Gays in Rome Protest Against the Vatican


On the ninth anniversary of the suicide of post Alfredo Ormando in St. Peter’s Square, the gay rights group Arcigay held a protest against at the Vatican, condemning the church’s policy toward gays. Approximately 150 people participated, according to reports.

Ormando died nine days after drenching himself in gasoline and lighting himself on fire in a similar protest in 1998.

Despite the fact that gay culture appears to have infiltrated its holy walls, nine years later, things are no less tense between gays and the Vatican:

“Men and women from the Italian gay association Arcigay and other groups waved rainbow flags and banners saying ‘No to the Taliban! No to the Vatican!,’ according to a Reuters witness. Other banners urged Italy to offer legal recognition to gay and unmarried couples, an issue dividing the current centre-left government and stoking tension between leftists and the Vatican. Pope Benedict has said in recent addresses that such changes would support ‘those ruinous theories that strip all relevance from the masculinity and femininity of the human being.'”

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  1. says

    While I don’t discount the fact that the Vatican poses a tremendous threat to our equality, I find it extremely disturbing that a group of gays has made a hero of someone who lit himself on fire.

    Perhaps there’s more to this story than I know (Wikipedia is lite on details), but that person is no hero in my book.

  2. ter says

    Self immolation is something I personally would not buy into nor condone but to remember a person who felt so desperate about injustice to himself & others is an act of respect. His death reminds me of the Buddhist Monk’s self immolations during the Vietnam War. His act galvanized many of the nations Buddhists & shocked the world & in some views of history note his act as a significant turning point in the history of that War.
    -The Vatican is locked into it’s ideological mind set & will not reverse its stand on gays for the foreseeable future but it is wise to remind the Church that Same Sex Unions & Marriages were normative events in the Roman Empire then adopted into both Western & Eastern Christianity till the 14th Century. It may be wise to bring the self riches holy men of our day to bear the reality of their own history & belief systems. With the evolving European history around the time of the Reformation Gay Culture & Same Sex Unions became anathema.
    The task to change culture & Institutions is daunting but not impossible seen over the evolving nature of history. Women’s right to vote was unheard of in the 18th century, Slavery was normative in all cultures even Jesus didn’t speak against such a system. But both Women’s rights & the rights of the individual have radically changed over the last 150yrs for some people on this planet. We have a very long road to walk to free our same sex bothers & sisters & all people from systems of ignorance, bigotry, hate & social-moral-cultural injustice.
    Remember a journey begins with a single step. May we walk together on that journey of freedom for all.
    (Reference Text : Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe by John Boswell (ISBN-o-679-75164-5) Also from same author: Christianity, Social Tolerance, & Homosexuality (ISBN 0-226-06711-4)

  3. ricardo says

    a beautiful thing to see them posting something against an atmosphere that still raises its head in support of concentration camps that put concentrated death before concentrated illumination.

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