San Francisco Gay Penguins Move in, Improve Neighborhood

The relationship between Harry and Pepper, a pair of male penguins at the San Francisco Zoo, is two years and going strong according to zookeepers:

Gay_penguins_2“They are a strongly bonded pair of birds. They are monogamous. There hasn’t been any exploring,” according to zookeeper Anthony Brown.

Since co-habitating, the gay penguins have increased the value of real estate in the penguin tank:

“The pair did move into the row of five burrows on the north side of the Penguin Island exhibit. The row had been fully owned by Fig, the alpha male of the group – Brown said the females consider him “a stud muffin” due to his ivory-yellow colored beak – but he relented the last one on the right side to the male pair.

In late January the two had already begun to build a nest in expectation of the breeding season that starts next week. Brown, while pointing out their burrow, rated it “very high” quality compared to Fig’s female partner, who had pulled in plastic to her burrow.”

With the gentrification, soon burrows will be unaffordable.

Harry and Pepper are the only same-sex couple among 53 birds at the zoo.

Love blossoms for zoo male penguin pair [bay area reporter]

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  1. Leland says

    “With the gentrification, soon burrows will be unaffordable.” Another vote for Hilarious! :- )

    Pepper, whose thousands of admirers swoon over the amazing results of his beak job, changed his name from Pritchard after graduating from the US Penguin Force Academy. He recently released a book about his experiences, including allegedly being blindfolded and forced to let another penguin cadet eat his worm. Responding to stories by Pelican Hilton suggesting that Harry is the only one who is monogamous, Pepper said, “The penguin community wants to hate my guts. They want me to be dumb. They want me to be a slut. I don’t know why that is.” Tank observers, therefore, have found it strange that he just announced he’s designing a line of jewelry and accessories called, “FLY NAKED.” One prominent resident commented, “The media attention they’ve gotten has done us some good, but we fear Pepper is just using Harry, and no award from the Penguin Rights Campaign is going to change the fact that Pepper’s only skill is taking his feathers off which makes us all look like a bunch of sex-crazed dodos.”

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