1. rjp3 says

    The bigot is obviously delusional .. he can not even ADMIT that he said it and is making public apperances LYING saying he did not say it.

    He is and his freaky wife should avoided by the media. However I have a feeling conservative blacks are going to embrace him as a “victim” which is why he is lying to gain their support – because he will not have any other fans except the same people who still like OJ.

  2. RJP3 says

    || News ||

    January 17, 2007

    Grey’s Anatomy star jokes about being gay on Golden Globes red carpet

    Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington, accompanied by his wife, shared a secret on the Golden Globes red carpet. “I love gay. I wanted to be gay,” he said. “Please let me be gay.”

    In October, Washington apologized for an on-set incident involving costars Patrick Dempsey and T.R. Knight during which Washington allegedly used a homophobic slur. Knight said last year he is gay. (Sandy Cohen, AP)

    What an ass.
    Obviously not sincere comments.
    Obviously not caring about the feelings of gay viewers. I would say the next thing is that he will start religion based commentary.

  3. hoya86 says

    OK – what did I think about this?

    Well, congratulations to Ellen for providing him such a direct and public forum to discuss this. It was likely over the objections of many people around her.

    As for him, I don’t watch this show and until this flap happened I’d never heard of him, however, I’m glad that he had the courage to take a negative and turn it into a positive for himself by coming out publicly and then calling out Mr. Washington as not telling the truth of the matter.

    In terms of the interview itself, gee whiz….I would have thought that he would have been a bit more articulate and self-possessed, this was not an ambus interview and he knew going in what they were going to talk about. His stuttering and stammering…how many times did he say “I don’t know” . Also – perhaps I am just old and tired and come from a different planet but he’s NEVER been called the “F-Word” (is that the term now?) to his face? Wow. He didn’t go to a public school?

    I don’t mean to be harsh on him – just found it strange. Glad that this does not seem to be a negative for hiim professionally.

  4. Jack says

    What a cute guy T.R. Knight is. If only I could find a reasonably stable guy like T.R. to date. Sweet, attractive and wihtout need to be “fabulous” for everyone else, but himself. I know I’m a catch. Anyone else feel that way? Anyone???

    So sad that our community seems to be represented (in media) by the “superficial gay guy” more than the “typical well-rounded gay guy.”

  5. Jimmy says

    I was never called faggot. I don’t know how I would feel. I don’t identify that word as being something that would hurt me. Hearing it doesn’t provoke anything in me. Maybe that has more to do with the way I process outside comments. Think you make a choice as to what/whom can hurt you.

    Don’t know where that coping mechanism comes from. Guess I should be lucky to have it.

    That said, I still stand up for my rights. Just don’t think it would internally hurt me.

  6. Brucie says

    Jeese, hoya86, I would never come to you for any kind of sympathy. Just because we’ve all been called a faggot doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Also, the guy is shy, not used to talking about himself. You go on TV talking about personal and humiliating issues and see how you fare. No wonder people don’t want to come out of the closet. Why are we so judgemental?

  7. David says

    First of all, I hope that TR is a “reasonably stable, sweet, attractive” guy but let’s be not be too hasty about juding someone’s character based on what you see in TV and what you read.

    That said, I applaud TR for just talking about coming out — I really don’t care that he wasn’t more articulate. Not everyone, not even every actor, is going to be some great orator, especially when talking about themselves, sans script.

  8. Giovanni says

    Kudos to TR for going public and hopefully forcing Washington out of the homophobes closet. I am sure this interview was difficult for him and things can’t be very tranquil on the set. It’s up top Rhimes now to address the issue in a fitting way.

  9. Sam says

    I consider myself to be articulate. However, ask me about my sexuality (or anything personal for that matter) and I’m very shy about sharing it. Not ashamed, just find it extremely personal–unless you’re someone I plan on sleeping with. Mulitply sharing that with a studio auidence and hundreds of thousands of viewers and you’d be shy also, unless you wouldn’t.

    Good for TR!

  10. Jack! says

    Another person has taken my username Jack. Anyway, I’m the Jack that has been here for months. Many of you know me from my “outrageous” comments. I’m now going to use the name Jack! so don’t take it.

    I’m glad TR talked about the situation. It needs to be resolved in a good faith effort.

  11. SGR says

    I hope they fire Washington now. Not for the initial slur (which he could have dealt with by taking it seriously and apologizing and really being contrite). He should be fired for his tactless, insensitive comments at the Golden Globes. He obviously thinks this serious incident can be downplayed with lame jokes and mistruths (sure, he didn’t call Knight faggot to his face, but he did refer to him as such).

    He clearly can’t keep his trap shut. He is his own worst enemy. And now he’s forced the story to be a story again. And this time, ABC can’t sweep it under the rug.

    Good move on Knight’s part to set the record straight. He clearly won’t be bullied by Washington and network spinmeisters who would prefer to think that nothing happened.

  12. hoya86 says

    Like I said – Since this was not an ambush interview where someone was sticking a microphone in his face while he was on line at Starbucks, I would have assumed that he would have had his thoughts a bit more put together.

    I am only reacting to what I saw in this clip – I don’t pretend to know this guy, although it seems that a few of you are projecting your own feelings on him as though they are actual character attributes. How do you know he’s shy? stable?

    I am not sure what there is to feel sorry about regarding this guy. Someone else showed a very poor sense of character and respect for others, but TR seems to have handled this well. What is it I’m supposed to feel sorry about? That he came out to People magazine?

  13. Anon says

    He is endearing, but I would confine his bravery for coming out publicly. That did involve financial risks. Otherwise, people are getting blown up in Iraq, so “bravery” is a cautionary sliding scale. TR’s probably going to get into trouble for going on Ellen. The producers of GA are going to get mad.

  14. Matt says

    I am happy he went on the show and proud of him for doing so, but I wish TR could have been a little more articulate. Sure, he’s shy, so am I, so are a lot of us — but he had the opportunity to address this issue in front of the nation, I wish he could have pulled it together a little more.

  15. miss dna says

    a hearty BRAVO to Ellen and Mr. Knight for talking about this. I’ve been called “homo” and “faggot” and believe me, it hurts. As I mentioned before, I’ve heard neighbors use these words and have taken action on it. We must speak up for ourselves when this happens. People have got to learn that this is no longer acceptable to us or to anyone else.

  16. Leland says

    Thanks, Andy, for the clip! Knight deserves a standing ovation from all of us—and maybe a loan when he finds himself blackballed after “Grey’s Anatomy” eventually expires. Following the grace that he showed in coming out, when, as he touched on, he could have, and was probably VERY heavily pressured to ignore the incident by his agent, his publicist, the producers, his friends, his mama, other cast members, now he has the courage to risk the further wrath of the show’s shameless producers in going public with this on the heels of the astounding repeated denial wrapped in further homophobic arrogance of Washington two nights ago.

    Anyone who has even a passing real life acquaintance with someone in the business, or has read of the chilling stigma still associated with even “playing” gay—from the referenced but unnamed number of young actors who turned down “Brokeback” back to Harrison Ford et al. turning down “Making Love” and beyond—understands the multiple career risks Knight just took. And not just the “out gay”-related issues. We all know that wherever we work rocking the company boat is a no-no.

    Again, Bravo, Mr. Knight, and good luck.

    PS: Of course, not a word about this has yet to appear on SAD’s er GLAAD’s Website but, hey, you can buy tickets now for the four-city 18th Annual GLAAD Fellates Itself Awards.

  17. JR says

    I can’t stand how much I love this guy. He’s great and I admire his courage. I agree with you Matt, he could’ve been a bit more articulate, but I’m guessing he decided to do the show mostly because of Washington’s denial about the incident. TR strikes me as the kind of actor that is probably more comfortable acting in front of cameras than he is being on camera as himself. Either way it still takes balls for someone to go on and do what he’s done.

  18. Joshua says

    I’ve never watched the show, as I’m not a T.V. person, so I had never heard of Knight before this incident.
    I think I can understand his not being as articulate as he could have been. I can’t talk about personal things unless I’m very close to the person I’m talking to, to have to talk about something this personal on t.v. would be almost if not impossible for me… maybe I’m projecting a bit when I say I understand why he was so at a loss for words. At one point in the clip, I thought he might cry, maybe he was trying to hold that back and made expressing himself difficult.

    Anyway, he’s a cute dude….if he’s reading this…I’m 24 and very hot…call me….lmao

  19. Khem says

    Thank you Rock Hudson.

    Thank you Ellen.

    Thank you Rosie.

    Thank you Andy Towle.

    Thank you to all who have paved the way before me.

    The fight rages on but you all have made it not insurmountable.

  20. gabe says

    Guys, we should do something more than discuss and gripe about this issue here. Like sending ABC and the producers of Grey’s e-mails to let them know how we feel about this. TR Knight will surely get a big amount of flack over this at ABC and he has to know that he has all our support.

    This is almost worse than that Macys/Boston gay pride brouhaha last summer.

  21. Zeke says

    TR was charming and humble on Ellen today.

    His kindness, humility and exceptional character throughout this whole ordeal is really showing Washington up to be a real jerk who is clueless about what he has done and why it is unacceptable.

    The heat is really on Washington now. He got off very easy initially, with no apparent negative consequences, but he just couldn’t keep his damned mouth shut.

    Here’s hoping that Washington will grow up, take responsibility for his stupidity, apologize SINCERELY and make amends with Knight and the gay community. Then we can move on in hope that other people get the message from this incident that homophobia is NOT OK.

  22. Thor says

    T.R. Knight is my favorite. And despite the fact that there’s a lot he “doesn’t know”, his interview was still endearing and heartfelt. I wish I could find stronger words right now, but none of them seem right. He’s an inspiration to me, though. For sure.

  23. thegreatpumpkin says

    Me to ABC:

    “I recently viewed T.R. Knight’s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and I sincerely hope that ABC and the producers of Grey’s Anatomy have NO intention of reprimanding Knight for telling the truth in the face of Isaiah Washington’s denials at the Golden Globes.

    Washington’s attempts to not only deny, but laugh off the October incident (in which he referred to Knight as a “faggot”) were tasteless (esp. the mocking “I love gay”). I do value the character of Dr. Burke on Grey’s, and I hope a GENUINE apology will be made by Isaiah.”

    I got cut off there, which was probably a good thing. I could have rambled on about not wanting to hear a fake non-apology (“If I offended anyone with something I may have done, I apologize…”). And I could have gushed about Knight’s classiness in handling this situation. But I digress… 😛

  24. Harrison says

    I’ll ask it now and I’ll ask it again. Can I be friends with T.R. Knight? I just want to go to Starbucks with him. Is that so wrong?

    (15-year-old teenage girl-style dream sequence over)

  25. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever really been called a faggot either but either way, it was in a work professional setting and that is totally uncalled for no matter what the situation is and it needs to be addressed and reprimanded. I don’t understand why other slurs of other natures (ie racial) are not tolerated but everyone seems to let gay slurs slide.

    It’s too bad because Isaiah was a terrific actor and while I understand he is ACTING on Grey’s Anatomy, I can’t but help see him in a different light nowadays. Meanwhile, I need to find me myself a TR Knight! I would have been bumbling myself too if I had to explain it all on national TV.

  26. jessejames says

    I saw the Ellen show with TR today and he was so obviously hurt and humiliated by the initial incident and now by having it brought up all over again.

    I’m glad TR and Ellen made a public issue of it and allowed a lot of people to see what is happening. The audience gave TR a standing ovation at the end. He may not have been eloquent but his pain was real and apparent.

    I suppose the only excuse Washington could make for his stance is that he called TR a faggot behind his back, which in Washington’s view makes it something not worth apologizing for.

    The difference in response to a black slur and a gay slur is just more evidence that homosexuality is still to many a socially acceptable bias. There’s something wrong with Grey’s Anatomy’s producers to let this go on.

  27. Brucie says

    “I am only reacting to what I saw in this clip – I don’t pretend to know this guy, although it seems that a few of you are projecting your own feelings on him as though they are actual character attributes.”

    I do know him hoya, otherwise I wouldn’t have pointed out how shy he is. He is not someone who goes around talking to the press about his personal life–although he’s never been closet to people who know him he’s not comfortable talking about himself.

    Actually, a lot of actors are like that. They’re great when they have a script but when they have to talk off-the-cuff, not so much.

  28. Stephen says

    I echo Hoya86’s comments regarding TR Knight’s interview. There was a whole lot of stammering, “Uhs”…, “I don’t knows”…

    On one hand, I feel bad for the guy, on the other, he really should have prepared himself better and spoke with some confidence and true grit. It a strange and weak response and awkward for viewers to listen to, in my opinion.

  29. Mike says

    Thanks for the contact info. PatrickNYC, Johnny and Robert. Again, to send a letter to ABC:

    petition to fire the scum:

    to let the naacp know what you think of the scum’s image award nomination:

    *Please write/sign etc. and forward these addresses to many, many more. On the week of MLK’s birthday we should be moved to speak up.

  30. Da says

    I thought the interview was perfect! I was worried Ellen would stop it before TR really went there, but I’m glad she didn’t.

    What I appreciated is that TR spoke from his heart, and as someone else pointed out on another site sometimes courage is not about “fronting” but being honest. Speak the truth cause it’s healing.

    Personally I love to bring all those uncomfortable feelings to the surface, and force myself and others to deal with whatever we’re tyring to run away from. As gay men we get hurt and humiliated, there’s no shame in admitting that. Only truth will set us free!

    And if we cannot deal with TR shifting in his chair for a mere 30 seconds, then the gay teen who is considering suicide cannot come out to anyone and describe how much he’s hurting inside for being of being called ‘weak’.

    I think TR did a tremendous service to all those kids.

  31. Mike says

    Holy Crap! GLADD now decides to speak out (finally)

    The furor over ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Isaiah Washington use of an anti-gay slur heated up again Wednesday as Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) President Neil G. Giuliano called on him to to apologize.
    Speaking to the press following the medical drama’s Golden Globe win for best TV drama series on Monday, Washington denied that he had used a slur to refer to co-star T.R. Knight during an on-set altercation with fellow co-star Patrick Dempsey. But the openly gay Knight said Wednesday during an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ that Washington had indeed used the slur.

    ‘This kind of anti-gay slur – whether on set or in front of the press – it does more than create a hostile environment for his castmates and the crew of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,” Giuliano said. ‘It also feeds a climate of hatred and intolerance that contributes to putting our community in harm’s way.’

    Neither Washington nor ABC executives could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

  32. Jon says

    “On one hand, I feel bad for the guy, on the other, he really should have prepared himself better and spoke with some confidence and true grit. It a strange and weak response and awkward for viewers to listen to, in my opinion.”

    He seems to be very shy, and Washington using that word again the day before his interview probably shattered him even more.

    I thought he did a good job of explaining why he wanted to come out, and you could tell from his body language and expression how hurt he was by what Washington has said to him. That’s going to have an impact with the public, far more than Shonda Rhimes and her pro-Washington PR blitz ever could.

  33. Charles says

    You know what, ‘turd’. Fuck you. Just fuck you for your racism. Spewing out racial slurs doesnt erase what IW did, it doesnt do anything but just make the situation for *everyone* worse. And fuck you, Andy Towle, for allowing this person to spew his hate on your site freely and continuously. Allowing it is tantamount to *condoning* it and *agreeing* with it. If youre going to be against hate speech, be against *all* of it. Period. This isn’t a contest

  34. soulbrotha says

    If you don’t live with him, how will you know whether or not he says faggot or not? Calling Isaiah a ‘filthy ape nigger’ will not change him or get him fired. All it does is offend the rest of us and make you look like an ass.

  35. Parker says

    HURRAY! FINALLY… Someone that doesn’t make me cringe when he admits he’s gay. (i.e., McGreevy, Foley, et. al.)

    Face it, the children’s saying that “names will never hurt me” is just simply not true. Whenever someone diminishes any other human being we are ALL diminished. The sooner we respect that truth the better off we’ll be.

  36. Charles says

    Or pay attention to what gets posted on your site and erase obvious trolling. These racial slurs and this lazy thinking “If you call me x, then I will sink to your level and call all of your kind y just to get my rocks off” has been coming up on here a ton though-it’s gone beyond trolling-I am thinking it suggests how a lot of the readers on here think.

  37. says

    Gee, nice to know that T.R. is as goofy in real life as he is on tv. And he actually looks reasonably attractive here! He’s usually so fug….kudos to him for the bravery to speak out, though. The “Grey’s Anatomy” people are most likely pissed at him for “adding fuel to the fire”. Hey, Andy…you really oughta delete turd’s comment. It’s not that they’re not devastating, I used to get mad but now I just pity trolls who have nothing better to do but bore people with statements that would get them fucked up and/or killed in real life(Youtube, one of my favorite sites, is troll heaven…you get used to it). But they set a really negative and dumbed down tone. Definetly not a good vibe. Delete please.

  38. tc says

    I have to say I stopped looking at the Ellen show because I felt she was always avoiding the topic of being gay…..but always …never a conversation..always stupid was cute in the beginning….but with TR coming on I hope she sees we need a face like hers on TV to show America that homophobia exists everywhere……I don’t think she needs to do it everyday…but every once in a while….let’s talk gay topics…she made a difference today AGAIN

  39. yeahisaidit says

    …i most sincerely hope that i am never in earshot turd when you refer to washington as a “filthy ape nigger” because i might instead think that you were refering to me and depending on how i might feel you just may find my foot up your in ass with a quickness…forgive me, but I’m thinking that in this instance you can find this action as justifiable as Ms. Heigl’s promise to “beat anyone up who hurts T.R. feelings” may have been, (for which she was praised and applauded by many posters on this blog), while some of you have the luxury of deciding which is more reprehensible, a gay slur, or one about a Black person, be reminded that some of us are gay AND African American…now mind you im not promising violence since my path and Turd’s more than likely will never cross, and usually, I’m a gentleman, but just as Ms. Heighl thought Isiah should watch his mouth, you Turd might want to watch yours as well…

  40. Leland says

    I’m so old, I’m past mold. Been out so long they changed the zip code on my closet, but I am still surprised and sickened to my core every time I see an assumed gay man or woman exhibit such vile racism as we read above. A pox on you, “Turd.” Crawl back “to the vile dust from which [you] sprung; unwept, unhonored, and unsung.”

  41. patrick nyc says


    Please know that most of us do not share TURD’s twisted point of view. I am also shocked that Andy has not removed them, since it is clear that they are upsetting to many, myself included. I’m a GWM, I find bigotry, no matter where it comes from, or whom it is aimed at, very vile.

    I plan on sending an email to Andy right now, anyone who feels the same should follow suit.

  42. Zeke says

    I understand people’s desire to respond to the vile comment by Turd but please keep in mind that he is TROLLING. If you don’t know what that means please Google or Wikapedia it.

    He drops in, drops a bigot bomb, hijacks the discussion and then sits back and enjoys the ensuing fireworks. It’s a sick form of entertainment that only works if people fall for it.

    The best way to kill a troll is to starve him/her to death. That’s why I said earlier, Don’t feed the troll.

    The best way to ask Andy to delete the comment is by contacting him through the “send a tip” link under “FYI” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. He doesn’t read every comment on every story so he is most likely completely unaware of the offensive comment.

  43. Ivy says

    Come on really, I think the media is having a true field day with this one!!! How many actors have said hateful and slanderous things about people andthey just got a blurb. Because Isiah Washington said it( May I add he is a strong black actor) everyone seems to be rehashing it! I think the people who are coming down on Isiah Washington because some of you are acting like you have never said a slanderous or hateful thing in your life!( Which we all know is not true) Give the damn man a break he has apologized for the incident, granted it was no the best way to do it on the Golden Globes, but we need to give him a break. Lets see Mel Gibson wasnt crucified when he made slanderous comments about Jewish people why should Isiah be any different!!!!!

  44. dano says

    Being a bit older and myself had heard the f– word many times that was said to me or about me,it hurts all the same. I even work for a man many yrs. my junior that used that word talking about guys that were not gay (just slang to him). He stopped using it when he thought it was bothering me and doesn’t use it all anymore. About ABC they should do something about this. Their parent company is after all is Disney they are very gay friendly. I know that because I work for many years at Disney World. Where I was treated no different than any other employee (host). Remember they do have a gay day there. Thanx dano

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