Russian Soldiers Forced into Male Prostitution by Superiors

Although men 18-27 are required to serve in Russia’s military, many avoid it at all costs due to ongoing abuse of conscripts by their superiors. Now, a soldiers’ rights group alleges that Russian conscripts are forced into male prostitution by their superiors who demand the money they earn from it:


“Andrei Gavrilyuk, a spokesman for St. Petersburg’s military prosecutor, said his office would launch an inquiry into the allegations brought by the Soldiers’ Mothers group, a leading Russian nongovernment organization championing soldiers’ rights, Ekho Moskvy radio reported.

An activist with the group in St. Petersburg, Lyubov Yezheleva, told The Associated Press it learned about the alleged abuse from a 20-year-old conscript.

“He said he was forced into male prostitution by fellow soldiers who beat him and demanded that he earn money for them,” Yezheleva said. She said the conscript was serving with the interior troops unit No. 3727, in the center of St. Petersburg near the renowned Hermitage art museum.”

Conscript abuse appears to be a tradition in the Russian military according to an opinion expressed on the BBC in 2000: “It is important not that the conscript serves, but that he suffers”

Russia Military Allegations to Be Probed [ap]


  1. KevinVT says

    This has been going on for a long time: there is appalling hazing (dedovshchina) in the Russian army and there is prostitution (mostly for economic reasons), so it’s to be expected the two would be combined. Both have only gotten worse since the 90s. For the majority of the soldiers, who take up prostitution without being coerced by their “superiors,” it’s probably much more pleasant than the life of the average conscript. Most Russians don’t have the kind of strict pigeonholing into gay/straight, and if you do it only once, or do it for pay, it doesn’t mean you’re a fag, so there’s less stigma. The army authorities look the other way, they get their rocks off and get some money. From what I’ve seen in the gay bbs in Russia they’re all advertised as tops, so again less stigmatized.

    But the hazing is bad enough that anyone in his right mind will avoid service if he can.

  2. says

    They and former soviet countries have the highest rates of prostituion but the military i would of thought theyd be to proud. Its expected they are arguably one of the best looking regions ( look at the n ames of 90% of models) a nd add poverty. You end up with prostitution

  3. Dr. Pat says

    I would think that it would happen in every service around the world. Most of the recruits are 18 years of age, young and horny. Some of the Generals etc., can’t wait to get into the showers with young studs. Orders are orders, kids.

  4. says

    forced into prostiution? maybe the russian army just wants the boys to see how the other side lives? At very least they all should be reported to the mayor of Moscow.


  5. says

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  6. Akim says

    Prostitution is for men another way to serve their country: men just have to obey to orders. Every man has to be ready for sacrifice and pain for military service, so he can be forced in prostitution too. Russian army is a very cruel with conscripts, so it’s one of the best army in the world! Russian conscripts are adult males, not women, so they can be forced to sex, pain, war, service and everithing. Very good service army!

  7. Stefano says

    If forced by superiors, prostitution of conscripts is good, as male soldiers have to be treated badly to get them used to obedience, pain and sacrifice. Men can be forced to sacrifice themselves in war, indeed in all countries compulsory service in army is reserved to male citizens, but women not. So female soldiers can’t be forced in anything and Russian Army has to respect them, but not male soldier, who can be forced to everything, prostitution too. Male prostitution in Russian Army is the proof that real men are just wild beasts, cannon fodder and sex machines, so it’s necessary to defend Russian women’s rights, as women are superior to men.

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