Philip Johnson’s New York Apartment for Sale

PhilipjohnsonFor a cool $2.5 million you can inhabit the apartment once owned by architect Philip Johnson:

“Mr. Johnson, one of America’s most celebrated (gay) architects designed a glamorous coffered ceiling in the living room which overlooks the famed MOMA Sculpture Garden that Mr. Johnson designed in 1964. The apartment also looks toward the pink and granite AT & T building designed by Mr. Johnson in 1984. Viewed from the floor to ceiling windows, Mr. Johnson chose this apartment as his own for these special views.”

Special bonus is that you get an Andy Warhol artwork with your purchase. The powder room is papered in the artist’s “cow wallpaper” signed by the artist himself.

15 West 53rd Street [elliman]
The Real Urban Ass House [curbed]


  1. tom says

    That is the worst looking apartment I’ve ever seen…can’t believe he could live in it…two box rooms tied together in a tower..YUCK……….he should have been ashamed

  2. rudy says

    The ceiling is both coved (arched) and coffered (ornate recessed panels). It is beautifully minimal, huge (even by New York’s relatively small reference), and all the finishes are first grade. (Although the wallpaper is a bit garish. I’d remove it and sell it, likely getting more than a down payment in return.) It looked much better when furnished. Moreover, Mr. Johnson’s ascerbic wit filled the space but won’t (can’t) be conveyed as it is not a fixture attached to the realty but only many pleasant memories.

  3. says

    True story. Philip Johnson was lecturing at Yale once about the famous glass house he built near Greenwich, CT. I believe the only room that didn’t have all glass walls was the bathroom. Johnson had a schematic of the bedroom up on the screen, and a student asked about the scale, which wasn’t shown. He said, you’ve got the bed indicated there, but we can’t tell the size, can’t tell how big it is.

    Johnson replied, “Oh, it’s a good three-man bed.”

  4. Damon says

    Oh, Rudy… well now you’ve certainly put me in my place didn’t you? Or at least I’m sure you think you did.

    No hon, I’m never jealous of pretentious people.

  5. rudy says

    Not pretty Damon. Envious of things you do not know, people you will never meet, and talents you do not possess. Green is not a flattering color but you insist on wearing it, even in cyberspace.

  6. says

    Not bad one ! Apartment is quite spacious for two people. I just moved in my new apartment. It is 2bhk. Its got an attached bathroom and kitchen and top of everything. The Landlord is very supportive. I am just loving my stay here.

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