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Italy Approves Draft Bill Giving Legal Status to Same-Sex Couples

After extended debate and an overnight meeting finalizing the details of the bill, Italy's government has approved draft legislation in which unmarried same-sex or heterosexual couples would be able to register their union and receive some of the rights of married couples.

Italy_1Said Piero Fassino of the Democrats of the Left party: It's the first time in the legislation of our country that people who live together, heterosexual or homosexual, will have their basic rights recognized. [The bill] allows the recognition of the rights of those who live together by making this cohabitation more serene and solid, and at the same time respecting the Italian constitution, which guarantees that the family is founded on marriage."

Though it's a step forward for Italy, compared to other types of "civil union" laws in Europe, Italy's will be "far less robust":

"In addition to health and social benefits, inheritance entitlements will be assured after partnerships lasting at least nine years and rental contracts will be protected after three years, Equal Rights Minister Barbara Pollastrini said at the news conference following an extraordinary cabinet meeting. A minimum duration of a union in order for a pension to continue to be paid to a surviving partner has yet to be decided. Under the law, unmarried gay or heterosexual couples would also be accorded some of the rights enjoyed by conventional couples such as hospital and prison visitation rights."

The Pope and has been anticipating this "attack on the family" for some time. I'd expect a statement from the Vatican soon.

Italian cabinet approves draft law recognizing gay couples [afp]

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  1. Awesome news! Baby steps towards full marriage equality, one country at a time. Italy is historically -- wha-? huh? Holy shit! Anan Nicole Smith died!

    Posted by: jeff | Feb 8, 2007 5:11:34 PM

  2. Good news, hopefully Italy will join the ranks of the countries with marriage equality.

    Posted by: Dan | Feb 8, 2007 6:08:08 PM

  3. Although in 1970, the Vatican lost considerably influence on Italian people through referendum approval of easy divorce and restricting less the abortion.
    But in 2005, the Vatican gained influence calling to Italians to absence from a in vitro fertilization referendum (80% absented).
    Besides, from newspaper Corrielle della Serra, three quarters supports to recognize unmarried heterosexual couples, but 49% opposed to homosexual couples.
    This bill surely will be passed in the House, but will be defeated in the Seanate.

    Posted by: rdiazsi | Feb 8, 2007 7:56:55 PM

  4. Heterosexual couples why they can get married thats b ull their is a reason they are not. I think common law should be instated 5- 7 miminum 2,3 years no thats highschool college not marriage

    Posted by: sasha | Feb 8, 2007 8:08:15 PM

  5. Inheritance entitlements after nine years? I don't think the average duration of a marriage reaches nine years in Italy.

    Posted by: borut | Feb 8, 2007 8:23:41 PM

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