Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps: Ahead by a Hair


USA Today takes a fresh look at swimmer Michael Phelps now that Ian Thorpe has retired and cleared the way for Phelps to dominate in the pool.

Now I thought most swimmers shaved to achieve better aerodynamics underwater, but Phelps was rocking a brand new handlebar porn-stache at the Southern California Swimming Grand Prix last month.

From USA Today: “With the recent retirement of Australian great Ian Thorpe, the path to that title is clearer, although fellow U.S. Olympian Klete Keller contends Phelps ‘already passed’ Thorpe. ‘To really have a legacy that (Phelps) may be individually proud of, he’s going to have to do it over more than one Olympics,’ three-time Olympic gold medalist and NBC swimming commentator Rowdy Gaines says. Like Phelps, three modern-era male swimmers have had one dominant Olympics apiece: Thorpe, with three golds and two silvers on home soil at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney; Matt Biondi, with five golds and seven overall medals in 1988; and Mark Spitz, with seven golds at the 1972 Games.”

And, of course, Spitz worked the porn-stache better than any swimmer in recent memory. I smell victory.


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  1. Bobby says

    I can’t stand this guy. He’s so ridiculously full of himself. During the last Olympics, every time he’d (slowly) pull himself out of the pool, he’d flex every muscle in his torso and actually stare at his own body. Just admiring himself. Big turnoff for me.

  2. says

    I always giggle when I see Michael Phelps stories. I go to the UofM and one of my close friends (female, sorry fellows) hooked up with him. The next day at a football game he sent her a text message just to make sure she didn’t have any STDs. Seems to me that this is the sort of thing that one should cover *beforehand* but who am I to judge?

  3. tiffster says

    All swimmers are hot. On my team their is an older guy named Janni that is so hot. When he doesnt shave I just think of all that man hair scruffing against my tummy.

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