Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Former Survivor: Cook Islands castaway J.P. Calderon comes out of the closet.
road.jpg Flamboyant figure skater Johnny Weir puts the story of Jesus on ice.
road.jpg 'Ex-gay' launches "God hates a f*g" video, mystery deepens, mystery revealed?
road.jpg Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Sam Brownback enter Presidential race on video.
road.jpg Isaiah Washington fires publicist, meets GLSEN and GLAAD, checks into rehab.
road.jpg Las Vegas' Josh Duhamel makes an impression by the pool.
road.jpg Archbishop Desmond Tutu blasts the church over its position on gays.
road.jpg Dreamgirls snubbed for big awards as Oscar nominations are announced.
road.jpg Pop phenom Mika makes his Manhattan debut in intimate showcase.
road.jpg TV trainer Doug Blasdell dies after sudden hospitalization.
road.jpg Rapper Deadlee calls out homophobic Eminem, 50 Cent, and DMX.
road.jpg Your thoughts on George W. Bush's State of the Union address. Cloud tags.
road.jpg South Dakota state senator accused of groping male page in hotel room.
road.jpg Brand Beckham: Wax statues arrive in America, enter Prince Charming.
road.jpg Dick Cheney: Questions about lesbian daughter "out of line". (Video)
road.jpg Naughty name: CNN defends host Glenn Beck's use of the word fa**ot.
road.jpg Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns sues surgeon after botched lip job.
road.jpg House Speaker Nancy Pelosi zings Bush on Iraq war strategy...
road.jpg Sportraits: Croatian Water Polo Team, Tommy Haas, Ellis Hobbs.


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