News: Hawaii Gay Marriage, Liposuction Speedboat, Helen Mirren

road.jpg Hawaii lawmakers kill civil union bill by refusing to vote on it: “More than 100 people packed the House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, many waving pink signs reading, ‘Civil Unions. Equal protection, justice for all.’ At least 400 people submitted extensive written or oral testimony. After five hours of testimony, though, the committee declined to vote. Representatives offered little explanation to the public, but it was a sign that the bill lacked enough support to become law.”

Wtihkroad.jpg “Aching adolescence” explored in new film Wild Tigers I Have Known: “Newly aware of his homosexual urges, Logan is too naïve to camouflage his desires by putting up a front. And the film captures his vulnerability and dismay when his classmates reject him and spread the word that he’s gay, even though his explorations haven’t gone beyond the point of staring at other boys in the locker room. Even his straight best friend, Joey (Max Paradise), a science nerd who has made an amusing list of ‘ways to be cool,’ begins to withdraw after Logan insists on putting on lipstick for a snapshot.”

road.jpg Speedboat runs on liposuctioned body fat (watch video).

road.jpg Paparazzi fascinated by Helen Mirren’s eating habits.

road.jpg “Ex-gay” leader Randy Thomas on newly out financial guru Suze Orman: gays haven’t suffered enough to deserve civil rights. “From another angle, this also does not help some in the gay activist community with their attempts to make this battle, over redefining marriage, a ‘civil rights’ issue. Suze and her partner worrying over their ‘millions’ doesn’t have the same ring or impact as watching young black people being knocked down by fully opened fire hoses and mauled by tax payer funded police dogs. I don’t think Suze or Tammy would ever make that comparison but some in the activist community do equate the marriage battle with the civil rights battle of the African American community and that is tragic.”

road.jpg Rupert Everett to be “chief of parade” at Sydney Mardi Gras. Everett: “Like JFK, but without the assassination.”

Twins_2road.jpg Cristiano Ronaldo to be joined on Manchester United by a pair of identical twins: “When we were negotiating, Cristiano Ronaldo phoned us saying that Manchester United was a tremendous club and it was a wonderful place to play football.”

road.jpg Judith Light to be honored for her work for HIV/AIDS. David Mixner: “In just over a decade, Judith Light has participated in near 400 events relating to HIV/AIDS. I think it would be almost impossible to find a leading actress who has done more in the battle. Not only has she allowed her celebrity to be used to raise funds and create awareness, she personally has been a caretaker to people with HIV/AIDS. Judith Light was an activist and caregiver when few others were willing to even lend their names.”

road.jpg Two new drugs introduced in HIV battle.

road.jpg Liz Taylor turns 75: “Taylor’s voice was soft and she seemed frail as she chatted briefly with reporters, telling them her secret to making it to 75 was ‘just living a very healthy, clean life.'” (photos)

road.jpg Katherine Heigl leaving Grey’s Anatomy? Money is the reason, not a bigoted co-star.


  1. Da says

    1) “Aching adolescence” sounds like a sweet film, I can only hope it will be as touching and subtile as when the Belgium did it with “My Life in Pink”.

    2) Who cares what “Ex-gay” leader Randy Thomas has to say about a classy, respected lady like Suze Orman? I don’t. He’s probably dying for his words to be heard cause no-one will carry them, so he’s best left preaching to his choir..

  2. hoya86 says

    re: Randy Thomas. What if you’re black and gay? does that qualify as having suffered enough for civil rights?

    As for Suze Orman, although I watch her show from time to time, I had NO idea she was a lesbian. None. Good for her. In terms of her money and estate issues, I think what people want to do with their money in life and in death should be limited by the government in only extreme circumstances and beyond that stay out of it and stop trying to “social engineer” society by encouraging/discouraging certain outcomes through the tax code.

  3. mark says

    Love Judith Light, congrats to her.

    Love Helen Mirren, congrats to her.

    Iffy on Liz Taylor, but congrats to her as well…that old gal’s done good!!!

  4. Brian says

    Why should ANYONE have to suffer in order to be afforded the rights and benefits associted with being an American? I might be gay, but I’m as American as any straight dude regardless of what color he is.

  5. SGR says

    “but some in the activist community do equate the marriage battle with the civil rights battle of the African American community and that is tragic.”

    No, it’s not “tragic.” It’s not the same, but there are parallels. While blacks could hardly hide being black, and therefore suffered from birth, gays suffered in similar–not as bad, but similar–ways.

    You could be fired for being gay, you would be kicked out of school, and could get kicked out of your rented housing. Businesses were disrupted; countless lives were ruined. The police played a big hand in ruining a lot of gay lives. People still get fired for being gay. There are lots of records backing this up.

    It’s homophobic and irrational to think that gays latching onto the African-American civil rights struggle somehow undermines that struggle. Yes, if you were white and gay, you could hide and live a miserable, false life. Which isn’t something a black person could do. But that’s not really saying much.

    Besides, it doesn’t dilute the African-American struggle for civil rights to point out the parallels. There isn’t a limited pool to draw from. It’s generally homophobes who think that being linked to anything gay is a bad thing who say that.

  6. Damon says

    What at tired argument. Someone needs needs to take this guy to Atlanta and shove him in front of a Gay Black Parade.

  7. Andrew says

    Please feel free to call ex-queer Mr. Thomas at 888-264-0877.

    You get a chance to speak with his Ultra Ex-Queer Receptionist – Kevin.

  8. Jack! says

    Hawaiian lawmakers dissappoint me.

    What happens in Wild Tigers is the experience of many gay kids. I’m glad that story is being told.

    Congrats to Rupert Everett and Judith Light.

  9. Leland says

    I’ll bet everyone a copy of Orman’s once dishonest bio [she claimed credentials and experience she didnt’ have] that she’s a Repug.

    Standing ovation, of varying lengths, for Light, Taylor, and Heigl.

    A knee to the much-sold-in-exchange-for-a-hot-meal groin of Rupert Everett for his JFK assassination “joke” as his once priceless face rots before our eyes.

    And a crate of rotten tomatoes to the creator of “Wild Tigers I Have Known” for perpetuating the myth that homosexuality always equates with gender confusion. How 50s.

  10. Cory says

    Wow, so much hate for Katherine Heigl on that blog link. Who cares? Honestly, I respect her as a person for standing up to her co-star and friend T. R. Knight in light of what Isaiah Washington said and did. It takes a lot of character to stand up for someone who you love and respect at the height of a shows popularity and controversy.

    I have heard that she is using money as the excuse for leaving when officially she does not agree with ABC and “Grey’s Anatomy” creator/producer/writer Shonda Rhimes’ handling of Isaiah Washington. She has publicly admitted that firing Washington was and is the only way in handling the issue and doesn’t want to be associated with a show that tolerates bigotry.

  11. Mitchell says

    I’m sorry Randy Thomas but were you in my shoes when I lost 20 friends to AIDS in 8 years? As I watched as their partners could not make medical descisions to save their suffering because they were not legally married. I saw personal items yanked from the living partner by angry family members because not being married they had no rights. Suffering Randy???…we lost an entire generation of beautiful, creative, loving people to AIDS and we did it with no laws to help us with the burdens a deadly disease brings. Thousands upon thousands of young gay men died without the love of their partners in the room because they were not even allowed into the hospice or hospital. They could not make funeral arrangements. It was sadder than sad.

    How about all the gay men and women who are subject to bigotry or violent hate crimes? Those who are kicked out of their family as young people and then when they grow up and heal those wounds they can”t create a family of their own with the person they love.

    Screw you Randy Thompson and all you fake hypocritical Christian facists!

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    Damon, what are you talking about? His comments are not just insulting to white gays. They are also insulting to black gays, and so are yours.

  13. Cory says

    Even Coretta Scott King recognized that the latest struggle in Civil Rights Movements is Homosexual Civil Rights:

    Coretta Scott King, speaking four days before the 30th anniversary of her husband’s assassination, said Tuesday the civil rights leader’s memory demanded a strong stand for gay and lesbian rights. “I still hear people say that I should not be talking about the rights of lesbian and gay people and I should stick to the issue of racial justice,” she said. “But I hasten to remind them that Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.'” “I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream to make room at the table of brother- and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people,” she said. – Reuters, March 31, 1998.

  14. Damon says

    I don’t find it insulting to black gays. Maybe I need to go back into the bathroom, recheck the color of my skin and remember that I’m a black homosexual.

    Do I have to explain my comment/joke? Okay. I don’t believe black homosexuals receive much exposure in the first place. Heterosexuals as well as white homosexuals and even black homosexuals have blame in that.

    I commend Gay Black parades for giving us the much needed exposure and I believe people like Thompson, who, when they think of homosexuals, they think of someone white, need a wake up call and understand that homosexuals come in all different shapes, sizes, races, faiths, communities, nations, etc.

    I hope no one was offended by the length of my explaination.

  15. Nate says

    Randy Thomas…

    How many people have to be hurt, killed, or opressed before it becomes wrong or an issue?



    1 Million?

    Tell us Randy..

  16. Dean says

    Hmmm… I’ve heard this “gay rights aren’t the same as civil rights” argument before and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are right. Wait for it…

    I’m pretty sure most black people don’t commit suicide because they are black and can’t change.

    I’m fairly certain that no black child has ever been thrown out of their family, disowned and left on the streets because they were black.

    And I’m absolutely positive that no black family has ever put their child in “therapy” (read: tortured them) to try to change them being black.

    It’s pretty ridiculous to play the “Who has suffered the most?” game when not only are people’s rights being denied but in some cases they are actually dying from it.

  17. says

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