1. says

    no WAY he’s gay…I SO want to believe it, of course; as I’ve had a crush on him since the first season of “Ellen” before it was even named “ellen” (something like “these friends of mine” or something..)

    He looks like he’d be a LOT of fun……in bed. Woof.

  2. Bo says

    I find him snarky, in a way that makes me hate him. Can’t watch him in movies (all one that he’s made) or on TV. It’s like he’s bighting at George Clooney’s heals.

    He’s the dumb ass version of George Clooney (minus the hot looks).

  3. xavier says

    I’d hit it. Totally. Who cares if he’s dumb? And you know that he’s feeling the burn because he’s over forty and single. Just trying to save face and be funny.

  4. Wayne says

    He’s HOT, He’s smart (who are you guys calling him dumb?) and his wit is pitch perfect! He’s the best thing about Entourage and he’s usually the best thing in any John Cusak movie (he’s in almost all of them).

  5. Da says

    I believe that’s called an “attention whore”..

    But then again he made that declaration in Playboy, so I sorta have to approve hehe..(and it goes without saying it’s the most old creepy Hugh has ever done for gay rights.)

  6. says

    Hey, Ben, I agree with you about Thomas Roberts. Where the hell has he been, anyways??? I used to see him on at 6 p.m. for an hour a few weeks ago then they kept putting that bitch Kathleen Kennedy on. I just hope they havent fired him. Damn you, CNN Headline!

  7. Jack! says


    Seriously though a week ago I speculated that Jeremy might be gay because he goes to award shows with his mother all the time. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is gay.

    ATTENTION: Thomas Roberts is still at CNN. He is on at irregular times during the week. And appears more regularly on the weekend for CNN Headline News.

  8. peterparker says

    What an asshole! Telling someone on national television that they suck at their job is pretty fucking low…no matter how inane Billy Bush’s questions, Jeremy Piven was (is) just a fucking jerk.

  9. says

    why are piven and dorf fighting? i read it was piven and cusack who were in a tiff because of the formers budding success and the latters fading glory.

    id do him, but my roommate wants first dibs.

  10. Zachary Fish says

    “Jumping the shark” is a phrase that means “go over the top”, but has shades of other meanings, such as loosing relavance through over exposure or outliving ones usefulness… it’s a reference to the episode in Happy Days where the Fonz is water skiing — in his black leather jacket — and has to jump over a shark in the water to avoid hitting it. Fans of the show pretty much gave-up on it after that season. The show, to use the phrase, had jumped the shark.

  11. says

    He used to be a regular at the cafe in South Beach, where I worked for several years. His arrogant attitude and 10% tips made him one of the most loathed of all customers. Gay, or not, he’s a jerk.

  12. Kojack says

    Liberace 2012 lines youll be desireous for!

    Matt/Scott to Michael/Lee :
    Get your blow-hole ready !

    Michael/Lee to Matt/Scott :
    Kiss My Wooloomooloo !

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