David Hasselhoff’s Vegas Drag Show

Hoff4 Hoff5

“It’s David with his new boyfriend!” Hasselhoff joked to People magazine. His dressing room is reportedly filled with Hasselhoff artifacts. “I must be the most self-indulgent person to have this stuff. But I’ve gotta market the Hoff.”


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  1. matthew says

    Sometimes, retiring gracefully is an option.

    (he must have tons of baywatch money to live quietly somewhere for the rest of his life)

  2. Cory says

    Awwww, c’mon guys, I think it’s funny. Good for him having a good time with this, most guys wouldn’t have the balls lol. =)

  3. Da says

    lol, Cory. I was kidding around..but I wish he was a bit more feminine. Cause he makes a mockery of being a drag queen.

  4. AMS says

    That he looks horrible in drag is supposed to be the joke. In the original movie of The Producers Roger DeBris was played by Christopher Hewett (he played Mr. Belvedere on TV for years.) Talk about someone who wasn’t feminine – he even says to Zero Mostel that the gown is supposed to be a costume for the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but it makes him look more like Tugboat Annie.

  5. zabadak says

    With hair to the ceiling & gown to the floor, I’m sure His Hoffness will work it old-skool.

    Can’t speak for now’adays but some years back, during my “real-girl” life, some of the Vegas show girls were really men who could easily pass for the real thing up on stage.

  6. yoshi says

    I caught this show last weekend (its first). Hasselhof was … amusing at most … and compared to the rest of the cast (many who played their parts on broadway) – his … um … “acting” ended up distracting from those who could….

    the really sad part of this is that he headlines this show but he doesn’t play any of the main parts. And to top it all his bio in playbill took half a page.