That didn’t happen, but it’s good to see it had some basis in fact.

  4. Leland says

    And, Reichen did not, repeat, did NOT suck face with him when Lance wasn’t looking and anyone who says otherwise will get sued.

  5. Matt says

    I hope he get’s a worthless award from HRC for being the most out celebrity like Lance and Reichen did. I caught an episode of the Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency. How the mighty have fallen.

  6. Rick says

    I am an Instinct subscriber and would like to defend them by saying I think they are holding their own as a gay magazine. Every issue gets better and with Beyonce and Gwen Stefani on the last two covers (and now hot JP) I would say they are a major gay magazine. Congrats on this story and cant wait to see the issue.

  7. Paul says

    I used to write for Instinct, and quit because it was so sophomoric and full of typos that I was embarrassed to show it to friends or family. It has improved a bit with its new editor, but I’d still say it’s a marginal piece of fluff. But then, I haven’t watched reality shows in years and couldn’t care less about this guy. At least he’s gay, unlike most cover stars on gay magazines.

  8. Brian says

    Yes, Instinct is fluffy. I know I should be reading the Wall St Journal or Anna Karenina or something, but JP? He’s just far too hot.

  9. Tagg says

    Give me a break! Having Beyonce and Stefani on its cover makes “Instinct” a major gay magazine? For whom? Gay teenagers? “Perpetual adolescence-the new black.”

    My objection isn’t because they’re straight but because they’re straight with no redeeming value to the gay aspects of my life save that they, one assumes, just luv their gay fans. How tired.

    But that’s not as insane, even insulting, as the one wide circulation gay magazine that imagines itself “serious”–“The Advocate” naming Bill “Ann Coulter’s Best Friend” Maher as “Person of the Year.” Their offices should be torched, lit by a rolled up, burning copy of that issue.

    A “major gay magazine” should give us something we can’t get from a major mainstream magazine. Otherwise it has no reason to exist.

  10. Ryan says

    I have worked with this guy at volleyball workshops. I always thought that he was checking out my ass! I never knew he was gay…

  11. Mark M says

    How could so many viewers not know he was gay? I never saw him on Survivor, but he was onscreen mere minutes on the Janice Dickenson show and my gaydar went off like a three alarm fire!

    Good for him, he’s in the right industry ’cause he’s definitely got it.

  12. John B. says

    One sure sign that gave it away for me: It’s all in his “overly” groomed eyebrows. Either he was gay or he was a drag queen. Could have been both.

    I’m on a mission to get men to stop with that type of grooming. It never compliments a man’s face and only makes them seem like overly manicured queens. Stop the plucking and shaping!!!

  13. says

    Tagg, I agree that the Advocate has lots of room for improvement. But when I think back to its evolution, I can only be nothing short of amazed.

    The Advocate began, and remained for too many years, a total rag. It’s stories, if they can be referred to as such, were low quality trash. The photos were soft core porn, and the classifieds were not what one would expect in a legitimate news magazine. I had no problem then or now, about sexual oriented advertising of any kind, but not in a publication that claims to be a news magazine. Through the years it has evolved from a tabloid newspaper format, into a real quality magazine dedicated to the LGBT community. Does it need to continue to evolve? Of course. But let us not forget its beginnings.

  14. says

    That’s awesome! He oughta keep his hair the way it is on the cover, so much cuter that way, with the little bangs. I hated that short buzzcut thing he was working.

  15. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    I’m old-enough to remember when the Advocate had a whole center-insert full of uncensored escort and hustler ads, the men-looking-for-men listings, along with fairly-graphic ads for gay porn flics. Most stores considered it porn just like Drummer Magazine and In Touch; and kept it in the porn-section if they carried it at-all….or behind the counter.

  16. jerakh says

    i knew it!! i knew he was gay from the beginning. no he wasnt an asshole, so what if we lying around doing nothing? arent we all?

  17. Da says

    “The Advocate” naming Bill “Ann Coulter’s Best Friend” Maher as “Person of the Year.” Their offices should be torched, lit by a rolled up, burning copy of that issue.
    Posted by: Tagg |

    That made me giggle. I agree, it’s a strange pick considering the many people in the community who could benefit from the encouragement of being named Person of The Year, more so then a Bill Maher, who I don’t necessarly think is undeserving of recognition by The Advocate btw..

  18. gabe says

    You didn’t really fool anyone with your true colors when you were at Survivor but kudos for coming out this early. Not like what’s his name….that kid from the first American Idol….RJ something….he came out when no one really cared anymore….hilarious and tragic at the same time.

  19. jmg says

    One fine day I received “Instinct” in the mail at no charge. This continued every month for three years. It wasn’t awful. Wasn’t great either.

  20. resurrect says

    Sorry for the screw-up w/ Charging Rhino’s post. My Safari isn’t displaying correctly – and/or – user error. My apologies.

  21. Harold 07 says

    Are some of you TRULY shocked JP is gay?

    Puh-leez; he lists Men’s Fitness as one of his favorite magazines, and that is one step below Playgirl.

  22. Chris says

    What odd expectations people seem to have for magazines like the Advocate or Instinct. The reality is that these magazines are essentially People Magazine targeted toward GLBT populations. Even traditional magazines like Newsweek and Time have become much lighter in topic. If you’re looking for hard hitting GLBT news, check out some of the national news papers like The Washington Blade.

  23. loki says

    is it just me or could we not see him as gay when he first popped up. 1. His overwhelming love for Janice. 2.He got every girl on survivor to do his tasks. 3.He exudes everything gay. I mean he’s not flaming but he is obvious.

  24. Peaches says

    Instinct is such a mindless publication! I’m channeling my inner psychic – are they going to be sold soon?

  25. jpsweethart says

    JP. Amazing. We knew him in Long Beach, CA. He worked Friday nights as a bartender, but wasn’t there most of the time as he and his brother were rotating 24 hour shifts taking care of his dying father. Now, that’s a man. He is a sweethart. And seriously the most georgeous man you could every lay eyes on. We couldn’t be happier for him.

  26. John says

    just curious as to how you got your hands on this picture? I searched on the website for “Instinct” and there are no records of JP as of yet….. I am assuming that the issue will probably not be released until next weeks episode airs?? who knows….


  27. john says

    if Peaches thinks the magazine is such a waste of time, why are you interested in when its coming out? geez……. DUH!

  28. ken says

    Well after reading your responses, i’m inclined to believe not all models of GAY magazines, are GAY!
    However, i just received the latest issue of Instinct, and read the article, to find out for real, that JP is truely gay! The article was very warm and touching to all those out there, that are in the closet, like JP was!
    Living in one of the most gay locations,Provincetown,Mass,. you hear of all sorts of celebrities coming out! In the recent past, Lance Bass, was sighted in Provincetown, and shortly thereafter, he decided to exspose his life style to the world! When he turned up on the cover of PEOPLE magazine, stating, I’M GAY!!!!! Everyone wanted a copy of it to read!
    So it was just a matter of time, to find out that JP was gay as well!
    Now that the whole story is on Janice Dickenson’s show, is , very rewarding!

  29. Diana says

    YAY!! I am so happy for JP. More power to him to come out publicly. He is a wonderful person who deserves only the best.
    Congrats JP!!!

  30. RichardSF says

    So, he’s gay. How important is it for us to know that? Is this man some sort of role model or something?

  31. sundaysarenice says

    I’m certain it isn’t “important” for anyone to know he is gay. The comment thread is nothing more than a trail of opinions.

    I didn’t intend on reading the entire message board, but I did (for reasons that are beyond my recognition), and after doing so I decided that most people on this thread appear bitter and seem to enjoy degrading –or attempting to degrade– strangers.

    How bizarre

  32. BDAWGS says

    It’s obivious that he’s gay, not flaming, but obiviuos none the less. His eyebrows are a little funny looking but he is way good looking. I am stoked I live in Long Beach, might run into him someday…

  33. gordy says

    Excuse me. So I’m old-fashioned. While I believe every gay person should be proud and unashamed of what they are, coming out is a personal matter, and should not be forced or enticed. Being given an utimatum like that, come out or lose the opportunity of a lifetime, was grossly unfair of JD.

  34. James says

    I love JP however Instinct magazine is racist. If you are an effeminate white male this magazine is for you. They place minorities in the magazine only if they have some notoriety, other than that do not look for any representation of yourself here. Pity those poor rural youth looking for validation will not see anyone like themselves in the magazine.
    So much for the rainbow flag. No wonder the hetros are winning.

  35. says

    Seems to me that the more gay celebrities come out, the better off we are as a whole.

    when I was young my role models were all characature pop stars like Liberace and Boy George. Now young gay men are going to have acualy men who dress like men to look up to.

    Yeah, it’s kinda silly that it seems that the reality show stars have more guts than Hollywood stars, but even that’s changing.

    It’s a pretty positive step that in 10 years the young adult generation of gay guys are all going to have grown up without having to learn the hard way that gay men can just ge guys like everyone else.

  36. STEVE says

    Why is it so important that we know J.P.’s sexual preference? Is it so we can imagine ourselves in some sort of illicit romance with them? Isn’t it crazy the little fantasies we permit ourselves to have of sexual encounters with people that most of us will never meet and if we did they wouldn’t give us the time of day.

    Or maybe we just like to play numbers games with ourselves about how many celebs are really gay and cheer with a sick sense of self acceptance when they are publicly outted and forced to deal with their personal struggles before the whole world.

    Yeah J.P.!!! You have really made my day!!!

  37. bill says

    who cares. this was hard for him and it seems like many need it to justify feeling wrong/bad/sinful themselves. its not like you get to sleep with him . wish him well. encourage him and move on you horny sick bastards

  38. Brian says

    The meanness I see in so many of these posts is really very sad. The poor guy just lost his father to brain cancer, he obviously has had a very hard time coming out and looked just terrified when he had to come out on camera. It broke my heart. Most of us know what that terror feels like. Have a little sympathy.

  39. carlos says

    I knew he was gay on survivor. he was a catty bitch who despised the kind of overweight rocker dude on his team. you could see it in his eyes that he hated him for the way he looked. gay male stereotype for sure. yep, that’s a role model and a man we should be lifting up…Hip, Hip, hooray!!!!

  40. Zoul says

    I’m proud of you J.P.!!! Proud that you are Gay, Out and Latino. You probably have no idea what a possitive impact you’ll have on today’s and future young gay generations. And YES you are now a Gay Role Model..your challenge and goal now should be to keep that good image and to strive to make a possitive difference. I cant wait to see more of you on the public eye.

  41. says

    Okay he finally comes out after he is doing a photoshoot for Instinct magazine. Why not come out on Survivor? He simply didn’t have the balls to and he thought it would hurt his chances of winning. Who is more of a role model the guy who was out from the start or the guy who didn’t come out till he could get something out of it? I think deep down we all know the answer to that question!