News: T.R. vs. Diddy, Toronto Cops, Anna Nicole’s Fridge, Carrots

road.jpg A Staten Island pastor has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court over anti-gay billboards he erected which local borough officials said “conveyed an atmosphere of intolerance…not welcome in our borough.” The pastor, Rev. Kristopher Okwedy, says that his First Amendment rights were violated: “It’s a freedom-of-speech issue. It’s not an attack on anybody. I want to be able to speak what I want, when I want. To restrict what people say in this country would compromise liberty.”

Dicksst_2road.jpg Residents of West Hollywood’s Dicks Street remain firm on keeping street name. Background

road.jpg Report: T.R. Knight and P. Diddy exchange words after Diddy’s security detail boots Grey’s cast from seating area at pre-Grammy party: “Puffy was supposed to sit in the same VIP area that had four tables – two were for him and two were for the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ cast. But he was very, very late, and there are a lot of ‘Grey’s’ castmembers, so T.R., Kate and Sara were at a table set up for Puffy. This guy goes up to T.R., Kate and Sara and started demanding – ‘Get out! Get out now! Move it!’ – T.R. was furious…”

road.jpg Targeting new recruits, Toronto police plant themselves in the gay village. Constable Gail Steed: Our service wants to reflect our diverse communities in the city. We don’t ask anybody to tell us their sexual preference, we just strive to get an accurate representation of the city.”

road.jpg What’s up Doc? New hi-tech material for use in warships, autos, and engineering components is made from carrots!

road.jpg Ontario, Canada’s first openly gay cabinet minister George Smitherman has announced he’ll wed his partner this summer.

Haggardbetroad.jpg Ted Haggard Betting Pool formed to wager on how soon the now “completely heterosexual” pastor of New Life Church will fall off the wagon.

road.jpg Unmoderated social networking tool at Barack Obama‘s campaign website leads to display of anti-gay, racist slurs.

road.jpg Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln. But was he gay?

road.jpg Anna Nicole’s depressing diet: Slim-Fast and Methadone.

road.jpg Beatles catalog headed to all major music download services. Yellow Submarine iPod rumored

road.jpg Rather than suffer in silence, gay retirees now fighting for their rights in court: “We have a responsibility to fight, both for ourselves and for the gay men and lesbians who are a generation above us who feel too afraid to say who they are.”


  1. Giovanni says

    Regarding the Obama slurs – I suspect this is just the beginning of an ugliness not seen in this country for years – at least not during my lifetime – it should be interesting (and galvanizing) if not all together depressing – oh well bring it on I guess.

  2. Jeff says

    Congrats to George Smitherman and his partner on their upcoming marriage. There’s talk Smitherman will make the jump from provincial to federal politics in the next national election.

  3. 000000 says

    “Ugliness not seen for years?” Dare I mention Michael Richards, Paris Hilton, etc. It’s more like the ugliness not practiced openly for years. You don’t need to see people hanging from trees to know hateful bastards have always been amongst us. For 2 years Obama will have to sing the same song, delfecting bullshit about whether a black man can or should be president.
    Regarding T.R Knight, rudeness is one thing, but don’t tell me he didn’t realize P. Diddle might show up at some point to claim his tables.

  4. anon says

    Why is it that people find it more incomprehensible that a black man might be president than a women? I’m thinking a women president would be more historic than a black one, particularly since they got the vote fifty years after the civil war ended. No one seems to have noticed HRC’s historic run as a frontrunner.

  5. 000000 says

    Q:”Why is it that people find it more incomprehensible that a black man might be president than a women?”
    A: They don’t watch 24.

    Obama nor Clinton are willing to advocate gay marriage, so giving a toss which one of them would make the most progressive statement is already a waste.

  6. M says

    First of all everybody knows that a black man only gets to sit only after all others have been seated. But seriously, I bet his “posse,crew,boys,homies,niggaz, just went getto from the get go.

    Simply letting the other guests know that Sean John Combs Puff Daddy-P.Diddy had arrived probably did not cross their “minds”.

    Wow, why is that TR guy always messn with the bruthas ?

  7. Tom says

    I lived on Staten Island 7 years ago and clearly remember the rage I felt when I came upon one of Okwedy’s billboards. When Okwedy says his billboards didn’t attack anybody, he’s lying. Okwedy decided to spend money to do nothing more than gay bash via billboard. One more example of a “minister” using his church to spread messages of intolerance and condemnation.
    The one thing I was proud of was the reaction of the Staten Island community to Mr. Okwedy. You often hear negative things about the “forgotten borough” but Staten Islanders clearly objected to Okwedy’s message and were very quick to rally together to condemn what he advertised.

  8. SoCal says

    From the article it sounds like TR and the GA cast already knew they were squatters; why would anyone even TRY to sit at a Sean Combs/P. Diddly table on GRAMMY NIGHT?

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do… don’t sit where you’re not supposed to, and don’t mess with Puffy.

  9. Mike says

    TR growing balls? Good for him, don’t let anyone push you around. This includes overrated and untalented “artists” like Diddy (or whatever childish name/symbol he goes by).

  10. SoCal says

    TR did not grow a pair. He and his “entourage” sat and made themselves comfortable where they shouldn’t have. They were booted out. Where’s the courage in that?

    Puffy’s artistry may be subjective – his per capita and table reservations are not.

  11. Luke says

    TR is one sensitive kind of guy bless his little heart, even when he was wrong and sat at the wrong table, but, I guess since hes THE TR Knight, he can sit where he pleases. With him and Puffy, and what the heck kind of name is Puffy for a grown ass man? Two boring drama queens for the price of one!

    And, bless Obama’s heart, does this man really think he has a chance of winning, in this country? Please, two groups the majority hates equally, blacks and gays and agressive women like Hillery. So, 4 more years of the GOP :(

  12. Dean says

    Why exactly do large packs of Grey’s Anatomy castmembers need to go to the Grammy’s? Did they put out an album that I missed?

    Maybe they’ll all go to the Oscars next and steal a chair from the “Little Miss Sunshine” girl.

  13. Cory says

    Wow, what’s with all the hate on TR Knight? Sure, he shouldn’t have sat at the empty table for a very late Sean Combs, but he didn’t know it was Sean’s table and the security guy (who wasn’t working for the Grammy’s) over-reacted when he simply could have asked them to move. It’s called manners and respect, had they simply been told that the tables were needed politely I’m sure this ridiculous, unnecessary drama could have been averted. Yet it is interesting to recognize the diminishing respect and courteous younger generations are having towards one another. The more I read comments online, the more I lose faith in humanity. People just don’t treat others the way they should…

  14. RJ says

    Dean, the Grey’s cast were probably invited in appreciation of all the CDs and itunes their show helped sell with endless song placements in the soundtrack.

    Diddly Squat/Puffed Ego and his hangers-on were probably upset that Grey’s never used any of his (c)rap (as far as I know).

  15. SGR says

    Diddy may well have paid for those seats. Like most wealthy working people (he’s worth hundreds of millions), he wants things just-so when he’s out and about, and he pays good money to make sure things will be just-so. He has an advance team whose job is to make sure he flits seamlessly from one event to another. That includes negotiating and (depending on the event) paying for x amount of seats so he doesn’t have to stand around while the club boots out other patrons to make room for him. Parties like this are always overcrowded. VIP seating is always an issue. The party planners didn’t hold the seats for him that they were supposed to. The Grey’s castmembers spilled over to his seats. And when the mogul arrives and sees that there aren’t enough seats for him and his entourage, his team realizes that they look like they didn’t do their job. And, being poorly trained, or simply scared shitless of their boss, they go into overdrive to get those seats back and kick the actors out in a less-than-desireable manner. Diddy’s guards can be rude, especially when they’re dealing with not-particularly-recognizable people like these TV actors. And the egos of TV actors are easily bruised when, feeling great about being in the VIP section, they’re later reminded how low they are on the entertainment food chain when a mogul like Diddy shows up and can have them ejected. So one of them gets word to Page Six, and you have this item. Anyone who goes out knows this sort of stuff happens all the time. The bigger, richer star always gets the table.