Yale Singing Group ‘The Baker’s Dozen’ Hurt in Homophobic Attack

Several members of the Yale all-male singing group The Baker’s Dozen were injured in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve in a homophobic attack that left them bruised and bloody.

BakersdozenDuring a performance at a New Year’s Eve party, their attackers taunted them with gay slurs — “fag” and “homo” — according to one member, and then five or six men ambushed them outside the party, leaving them with scrapes, sprained ankles, black eyes, and concussions, according to ABC affiliate KGO (PHOTOS):

“The trouble started at midnight after The Baker’s Dozen sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” Witnesses say a few local young men didn’t appreciate the attention the Yale students were getting, made fun of their conservative dress and began taunting them and making threats.

Leanna Dawydiak, Hosted Party: “They had something here special that these other fellas obviously didn’t have and that irritated them.”

Witnesses say 19-year-old Richard Aicardi was the most aggressive.

Sharyar Aziz: “‘You’re not welcome here,’ he called a few members of the group, whether it was fag or homo, very, I would say, juvenile taunting.”

Aicardi took out his cell phone and called in reinforcements.

Reno Rapagnani: “He said, ‘I’m 20 deep, my boys are coming.'”

One of the victims, Sharyar Aziz, a member of the varsity squash team, was rushed home for reconstructive surgery which included the insertion of two titanium plates in his face. He’ll miss the athletic season. Said Aziz: “I can’t just look back at that incident and be depressed for the next two months. I have to learn to deal with what’s been given to me.”

The sick part of this incident is that even though the police detained four men at the scene of the incident, they were released and no arrests have been made in the case. Police did not bother to take photographs of the victims either. Some have accused the police of treating the perpetrators lightly because three of them are the sons of prominent SF pediatrician Eileen Aicardi.

An investigation is now underway.

Yale Choir Assaulted; No Arrests By SFPD [kgo]


  1. Cory says

    I am f*&king outraged! No one was charged?!?!?!?!?! One of them has metal rods and facial reconstruction?!!?! I am writing the mayor’s office on this, those “boys” should all be in jail! Fu*(in’ jail!!! I am so sick to my stomach…

  2. Cory says

    I went online to the mayor’s office and wrote a message to Gavin Newsom. I would hate to think a mayor who has championed for gay civil rights would condone such behavior, especially from the SF police and especially after the shooting during Halloween last year.

  3. Br!on says

    I guess I have a question.

    Are there more attacks on gays recently or is the reporting just quicker and more accessible?

    As for reporting crimes…this is no surprise to me. My friend and I were verbally attacked in a bar in Chelsea last year. Gay owned. By a straight girl. Screamed at to the point of the bouncer throwing her and her friends out of the bar. The guys came back and collared the bouncer landing blows that split his cheek and eyebrow open. No ID were collected by the police and nobody was charged or arrested.

    Flash forward a year later and several of my friends have been victims of various crimes including break ins, theft and muggings. And yet somehow the city is reporting crime is down in the city.

    No paper….no crime. Hmmmm

    Same in San Francisco obviously.

  4. gay is the new straight says

    Ok, now does everyone understand? WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! Everday, from W to the donald (ugh). They hate us and will do everything they can to stop us from happening. If we don’t demand our rights every day, then they will take our freedoms and lives away. RISE UP GAY PEOPLE!

  5. miss dna says

    honey, we are going to have to start getting militant like the Jews and the Blacks did. They don’t put up with this kind of shit and neither should we!

  6. Jon says

    For those of you wishing to voice your opinion on the matter, I suggest calling Dr. Aicardi’s office (mother of the lead attacker).

    (415) 668-0888 office

    As a pediatrician, it seems she has a real knack with kids. How proud she must be.

  7. Da says

    Thank you Cory and Gay Is The New Straight.

    I don’t think a lot of gays are aware of the extent of the attack we’re under. The more we progress the more homophobia rises..and even sites like youtube which took over greatly thanks to gays supporting them with content and comments have now sent all queer content and groups to the backyard of their site. Such a shame..

    I spend a lot of time on the net, and I’ll tell you there are a lot of desperate conservatives groups aout there who angrily protest at every step we make with something great..except if it’s gay porn, cause then they can point out and say “that’s all they’re good for” but don’t ever try and push the amazing talents we have in the community or else it’s “propaganda”. Well, they’ve seen propaganda yet cause we’re on our way!

  8. Shawn says

    Thanks for bringing more visibility to this news story. Hopefully the local gay rag here in the Bay Area(BAR) will actually report on it? Hopefully the officers involved,the hosts of the party and the insecure fuckwads that perpetrated this violence will not get away without being held accountable for their actions/inactions.

  9. RJP3 says

    I JUST EMAILED THE MAYOR of SAN FRANCISCO as well …. tell Mr. Gay Friendly we are watching !!!

    side note – as for Internet Porn – all that JUST AS NASTY hetero stuff does us ALL a favor and undercuts the use pornography as the end all for pointing out what a group is. Gays are not all like gay internet porn – if straights are all not like internet porn. 😉

  10. Jordan says

    See, that’s just terrible. Horrifying, really. Do we even know if these guys are gay? I mean, it’s inevitable that these sorts of things are going to happen, because there’s 6 billion human beings and some of them are just going to turn out to be heartless bastards, but it’s still extraordinarily depressing. And this sort of thing *can* happen to anyone, gay or straight. Just the appearance of being gay – that is, according to some meathead who is probably drunk anyway – is enough to provoke violence. What a world.

    On a happier note – if there can, in fact, be a happier note – I couldn’t help but notice how attractive the guy in the first photo is, sans bruises of course. But that can wait; I don’t want to get lynched by all the “How can you say something like that at a time like this?!” police.

  11. MALCOLM says

    It’s a shame I have to say so…but I’ve beem fortunate that I’m 6ft tall and built like a line backer…I determined when I came out 22 yrs ago that I would not tolerate somebody putting their hands to me because they don’t like who I love.

    This is the world we live in…the Black and Jewish community don’t like it said, but Gays are the new Jews and Blacks in America that can be abused and shoved aside without any outrage.

    The world keeps turning over and this too shall pass away…

  12. 24play says

    No, they’re not all gay. The men’s a capella groups at Yale atend to be just a little gayer than the student body itself. (Some years particular groups are gayer. Some years they’re straighter. Some years they’re flaming. Some years they’re very closeted.)But it’s likely most of the guys in this year’s (or any year’s) Baker’s Dozen are straight.

    But they sing and wear jackets and ties, and we all know what that means.

    Now why, after looking at all these photos do I suddenly have the urge to but a Black Party ticket?

  13. MikeinSanJose says


    I wonder if mommy’s patients know what happened. Are they just as homophobic as she is (the bashers had to learn it somewhere) or would news of something like this affect her clientele?

    I don’t care how hard you try to spin it… EVERYONE is San Francisco knows someone who is gay.

  14. says

    For those of you who plan on calling or emailing the mother, PLEASE don’t cross the line and threaten her or yell and curse. I’m so tired of reading how my brothers end up becoming the very thing they hate as they attempt to bring light to an injustice.

  15. brian says

    Let’s not let this brushed under the table, united we have the power to shine light on these things:

    Mayor Gavin Newsom

    Telephone: (415) 554-6141
    Fax: (415) 554-6160
    Email: gavin.newsom@sfgov.org

    City Hall, Room 200
    1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
    San Francisco, CA 94102

  16. MikeinSanJose says

    Apparently mommy (the woman has FIVE SONS) is associated with the Golden Gate Pediatrics group. They can be contacted in San Francisco:
    3641 California St.
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    Phone (415)668-0888
    Fax (415)752-5391

    or Mill Valley:
    61 Camino Alto, Suite 103
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
    Phone (415)388-6303
    Fax (415)388-7136

    I wonder if this assault would be a liablility for them…


    Eileen Aicardi, M.D.
    Dr. Eileen Aicardi was born in San Francisco. She attended the University of San Francisco for three years and then transferred to the University of California, San Francisco where she got her BS in medical studies as well as her MD. She did four years of postgraduate training at UCSF. She is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and is currently active at UCSF on a number of committees including the Medical Alumni Committee and the Pediatrics Medical Education Committee. She has been with our practice since 1978.

    She is the secretary of the AAP Northern California Chapter. She is on the Board of Directors of the Salesian Boys and Girls Club and volunteers her time for Enterprise for High School Students.

    She is married and the proud mother of five boys. In her free time she enjoys sports, especially if her children are playing and also enjoys doing counted cross stitch.

  17. DF says

    I just called the Salesian Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, of which Mommy is a director and from which she received their “person of the year” award last year. I asked if she would remain on their board of directors since it had been demonstrated that she couldn’t even raise her own kids. Much to my surprise (I thought they’d hang up on me) the very nice man said, “Actually, we’ll have to have a meeting on that.” I can’t imagine they’d want to keep her around…

  18. Edward says

    The SF Chronicle (aka The Comicle)has yet to pick up this story, nor has the news radio station – KCBS. But the Comicle gave us a story on gay spirituality yesterday.

  19. busytimmy says

    I received a nice response from the reporter of the story, Dan Noyes. There is a link on the article, send him encouragement to keep this alive, he’ll appreciate it.

  20. jimmyboyo says

    honey, we are going to have to start getting militant like the Jews and the Blacks did. They don’t put up with this kind of shit and neither should we!

    Posted by: miss dna | Jan 9, 2007 3:38:40 PM

    I have said it before and will say it again

    Martin’s dream was nice, but it was not till Malcolm and others like the black panthers showed a radical millitant face on civil rights did whites become scared and acquiesce (spell check) to try to calm things down.

    The gay community must take a lesson from that. AIDs did not get any attention till ACT UP went radical and militant

    WE MUST BECOME millitant if we want our rights….We need our own version of Malcolm X

  21. Paul says

    I knew several members of the Baker’s Dozen while I was in school at Yale and this is very disturbing news indeed. There is no question in my mind that many homophobic assaults go unreported each year. It sounds like this was almost one of those cases. I’m disgusted, angry, and somewhat disheartened that this occurred in San Francisco – of all places!

    However, I’m equally disheartened by what I’ve seen here today on this message board. I’m all for making sure that the victims’ attackers get justice, but we don’t need to resort to sophomoric vigilante justice by harassing the suspects and their families. We need to demand that our REAL justice system (police, courts, etc.) system take any claims seriously.

    Shame on those of us who, in our anger, posted contact information for the suspect’s mother. I hope that whoever mantains this website takes down both the phone number and email address.

    It doesn’t really matter at this point if whether we use Martin Luther King’s Model or Malcom’s X’s model for our LGBTQ civil rights movement. We probably need a little of both. My point is that we need to stop wasting effort on things that don’t matter. Personally attacking the suspect and his mother is an example of something that doesn’t matter. You can drag them both through the mud and back again, and it will do nothing to deter or prevent a future attack.
    Instead of wasting your anger by throwing cheap barbs at an easy target, take hold of all of your energy and bitch slap the people who really need it.

    For example:

    THE MEDIA – in the past few years the mainstream media has come to believe the myths propagated by extremists, who say that they have been too sympathetic towards the LGTBQ cause. Bull! Other than forced outings of gay celebrities, or stories rushed into national limelight by scandal, I have seen very little media coverage that simply profiles the lives of normal LGTBQ people. Call up the media and demand more press coverage of our everyday struggles (assaults, family issues, job loss, suicide, etc.) in your local and national press. Tell them that you want better coverage of the LGBTQ civil rights movement.

    YOUR LEGISLATORS – host letter writing/phone calling parties with your friends and neighbors. Conact your mayor, rep, senator, governor, school board, town council, the chamber of commerce – EVERYONE! Tell them that your sick of being assaulted and being ignored. Ask them to take steps to STOP THE VIOLENCE!

    Do SOMETHING, but don’t sink to the same level as our juvenile oppressors. I’m in this civil rights movement for the long hall.

    Viva la gays!

    – Paul M.

    Yale ’06
    Love Makes a Family Summer ’06

  22. Jedediah says

    I have one thing to say: this is horrible and you guys need your Malcolm X…maybe it’s Larry Kramer…or maybe not…I agree with you on everything about militantcy…maybe something like the Pink Panthers or Fuchsia…or some color I have never heard of… NO MORE MATTHEW SHEPAREDS!!!

  23. Andrew says

    I wonder if these little pussies would like to go face to face with the San Francisco Fog (SF gay rugby team). The Aicardi boys would be running back to their crazy ass momma for therapy (and wire to hold their jaws together).

  24. Da says

    I have seen very little media coverage that simply profiles the lives of normal LGTBQ people. Call up the media and demand more press coverage of our everyday struggles (assaults, family issues, job loss, suicide, etc.) in your local and national press.
    Posted by: Paul | Jan 9, 2007 10:10:40 PM

    I agree with your post Paul, but I am glad to see gays stand up for themselves! That’s the only way you get things done..there’s no-one who’s going to hand us our rights, or visibility, or equality because it’s “the right thing to do”, or else it would have happened by now..

    I’m all for writing to the media though. Another thing I do is if I come across a site that discriminates or has no gay representation I simply write and ask “where’s the GLBT section?”, or else I create one myself. It takes a minute to make a change that can effect thousands later on..and I’m everytime I’m amazed at the number of organizations who discriminate simply because no one’s ever bothered to call them up on it.

    So stand up and be counted y’all!

  25. Mark says

    Paul, finger wagging and “letter-writing parties” only get you so far. It wasn’t the media, or the legislature, that beat up those kids. It was a fucked up family and their fucked up friends. And sometimes you have to speak to those folks in the only language they understand.

  26. peterparker says

    It seems to me that the person to talk to is not the Mayor of San Francisco (though I’d talk to Gavin Newsom *any* day of the week!), but Kamala Harris, the District Attorney. After all, wouldn’t she have final say in whether or not these criminals are prosecuted? Her website (www.sfdistrictattorney.org) provided the following contact information:



    Kamala Harris, District Attorney
    Criminal Division
    Hall of Justice
    850 Bryant, Room 322
    San Francisco, CA 94103

  27. Ed Sikov says

    With all due respect to Paul, I totally disagree. We must contact as many people as possible, including the obviously delinquent mother of the obviously delinquent perps. No threats need to be issued; that would clearly bring us down to the level of her creepy sons, and we’re better than that. But she and the district attorney and the mayor should be put on notice that gay people don’t put up with beatings any more, and that we expect equal justice.

  28. says

    Like many of my gay brothers here I think it’s about gay men fought back. It’s fucking disgusting that we have so many muscle marys who all they do is admire themselves. Instead of using that muscle on our enemies. We need to form self defence groups everywhere so we can defend our kids and ourselves. And arm ourselves with baseball bats so when the cops don’t do anything to these homophobes we can. I’ve been beating up these thugs for years. And believe me it works. All you have to is beat one up and they learn their lesson quickly and so do others. You can’t be respected if you don’t fight back. You’re just a pussy and a coward…

  29. says

    This was not a gay bashing. Had this happened to people with less money, there would be no media attention. Just another fight on new years. This was not an attack on homosexuals. Nice spin though. Fights happen, especially on new years. But I supposed because it happened to Yale students, this is more important then say, chico students. Get over it, it was never about sexual orientation, it’s simply publicized because the students that got the shit beat out of them were from yale and mommy and daddy are outraged.

  30. Rob says

    I got beat up a party one time pretty badly and broke my jaw in two places too, and needed three titanium plates put in my jaw to get it back together. It sucked pretty badly. I wasn’t able to press charges either, and no one was arrested because it happened in a small vacation town where I was the “tourist” and they were the “locals”.

  31. says

    I’m not saying it’s not a horrible situation,just that it wasn’t about sexual orientation and attacking the mother and writing and calling her place of work, essientally harassing her is completely wrong.

  32. peterparker says


    What makes you think ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ isn’t popular in San Francisco. I lived in S.F. for ten years, and I’d say the average San Franciscan has a much clearer notion of what the United States, especially The Constitution of the United States, is all about than, say, the average Texan. Not that I’m pointing fingers at anyone in particular.


  33. john says

    “‘The Star Spangled Banner’ isn’t popular in San Francisco. I lived in S.F. for ten years, and I’d say the average San Franciscan has a much clearer notion of what the United States, especially The Constitution of the United States, is all about than, say, the average Texan.”

    Yeah, right, (rolling eyes)….

  34. MikeinSanJose says

    Aparently Sasha didn’t read the story… or ‘Sasha’ is a nom de plume of one of the attackers.

    Witnesses say 19-year-old Richard Aicardi was the most aggressive.

    Sharyar Aziz: “‘You’re not welcome here,’ he called a few members of the group, whether it was fag or homo, very, I would say, juvenile taunting.”

    Aicardi took out his cell phone and called in reinforcements.

    Something has always struck me funny about people like Aicardi… he claims to hate gays and then does everything in his power to become a prison bitch! Go figure!

  35. Yalie says


    Though I agree with a lot of what’s being written here, I think most people here are missing a lot of the facts. I know the group personally, so let me fill in some of the gaps.

    While any large group of talented guys inevitably has a few gay members, the Bakers Dozen of Yale can hardly be called a gay group. In fact, as a group of cute Yale boys in blazers, they tend to attract a fanatic female following. Members of the group told me that their attackers seemed jealous of the attention they were getting from the audience (male and female alike), and that’s when the taunting of “fag” and “homo” came forth.

    The attackers here are ugly, hateful kids who should be off the street – but we should be careful before we label this a gay bashing.

    They MIGHT have assumed that a group of singers from Yale was gay, but just as likely, they were jealous about how much attention the Bakers Dozen was receiving from female party guests.

    Whatever their motives, these kids should be fully pursued by the police and put to justice.

  36. peterparker says


    The sexual orientation of the victims is irrelevant. If the perpetrators call victims ‘homo’ and ‘fag’ then it is a hate crime against homosexuals.


  37. says

    Yallie, thanks for the comment. All I wanted was for people not to jump all over the story and label it a gay bashing. And peter parker, like I said those words are used as insults to anyone by anyone. Had they called them dumb fucks would this then be a hate crime against dumb fucks? Or fat asses, would it then be a hate crime against fat asses?

  38. anon says

    The minorities protected by hate crimes legislation have to be specified in the law. In some states this will include gays and in other states it will not. Local ordinances can also protect minorities. In order to get around the 14th amendment they are classified as legal remedies for past discrimination. Currently, such remedies are on a 25 year clock (it may be 24 or less now). Who knows how this will play out.

  39. EM says

    A terrible shame and an obvious cover up by authorities.

    This should be rightly pursued to the highest level. These attackers are not fit to be walking the streets.

  40. MikeinSanJose says

    The story from the Yale paper says that this was some sort of rivalry between the prep schools attended by the attackers and those throwing the party. So does that make this some sort of turf war? Gang violence?

    I think we’re splitting hairs, quibbling with semantics. In this day and age, yes, screaming ‘fag’ and ‘homo’ as you’re kicking someone lying on the ground DOES make it a hate crime.

    And if it had been a fat person on the ground being assaulted while being called ‘fatty’ and ‘lard-ass’ doesn’t make it any less of a hate crime. Some doctors will call obesity a medical condition which means that victim is discriminated against because of a disability.

    Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive, but the whole situation (awful kids of wealthy, connected parents getting away with absolutely heinous behavior) just rubs me the wrong way. I’m just as angry about the Texas cheerleaders who terrorized their coaches and got away with it because one of the girls was daughter of principal, but they weren’t trying to kill anyone.

    It’s all bullshit and these punks need to learn how to behave in civilized society or be taken out of that society. PERIOD.

    And I probably said some stuff earlier that I shouldn’t have, but like I said… this pisses me off. (That’s not an excuse, but sortof an apology.)

  41. John says

    Hey I just thought everyone should know, I’m from San Francisco… I was at the fight… both parties were gay bashing. And in reality regardless of what was said the physical harm done to the boys in uncondonable. But I hate to break it to most of you 90% of what you’ve heard is all fabrication. The Yale boys started to bad mouthing and city boys ended it the only way stupid, drunk Irish teenagers know how.

  42. Pax Vobiscum says

    I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area five years ago from southern California and can say one thing is very true for most of the Bay Area’s law enforcement is the practice of selective policing. I personally sadly doubt that anything will happen in this case regarding the savage beating of the Yale singers group after singing a patriotic song. From my observation, San Francisco is not a patriotic place and the simple singing of a patriotic song like “The Star-Spangled Banner” is enough to get one hospitalized or worse. Further conservative looking businessmen are frequently attacked either by gangs of rich kids or mobs that frequently result in no convictions or in some cases zero police reports recorded to track the trend. It is no surprise that these men were attacked while in San Francisco as they were out of place on several levels; singing patriotic songs, looking conservative, etc…

    Civil rights in San Francisco are a joke and only protect those the police, DA and mayor’s office feel is worth it, forget about federal intervention it simply just does not happen in the 9th District court area for matters concerning the protection of white, middle-class and conservative looking men. Equal protection, equal investigation just does not happen in SF. The professionalism at all levels is lacking in many of the bay areas police departments and courtrooms.

    Many Bay Area police officers make LAPD’s Rampart Division look like quire boys so it is no surprise in the case of the Star-Spangled-Banner singer’s case is getting very little attention. Simply put the bay area is more about an underground drug culture whose profits prop up the elect, anything that threatens that system appears to be harshly and swiftly dealt with, as witnessed in this case by street thugs stomping out any appearance of mainstream America from the streets of San Francisco.

    As for 19-year-old Richard Aicardi “allegedly the most aggressive” (as the ABC story states) attacker in this melee of hated I can see that. Looks like a rich kid that did not make into the “Ivy League” is just trying to buildup his criminal rap-sheet to make it into the prison league. However, it’s possible this incident is nothing his mommy’s script pad will not get him out of eventually.

    If Mr. Reno Rapagnani statement about Richard Aicardi saying: “He said, ‘I’m 20 deep, my boys are coming.'”, then young Mr. Richard Aicardi clearly and with premeditation organize a gangland style mob attack on these men that were evidently attempting to leave peacefully. This all shows the type of organized crime mafia types (from the young to the old lawyer) that lurk around the Police and Doctor’s of San Francisco.

  43. Da says

    Regardless of of whether this was a frat brawl or not, let this opportunity be used to teach and educate and evelate the minds. Who knows who might benefit from the light be shon on this story?

    So I’m all for not sweeping this under the rug.

  44. jon naso says

    Is it possible for someone to send me pictures ASAP from the event? I’d like to publish them in the newspaper here in New York. We are most interested in Sharyar Aziz Jr. who was seriously injured.

  45. peterparker says


    You are clearly unclear on the concepts of fag bashing and the legal concept of a hate crime.

    When someone is attacked because of their *perceived* sexual orientation as a homosexual, a fag bashing has occurred. This is because no one ever truly knows anyone else’s sexual orientation. The key here is not the actual sexual orientation of the victim…but the intent of the perpetrator of violence to harm someone believed by the perpetrator to be gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender.

    Similarly, the legal standard for a hate crime is that the attack must have been motivated by the perpetrator’s *perception* that the victim belonged to a group of people protected as monorities by hate crimes legislation. In the State of California, SB 1234, passed by Schwarzenegger, included the word ‘perceived’ in the language of the bill as a way of protecting those who were, in fact, not part of a protected minority group, but who were believed by the attacker to be part of a protected minority group. SB 1234 protects gay/lesbian/bisexual and transgender citizens in California, by the way.

    A perpetrator of violence who shouted ‘fag’ and ‘homo’ at his/her victim prior to or during an attack would thus be guilty of both a fag bashing and a hate a crime against homosexuals even if the victim was completely heterosexual. In fact, there was a case several years ago in which a perpetrator of violence was charged with, and convicted of, a hate crime against homosexuals even though his victim was a heterosexual man…he just perceived the man to be gay. In the case in San Francisco, the attackers have allegedly shouted ‘fags’ and ‘homos’ at their victims, thus they are guilty of a hate crime and a fagbashing regardless of the victims’ sexual orientations.


  46. Bobby says

    I agree!!!!! We’re gonna have to militant on their asses before they listen.

    I urge every QUEER reading this to go register for a gun and carry it with you at all times. People are really gonna start trying to kill us and we can not stand on “anti-gun” morals while they’re beating the shit out us.


  47. Zeke says

    Sasha, you asked, “Had they called them dumb f*cks would this then be a hate crime against dumb f*cks?”

    Not being a dumb f*ck I wouldn’t know how they might feel about it, but I anxiously await your insight as the apparent authority on, and spokesperson for, dumb f*cks everywhere.

  48. sfboy987 says


    OMG this is probably, in my opinion, the biggest article to happen to this city in a while. Alright, this is a HUGE shocker to me because I remember the Aicardi boys (all 5 of them) went to my school, one of the city’s oldest and most prestigious Catholic schools. I’m still in shock, but I’m not too surprised. The Aicardi family are legends at my school, and I’m guessing they’re well known around the city. Each son was a spectacular student, but I still remember the youngest twins were hell raisers. Oh damn…3 out of the 5 boys were arrested? I know Richard and his twin were involved, but I wonder who the 3rd brother was. But yea I remember Richard Aicardi was kinda the idiot, because most teachers thought he was. I heard they were drunk too. And the dad is a well-known physician and the mom is a doctor and they live in pacific heights! Alright enough with the family history, yea I know sound nosy and gossipy, but this is HUGE news for me and my school.

    Anyways, quiet frankly, I do feel a little sympathy for the boys because they went to my school. And I also don’t think this was necessarily a hate crime, because I doubt all of the Yale victims were gay. The attackers only used gay slurs. I’m surprised there were 20 attackers. But trust me, I know this all the attacker’s fault, and even though I don’t like saying it they need to be punished. However, I do hope that NONE of you attack the family or call the mother’s office because they’re already going through hell. PLEASE just write to the mayor instead of attacking the family. Oh and is that you Mike Aicardi, or “MikeinSanJose?”

  49. Sean says

    You know, it’s not easy being a parent. Perhaps this kid’s mother is guilty of raising him badly or, more likely, neglectfulness and leaving him to be nurtured by violent TV and “gangsta ” rap. And yes even a pediatrician can neglect her children. Give the woman a break. I doubt she deserves to be harassed. What was it Goethe said? There is nothing more sorrowful than watching ignorance in action. Have more respect for yourselves.

  50. Tom says

    “However, I do hope that NONE of you attack the family or call the mother’s office because they’re already going through hell. PLEASE just write to the mayor instead of attacking the family”

    Hose the shit from your streets. Your “tolerant town” is a sewer.

  51. says

    What it seems to me like Jake is the attack on the singers was a gay bashing, but the police’s behavior had nothing to do with sexual orientation.

    The Chronicle has posted a follow up story, in which our police chief defends and explains the officers actions. It’s only been a few months since the Halloween shootings in the Castro (a few hundred feet from my home) and there is still a lot of anger over that one.


  52. Da says

    I don’t think there’s gonna be any sweeping under the rug of this story. It’s hit the AP wire.
    Posted by: MikeinSanJose | Jan 10, 2007

    Tht’s great news!! and thanks for the link Mike.

    However, I do hope that NONE of you attack the family or call the mother’s office because they’re already going through hell.
    Posted by: sfboy987 | Jan 10, 2007 10:24:56 PM

    I hope noone’s been harassing them as well but if it happened, trust me: THEY’LL GET OVER IT! Apparently one of the victim Aziz will have his jaw wired shut for eight weeks, do you not think he and his family are going through hell too? Exactely..

    The main point here being: these kind of stories happen way too often, and because no-one wants to bother those “nice middle-class” parents (who just happen to have homophobic delinquants for kids), the perpetrators get away with it.

    At this point, it’s fitting that I post a piece by Harvey Fierstein called which he wrote for the GLTB news show In The Life. Click it! it’s enlighting.

    “Where’s Your Anger?”

    pdf version

  53. MikeInSanJose says

    No, I’m not related to anyone involved in this story.

    I did write the mayor and the DA. And I suspect that responsible parents who have been taking their children to the mother for care will re-evaluate their choice of care providers. Further, I’m hopeful that this will cause enough of a stink for her employers to cause them to do some serious consideration of her value vs. liability to their organization.

    As I said before, homophobia isn’t a natural behavior. It is learned. And for these boys to have come this far there had to be indications inside the home of who and what they were becoming. So whwether it’s neglect, ignorance, or the parent’s design for their kids, they need to be held responsible. I know the parents of the Yalies are at least as prominent and connected as these parents. It’s East Coast vs West Coast and I’m thinking East is gonna win this round. According to the stories, the parents of the Yalies aren’t just gonna go after the perps, but they consider the city and the SFPD to be liable as well. This could be really painful for SF.

  54. Jas says

    I agree that what the boys did is unacceptable, but I’d argue that they’re not Actually anti-homosexual OR homophobic. I think it’s just a reflection of VERY stupid actions caused by drunkenness. It’s common knowledge that people call things “gay” as a deurogatory term, not necessarily to be anti-gay or gay-bashing.
    The police should have done more about it, but perhaps it’s more Their fault that the proper procedures weren’t done at the proper time. Besides that, they were underage and intoxicated. Has anyone asked the questions of WHY there was alcohol in the house when there were minors there? That is another issue that needs to be recognized.
    Besides that, the actions done by all the boys is unacceptable and should be punished accordingly, but take into account their families. Their families did not cause this, and surely they’re just as upset. I don’t think anyone should attack (verbally OR physically) their families because of the boys’ bad actions. Leave their families out of it. Besides, whether someone was raised well or not, these boys are adults. They made their decisions on their own, it has nothing to do with how they were raised. I’m sure everyone has been told right from wrong, but at a certain age, you just do what you want regardless. Don’t act like you’ve NEVER done something your parents disapproved of!
    Just as well, if people are scared of coming to San Francisco (as the news said), JUST because of what happened, then people are ridiculous. There are drunken fights EVERYWHERE. The difference in this instance is that the people involved were from affluent families and people with money. That’s the only difference between this instance and every other drunken brawl.
    To everyone else, think of the act that was committed… Not so much of the people involved. It doesn’t matter who the people are or where they come from. The only thing that matters is what happened and how it will be dealt with, so focus on THAT. I would hope that this is a big news story because of the CRIME, NOT the PEOPLE.

  55. Luis says

    My mistake “mikeinjose” I meant “LeeChesnut.” Anyways, I’ve been following the story, and I forgot to mention one detail. Alright I agree these guys were homophobic, but this is most likely NOT a “gay bashing” because the Yale singers were not gay, at least to my knowledge. Therefore, there had to be something else. I think one of the fathers of the Yale kids went to another very prestigious Catholic school in san francisco. That school and my school have one of the oldest and powerful high school rivalries in the country (no really, we’ve been rivals for 150 years). so that might’ve played a role in the cause of the attack. also, the kids at my school have a history of VERY heavy drinking because they have irish roots. so since they were drunk, that also shows this was not necessarily a “gay bashing.” By the way “Tom” this is definetely a tolerant city, and it’s a lot cleaner than a lot other places in the country. but overall, i’m just disappointed in the aicardi boys because 3 out of the 5 brothers got arrested and they all scarred the family name.

  56. rudy says

    Jas, Your post is so full of inherent contradictions and illogical thought that I do not know where to begin. Suffice it to note that it is impossible to use ‘gay’ as a derogatory term without being anti-gay. How can you intend to hurl an insult without the implicit assumption–by the speaker and the community within hearing–that the term used has a negative connotation? Darling, you have to think before you type. “Common knowledge” is not a synonym for stupidity.

  57. Zeke says

    Amen, Rudy!


    1.) How can you possibly know or have ANY clue as to the sexual orientation of all, or any one of, the Yalie boys?

    2.) I hate to break it to ya bud, but straight people get gay bashed all the time. It’s more about the perceived orientation of the victim and not the actual orientation.

    3.) I agree that this particular incident was probably not a case of gay bashing but rather a case of a bar fight between stupid, drunk kids that involved anti-gay slurs. It was not gay bashing but it WAS homophobic and insulting to gays.

    4.) From what I’ve heard from a friend who has first hand knowledge of the details of this incident, it was the Yalie boys who initiated the anti-gay slurs and before it was over both sides were hurling them.

  58. Jas says

    Rudy, and everyone else… Well, I suppose some people would rather be ignorant than look at the bigger picture. I do not see how there were contradictions to what I put. So you’re saying that the word “gay” as a deurogatory term can only be anti-gay…. So you’re saying that if someone looks at a peice of art and they disagree with it or don’t like and call it “gay,” that means that they’re calling the peice of art a Homosexual, which means that the person would have to be nothing but homophobic. That’s ridiculous. Maybe some people have only heard the word used in a deurogatory way in reference to a homosexual, but the simple use of the word does NOT make the person homophobic.
    Besides that, dont call me DARLING. I don’t appreciate smart-ass sarcastic uses of pet names. That’s immature. When did I Ever say that “common knowledge” is a synonym for stupidity? I never even suggested that they were synonyms.
    Clearly no one actually UNDERSTOOD what I was saying because you’re so intent on just looking for Grammatical-correctness. Understand it as a whole. I’m not condoning the action that was performed, or denying that they WERE using deurogatory terms. I’m trying to make a comment about the whole ACT.
    The whole reason this act is such a big deal to everyone is because it’s national, and SUPPOSEDLY anti-gay. As has been said, there was no proof that any of the Yale men were even homosexual.
    The original meaning of the word “gay” was happy. Maybe they were making a comment on how extensively HAPPY they were. How is ANYONE to know what they were really thinking besides themselves?
    The comments being made here are narrow-minded hate-comments. No one’s Actually SAYING anything. Just complaining. Like I said, I’m not saying that I agree with what they did, I’m just saying look at the bigger picture. Didn’t anyone actually READ what I wrote? Did anyone UNDERSTAND it?

  59. Zeke says

    Jas, I am neither ignorant nor stupid. I totally understood what you were saying, I just happen to think you are completely wrong about this. However, I suspect that that is because you haven’t considered this issue from a different angle.

    Consider a similar situation without the “gay” angle. When a white redneck tells another WHITE person that he’s acting like a n*gger (meaning lazy or stupid rather than African-American) I believe it IS and should be offensive to black people and it IS racist NO MATTER if it was directed at a white person.

    When a man calls another man a “woman”, “bitch”, “pussy” (meaning weak, bitchy, needy or LESS-than a man) it IS and should be offensive to women and it IS misogyny no matter if it was directed at a man and regardless if it was intended to insult women by insinuating that being like a woman is a horrible thing.

    To answer your question, YES it IS homophobic when someone calls something or someone “gay” to mean “lame” or “effeminate” or “disgusting”. If you want to believe it or not, the reason they do it IS because they have turned the word “gay” and the association with being gay into a weapon to insult, demean and degrade. That, JAS, is where the insult and homophobia comes in.

    Maybe you ARE more enlightened than us and know something about a benign use of the word “gay” as an insult that isn’t intended to infer “you are, or that is, lame/stupid/effeminate like a homosexual man”. If so I’d like to hear it. Please explain to me, and the rest of us ignorant blowhards, how you think “gay”, used as an insult, has come about without the association that being gay is disgusting, lame or effeminate and being called “gay” is an insult. Explain to me, if you will, what YOU think these people mean by “gay” and why you don’t think the use of this particular word has ANYTHING to do with or ANY connection with a negative opinion of homosexuals. Then explain to me why gay people shouldn’t take offensive at being lame/stupid/effeminate.

    JAS, Are you gay? Are you out? I can’t imagine an out gay man wouldn’t understand why the use of the word “gay”, in a purely negative context, or the use of the word “faggot” to insult a straight person is homophobic and insulting to gays. It’s certainly possible I guess. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

    If you choose to respond to me I sincerely suggest that you do so with the respect and politeness that I have afforded you. Otherwise it’s gonna get REAL ugly REAL quickly. NEITHER of us wants that.

  60. ALan says

    I know the family, the kids, and the catholic high school the kids went to – none of this surprises me. I don’t think the parents are homophobic – just being honest. I am most concerned about the outcome i.e., will the SFPD succeed again in supressing the facts or can public opinion and the pull of Yale prevail? This is all about the old-boy network. This is another “fahita gate”. The high school the boys went to (Sacred Heart Cathedral) calls their small inner-circle the “Sacred Heart Family” – the Aicardi’s are part of this as are many many San Francisco police officers. Many of us who have attended the school have found that the “Family” is not all-inclusive. I sincerely hope that justice is served and that we can all learn to respect the individual above all else – something that the Catholic schools are not teaching.

  61. Rudy says

    Zeke, Thanks for your patient and polite reply to Jas. Unfortunately, I do not have your infinte willingness to engage those who post without thinking. Jas Doll, have any opinion you want; spread your ignorance with all your power. Just do not expect those of us who can think to accept such obvious stupidity. As always, the response to ignorant speech is more speech. So Jas Baby, mount your soapbox and carryon. The more you post the more you demonstrate your inability to analyze and construct a coherent argument.

  62. Jas says

    Wow, some of you people are just assholes. First of all, Rude-y, sweetheart… I am NOT ignorant. Nor am I some rich kid, nor am I white, nor am I homophobic, nor pro-violence or anything. But it doesn’t matter what I am, it’s none of your business, and you can hate on me all you want. If anything YOU are Ignorant. I explained everything I had to say. YOU fail to give any good arguments yourself. I don’t see YOU giving me any facts or details or ANY good arguments to support yoruself. Your rudeness doesn’t make anything better, and it certainly doesn’t make you seem any more EDUCATED. Guess your name fits you, RUDEY.

  63. rudy says

    Jas Hon’, Name calling instead of reasoned argument. (While I use endearments!) I would write ‘ad hominem’ but you obviously do not know what the term means. I knew you would arrive soon at the last resort of the intellectual coward. I never suspected you were anything but stupid. Your gender, income level, race, and other characteristics are irrelevant. Only you raised them and revealed yourself to be incapable of adult discussion or behavior. I maintain that it is impossible to use ‘gay’ as an insult and not be homophobic. There is no such thing as a benign insult. Calling someone or some action “gay” implies the namecaller’s belief that being gay is weak, not masculine, or otherwise offensive. How can your simple mind not grasp this exceedingly simple point? Now run along. Your remedial grammar class is about to begin.

  64. Cmplctd says

    I agree with just about everything everyone else has written except the attacks on the attacker’s mom. All of us have known someone who was a total f&*$ up despite the best efforts of his/her parents. From all accounts, this is the current situation. Mom seems to be a good person and I don’t think calling her practice, etc. is necessary. I think doing those kinds of things only makes us just the same as the attackers. I urge all of you to take a breath and think about it before you do anything. Call the mayor, call the police department, call the attacker. Leave his poor mom alone.

  65. Jas says

    Don’t accuse me of being STUPID, RUDY. Of course I know what AD HOMINEM is. I’m not uneducated. I maintain that your arguments are focused ONLY on A belief that the attack was homophobic. I maintain that the the attack was NOT homophobic, but stupid and caused by Male pride, as well as taunting on BOTH sides. YOUR remedial mind can run along. I KNOW what I’m talking about, and you clearly don’t. And since you do not want to hear what ANYONE has to say unless they share your view, then stop arguing me and so I say to you… AD HOMINEM. Now run along.

  66. rudy says

    Jas Dolt, We’ll just let that last comment stand as a summary of your stupidity and inability to construct a logical, defensible, grammatically correct, or original thought. No need to accuse you of being stupid. You more than abundantly display it in your posts.

  67. mike says

    In case you would like to “stop by” Mom and Dad Aicardi’s MANSION in San Francisco to “leave a note or remembrance”, the address is:
    417 Greenwich, San Frnacisco. Seems that Grandma lives at 490 Greenwich if you would like to inform her about her beloved grandson. Grandma’s home phone: 415.421.4147. Dr Aicardi has changed her home number but we are hot on the trail of this “politically-connected” Nazi.
    I am SURE they would love to hear from you.

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