News: Ice Breaker, Saddam, UFO, Gay Air Force

road.jpg Hero saves man’s life on New York subway tracks.

road.jpg Scientists attempt sick experiment to change sexuality of sheep through hormones: “It raises the prospect that pregnant women could one day be offered a treatment to reduce or eliminate the chance that their offspring will be homosexual. Experts say that, in theory, the ‘straightening’ procedure on humans could be as simple as a hormone supplement for mothers-to-be, worn on the skin like an anti-smoking nicotine patch.” Perhaps they should try feeding them soy milk.

road.jpg Hurried Saddam execution inflames Iraqi militants.

Ice_1road.jpg Ice shelf the size of Manhattan breaks free, posing risk to oil platforms. It’s the largest chunk to break off the Canadian arctic shelf in 30 years.

road.jpg UFO spotted over O’Hare airport by United Airlines employees: “The sighting occurred during daylight, about 4:30 p.m., just before sunset. All the witnesses said the object was dark gray and well defined in the overcast skies. They said the craft, estimated by different accounts to be 6 feet to 24 feet in diameter, did not display any lights. Some said it looked like a rotating Frisbee, while others said it did not appear to be spinning. All agreed the object made no noise and it was at a fixed position in the sky, just below the 1,900-foot cloud deck, until shooting off into the clouds.” Airline employees told to shut up about it.

road.jpg What’s ahead for filmmaker Todd Haynes? An experimental film about Bob Dylan in which the singer will be played by seven different actors.

road.jpg Royal Air Force turns to gay rights group for advice on how to overcome bad repuatation: “Many of the estimated 12,000 homosexual personnel in the Armed Forces have fought – and in some cases been killed – in Iraq and Afghanistan but, according to Stonewall, few if any serving gay troops feel confident enough to declare their sexuality publicly.”