Towleroad Guide to the Tube #74

HILLARY CLINTON: Announces Presidential exploratory committee.

BILL RICHARDSON: The New Mexico governor announces he’s forming a committee to get in the race.

A TALE OF TWO TAPES: Jeff Jarvis looks at announcements from Senator Hillary Clinton and anti-gay Republican Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, who also announced plans to enter the Presidential race this weekend.

SAM BROWNBACK: Dodges gay adoption question from George Stephanopolous.

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  1. patrick nyc says

    I hope Brownback gets the GOP nod. He’s such a great example of what they stand for and any Democrat can beat him in the general election.

    Lets hope that the press grows back it’s balls and keeps all of them on their toes.

  2. jimmyboyo says

    The candidate who is 100% for us, hasn’t even announced yet.

    Retired General Wesley Clark, since 2000 campaign on record 100% full marriage rights for gays and 100% full enlistment rights for gays in the millitary.

    Hillary especialy and the rest don’t even come close to Clarks support of OUR rights.
    Hillary is bush in a dress and obama is Hillary with black face.

  3. Matt says

    I really like Bill Richardson. I saw the interview. He has done a lot in many different areas of politics. I honestly don’t think that Hillary or Barack can get the votes they need in South and the West.

  4. Shaun says

    Hillary nor Obama is another Bush. Both support full civil union rights, and wouldnt ever propose an FMA.

    Honestly, the gay community needs to quit with our “all-or-nothing” attitude. What I’m gonna say is very Obama-esque, but the truth is we wont get anywhere with our one-sided attitude and overbearing tone in these debates. Let’s focus on the smaller battles first, such as giving blood, then dont ask dont tell. It takes time for people to change.

  5. Cory says

    Obmama/Clinton for Pres/VP. I have that feeling…

    As for Brownback, I hope he gets the nod. As PatrickNYC stated, if he’ll be an easy win for any democratic candidate (knock on wood).

    Whether you hate Hilary or not, at least her points of interest resonate more with me than Brownback. Iraq, global warming, energy independence (Brazil is officially declaring energy independence this year as they are using ethenal in 85%of their fuel along with local oil drilling and R&D in hydrogen fuel cell and we’re still pushing for drilling more oil in wildlife???), health care, social security, education AND most importantly fixing the mess and disgrace Bush and his cabinet have brought on this country.

    Republikkklan somehow have forgotten the little thing called “seperation of church and state”. God??? I don’t recall God giving me health care, security, heat and water and protection of crazy religious fanatics. The original founding fathers had it right when they wrote “In SCIENCE we trust”, let’s not forget that fact…

  6. Chris says

    Uch, I’m so ashamed that Brownback represents my state to the nation. I swear we’re not all moralistic assholes here (just 70% of the voters, most of whom are 80+).

  7. Shaun says

    Wes really doesnt have a shot. It’s gonna be either Hillary, Obama, or Edwards…. Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, and Tom Vilsack as tier two.

  8. jimmyboyo says

    Hillary and Obama are both DLC and not DNC
    DLC means nothing lower than $10,000 donation gets even a shadow of a possible letter with their signature let alone their care

    Hillary and Obama both are repub lite. DLC are corporate loving Dems.

    Shaun….yeah all or nothing or would you rather be a house slave saying “maser loves me his gay slave so much hes be geven mes 10% ofs mes righties”

    LOL stop being an uncle tom…100% full rights NOW!