Djimon Hounsou to Flaunt Flesh for Calvin Klein

Hounsou1 Hounsou2

Djimon Hounsou will follow in the briefs of Freddie Ljungberg, Mark Wahlberg and seven others when he becomes the latest Calvin Klein underwear model:

“The Fall 2007 campaign, which will be shot in late March or early April, will appear internationally in more than 20 countries, with print and outdoor media timed to coincide with September 2007 magazine issues. Hounsou is the ninth man to be featured in a Calvin Klein Underwear campaign and the first actor in over a decade.”

He’ll be launching Calvin Klein Steel for the Fall 2007 season.


  1. 000000 says

    Isn’t his name French or derivated somehow? For so long, I’ve been hearing it pronouced “Jy-mun” when it seems to be “Jee-moan,” and it drives me crazy. I hope he didn’t give in to American laziness.

  2. PC says

    DA wrote: I used to think he was pure perfection when he first appeared in Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” video.

    That was him? He was the best part of that video! Particularly in the part where he rocks his head back and forth in ecstatic bliss.

    Man, I’m gonna watch that video again on YouTube!

  3. Derek says

    Gary…uhm….hun not everything on Towleroad needs to affect the gay community. How boring would this site be if it did. Someone needs to loosen up a little, perhaps a fleet enema might help you achieve that.

    BTW that dude is wicked hot and a great actor…anyone remember him on an episode of ER? It was soooo sad.

  4. Chris says

    Since when don’t hot men, straight or gay, affect the gay community? This blog would only be updated a couple times a year if it had to only focus on gay celebrities. There are only a few, and so far none of them are willing to pose in their undies.

  5. Da says

    Chris, I don’t agree with that at all..there are gazillions of gay personalities, sportmen, musicians, filmakers out there..they just don’t get a shot at the mainstream because of discrimination. But I hear your point.


    And Gary at the risk of sounding formalistic with my answer.

    I think that part of the liberation for the gay community comes through the intended act of subverting mainstream culture & the support of any efforts which aim for that similar goal, in any shape on form..

    The ultimate goal here being to counter the opressive and limitative heterosexist model of masculinity which we’re being fed through the media (ie a male that is heterosexual, “straight-acting”, white, young, stoik, muscular etc).

    And in my view, Djimon fits one of the prototypes which subverts this repressive culture, and which opens the way for “different” types of men to be considered as well (Asian, Arabic, Indian, White Nerdish, Queer, etc).

    That’s the main reason why I at least supports us outlining this news.

  6. Chris says

    Yeah, thats why I said gay “celebrities”. Just being in the film/music/television/broadcasting industry, no matter the reason for your failure to succeed in the mainstream, does not a celebrity make.

  7. Da says

    Aight Chris.

    Though I find your quote (“no matter the reason for your failure to succeed in the mainstream, does not a celebrity make”) bothersome, because it appears to lay the blame of the anti-queer bias in the entertainment industry on the gay personalities.

    If we were to look at things that way, and focus on promoting only what mainstream culture feeds us (because they are ‘THE’ celebs) then there would never be a change, would it ?

  8. Br!on says

    Not to play Pin The Dick on Tom Cruise . . . but it has been my understanding for years the he is gay. Wealthy elder lover supported until stardom. That was the story I was told numerous times at undercover dinner gatherings on the Upper West Side.

  9. soulbrotha says


    And how do David Beckham and all the other straight models and actors posted on Towleroad ad infinitum “affect the gay community”?? Get real!

    Thank God for a sexy Black man! I was going snow blind!

  10. Chris says

    DA: This blog rarely supports people other than mainstream celebs and yet you defend it non stop. Go find a blog that focuses on gay homeless actors working in New Jersey if you’re so passionate about the cause.

  11. Jack! says

    If there was a hot gay celebrity he wouldn’t get the same idolized coverage that straight men get in the gay media.

    Gay men when they think of their dream man don’t think about a gay man. Think of YOUR dream man. IS HE GAY? The fact is people are raised to believe that gay men are not masculine. And gay men almost all of them WANT a masculine man. This is why the gay media so easily uses and idolizes straight men. It’s a constant cycle and it only reinforces the idea that gay men are not masculine. All you have to do is be straight and you are automatically masculine while gay men have to climb mountains just to prove their masculinity.

  12. Da says

    lol Chris, you’re right I favor Towleroad a lot (probably more so than other blogs I go to), but I’ve also been very critical of it in the past.

    However I’m not going to leave because it’s not in perfect alignment with everything I believe. Myself I’m not even at the same place I was a year ago and I keep changing positions, so what would the point of that be? long as I sense people from within the community doing their absolute best and striving for more, I try to give them my support and empower them.

    It’s the same with Jasmyne Cannick who at times is a real challenge to agree with, but globally I like where her heart is so I support her as well.

    Other than that, I love instigating the debate and being a part of it, and here’s definitively the place.

  13. Bryant says

    Anon – I think the first picture is a still from the indie film “In America” (2002). In that film, Djimon plays Mateo, an African ex-patriate with AIDS, with stunning grace and force. He paints, mixing his own blood with his oils, and I believe the spots on his chest are paint.

  14. Giovanni says

    So that explains why Ryan Seacrest asked Djimon what he was wearing underneath his tux- well, that and… : ) I am not sure if Djimon is the first black ck underwear model but its good to see the corporation catching up to its namesakes varied tastes.

  15. James says

    He was not the best part of the Love Will Never Do Without You video. Janet Jackson was clearly the best part of that video. Damn that woman has given alot of people their big breaks.

  16. Da says

    PC wrote: “That was him? He was the best part of that video!”

    Sorry I missed your post earlier PC! Yes, that was him in Janet’s video. He’s also starred in several other clips in the early 90s.

    According to his imdb and yahoo profile his complete music videography is as follow:
    -Madonna “Express Yourself”
    -Janet Jackson “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”
    -En Vogue “Hold On”
    -Paula Abdul “Straight Up”
    -Quincy Jones “I’ll Be Good To You”
    -C&C Music Factory “Gonna Make You Sweat”

    All of them should be available on youtube.

  17. Allen says

    In addition to Djimon being smokin’ hot, I was disappointed that Alan Arkin won Oscar for Best Supporting Actor … Djimon was fantastic in “Blood Diamonds” … but he was nominated against Eddie Murphy, I was afraid that Eddie would win instead, but … Surprise! Arkin won … what a travesty!

  18. says

    Allen — you took the words right outta my mouth! Did anyone bother to SEE “Blood Diamond”…? His performance was unbelievable. Alan Arkin, Hollywood vet that he is, has played that character from “Sunshine” so many times, he could phone it in. Typical of the Oscars, he probably won for his “body of work”. Gag. Djimon was off-the-charts good. And dayum! is he hot! Not to worry, we’ll be seeing more of him, ahem, esp. with this new CK gig! WOO HOO!

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