1. Troy says

    My thoughts exactly Jon Luddite…if “John” wants to see waify, shaved and waxed clones — go buy Blue or XY.

  2. John says

    I never post, but I have to werite in to agree with Jon L. and Troy. Too heavy set to be sexy” as compared to what?!?! A meth acddict, maybe. What a shallow ignorant comment.

  3. Bobby says

    I think he looks perfect and if that’s too beefy, I’m going to throw up my lunch right now! Nice meaty ass too.

  4. Zeke says

    John #1, A simple “in my opinion” would have made all the difference in your comment.

    I personally like some beef on a man. I think he looks just fine.

  5. George says

    Nice piece of beef. Anyone able to make out the butt tattoo. My Picasso is blurry. It looks like the heads and shoulders of two people.

  6. Da says

    Johnny is speaking for himself, why the need to add “in my opinion”?

    Jeez, if you like beef just say so and let others speak their minds! lol..(btw it always seems like the guys who get defended the most are the beefcakes, and it’s ok to slam the queenies.)

  7. Feliz says

    We need to stop the body fascism. I have
    zero body fat and get attacked for being
    “too thin.” Don’t hate people!

  8. Blaise Pascal says

    Full Frontal Nudity would clear up any doubts concerning attractive or not attractive, yes? It may be true that the proof, as they say, is in the puddin’–or in its environs anyway.