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Snickers Super Bowl: "Quick, Do Something Manly"


It was inevitable there was going to be one lame gay joke during the Super Bowl commercials. I'm just shocked that it didn't have anything to do with Brokeback Mountain.

MuhammadI wasn't too offended by the commercial itself, mainly because it makes the mechanics out to be social neanderthals. However, take a look at the Snickers site, which features four versions of the commercial with different endings, along with players from the Colts and the Bears reacting to the commercials.

Here's the real stinker, the "Extras" at the bottom of the page. If you want to know why a football player in the NFL might be hesitant to come out of the closet, take a look at the players' reactions to the kiss. Shame on Snickers for promoting homophobia in professional sports. These are 'role models', folks!

Bears Tight End Desmond Clark: "Did they actually have to kiss like that? I hope they got paid a lot of money to do that."

Bears Reaction [snickers: most satisfying ending]
Colts Reaction [snickers: most satisfying ending]

UPDATE: John Aravosis at AmericaBlog (from whom I borrowed the Muhammad screenshot) responds...

And HRC's Joe Solmonese has issued a statement. Text follows after the jump...

UPDATE 2: The Snickers Super Bowl ad website is currently down as of 6pm EST...

UPDATE 3: Aravosis received a call from Masterfoods: "Masterfoods, Mars and Snickers parent company (or something), called to let me know that while humor is highly subjective, and their target market for the ads did give them positive feedback (that would be the neanderthal gay-bashing fans of Snickers?), they did not intend to offend anyone and will not be airing any of the four ads ever again, nor will they be airing the commentary from the NFL players responding to the ads. This includes not airing the ads during the Daytona 500, which they had earlier said they planned to do."

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Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy Honored by Anti-Gay Group [tr]

Text of statement from HRC:

WASHINGTON – The Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, is calling on the makers of Snickers, and its parent company Mars Inc., to pull the ad campaign launched yesterday during the Superbowl. The ad features two presumably straight men who accidentally engage in a kiss and then try to distance themselves from any perception of being gay by “doing something manly.”

Three alternate endings to the commercial spot are posted on the Snickers website, one of which includes the two men violently attacking one another – which sends a dangerous message to the public condoning violence against gay Americans.

HRC President Joe Solmonese issued the following statement:

“The makers of Snickers and its parent company at Mars should know better. If they have any questions about why the ad isn’t funny, we can help put them in touch with any number of GLBT Americans who have suffered hate crimes.”

Two other video clips posted on the Snickers website feature players from the Bears and the Colts watching the ads and responding to the two men kissing.

Solmonese continued:

“This type of jeering from professional sports figures at the sight of two men kissing fuels the kind of anti-gay bullying that haunts countless gay and lesbian school children on playgrounds all across the country. Eighty-four percent of GLBT students report being verbally harassed at school, and this type of ad only reinforces that.”

“Is Snickers suggesting that people who eat their candy bars are cavemen? It’s an odd market to court, particularly after the Isaiah Washington flap a couple weeks ago, which clearly showed that there’s a strong distaste out there for people who portray themselves as anti-gay or holding on to old prejudices and stereotypes.”

“Mars and Snickers need to pull the ‘Wrench’ ad and the footage of the NFL players out of their campaign immediately.”

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against GLBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.

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  1. I took absolutely no offense to this ad and actually thought it was hilarious! I would have the same reaction kissing an ugly/socially retarded female.

    Posted by: Wayne | Feb 5, 2007 8:32:00 AM

  2. ok? so wtf did they have to interview two players? what else would they have said, that it is nice to see tham kiss? that interview was stupid.

    and by the way while they are at it, use only african american so we can all say "afican-americans are homophobic".

    Posted by: johnosahon | Feb 5, 2007 8:34:54 AM

  3. and by the way i should sue snickers that showing the reactions of the players, what the else were they thinking? the reactions on the stupid players faces is insulting. and snickers cannot tell me they did not know they would react this way.

    Posted by: johnosahon | Feb 5, 2007 8:38:28 AM

  4. Also, note that one of the kissers is Michael Emerson who plays henry gale on lost... or so I think...

    Posted by: Kyle | Feb 5, 2007 8:38:31 AM

  5. Is this really 2007? We should all be outraged by this-- and boycotting Snickers-- for feeding the fire of homophobia and ingnorance. Ugh. I'm disgusted.

    Posted by: rob | Feb 5, 2007 8:42:13 AM

  6. Incredibly stupid and bigoted ad on so many levels. Not that I ever ate very many to begin with, but I sure won't be buying Snickers in the future.

    Posted by: Jeff | Feb 5, 2007 8:47:23 AM

  7. Wayne I also thought it was hillarious, both the ads and the players's reaction lol..not sure why? Maybe cause they're not pretending to play gay guys. that usually pisses me off, which is why I loathe Brokeback so much. It's widely seen as a representation of gay love, but it's grossly inaccurate therefore much more damaging.

    Posted by: Da | Feb 5, 2007 8:56:41 AM

  8. This is the best the ad execs can come up with?

    The only thing more boring than these commercials is watching a bunch of athletes watching it.

    Posted by: C. Edwards | Feb 5, 2007 8:56:43 AM

  9. Hey, they also aired the very FUNNY Allstate commercial with Kevin Federline, and I don't see anyone working the fry line at McDonald's screaming for a boycott.

    We need to get over ourselves. I thought the Snickers spot was cute, though predictable and almost unmemorable. I was also waiting for the background music from Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" to kick in.

    And who the f cares what some neanderthal foot ball player thinks? Tank Macnamara had to have a special dispensation from the Illinois State parole board to play because he was on probation. These are NOT people who give a rats ass about how you feel, and I probably would not try and make them care.

    Posted by: Rad | Feb 5, 2007 8:58:06 AM

  10. who the fuck cares? the reaction is insulting, forget about adults, what about gay kids, who go and watch the reactions of their "heroes", you know that would be big in schools this week.

    Posted by: johnosahon | Feb 5, 2007 9:17:34 AM

  11. Everytime I hear an American talk about their football, and mention the tight end, gosh I can't help but laugh... Gayest name for a sporting position ever.

    Posted by: Sayke | Feb 5, 2007 9:21:04 AM

  12. Fortunately, Snickers aren't part of my regular diet. That's why America is so fat! However, I do "snicker" at the fact that M&M/Mars would have a reaction element on their website. How stupid.

    Posted by: bart | Feb 5, 2007 9:24:51 AM

  13. Rad: Lots of young kids - both straight, gay, and in the closet or questioning - were watching these ads and the players reactions. So now the straight kids think its hilarious to laugh and gays and that yes, 2 men kissing is unmanly. And pro athletes are role models to a lot of kids - so they learn by watching their idiotic reactions. It's great that we are all so well adjusted gay men that we aren't offended by this stuff, but think back to when you were 17 and being gay was a huge and scary issue.

    Posted by: Blah | Feb 5, 2007 9:24:55 AM

  14. This is a ridiculous overreaction. There is nothing offensive about any of the ads or the players' responses. So what if Desmond Clark is uncomfortable with the idea of two guys kissing? That's neither unexpected nor wrong. We can't FORCE people to be accepting of things they find instinctively uncomfortable. Frankly, I think their reactions were perfectly normal. Do we have to feign outrage over every little thing?

    And suppose a scared, questioning 17 year-old were watching these reactions? So what? If these are the worst reactions he hears when he tells people he's gay, he's a lucky kid. Not everyone WILL be comfortable with it, and, again, we can't expect everyone to be.

    Posted by: Morgan | Feb 5, 2007 9:28:52 AM

  15. My favorite peanut snack just got tainted as hell, the ads are one thing, and forgetable to say the least, but to have a website, with "sickerned" sportsmans reactions to the ads, is wrong to such a great level, and to its pointless end other than to offend. i'm at a loss for words as to why Mars Would do this. very sad

    Posted by: Sunset | Feb 5, 2007 9:32:04 AM

  16. don't buy Snickers, and don't watch Grey's Anatomy.

    Posted by: A.J. | Feb 5, 2007 9:35:03 AM

  17. morgan, morgan, morgan, i don't know what to say. it seems you enjoyed the abuses poured on you when you were younger, or did you fake your way through high school. maybe you don't give a damn about the young gay kids but others do.

    anyways i am not offended by the ad(although it is stupid) or the players(it is their right to react the way they want, but i bet some are pretending because people like you want to see them react like that or there must be somthing "wrong") why i am upset is why snickers had to show these reaction? what? is this an ex-gay ministry or were they trying to figure out who was gay or not? that part was ridiculous and unnecessary.

    Posted by: johnosahon | Feb 5, 2007 9:38:14 AM

  18. I had 0 abuses poured on me--probably the easiest time coming out (I did it at 14, and my whole high school knew by the time I graduated) of anyone I know. I am very lucky.

    I agree that showing the reactions was pointless, but hardly offensive. That's how lots of people react.

    Posted by: Morgan | Feb 5, 2007 9:45:05 AM

  19. Those ads on the advertiser's website are nothing short of repulsive. There is no excuse for them.

    Posted by: Publius100 | Feb 5, 2007 9:50:03 AM

  20. morgan, you still do not get it, so because most people react THIS way it makes it ok?

    then, why are we fighting for gay rights most people don't agree especially with gay marriage.

    or isiah washington, why the complains it is not as if most people don't call gays the f-word ESPECIALLY IN HIGH SCHOOL.

    just because most people agree, that does not amke it right.

    Posted by: johnosahon | Feb 5, 2007 9:53:23 AM

  21. I have to say I was way more offended by the presentation of the trophy and the praising of god for the win then I was of a snickers commercial. The coach & the owner both spoke of how god is the reason for their win, and now I know why the colts allowed Dungy to use that picture for the focu on family fund raiser.
    Also, we all need to relax. everytime some company does or says something slightly offensive, its a Boycott. boycots do not work anymore. Its a freakin commercial and a dumb one.

    Posted by: Bankerboy | Feb 5, 2007 9:55:46 AM

  22. and again morgan, i don't know you but it seems you only care yourself or something. because you had a good coming out story you don't give a fuck about others.

    that is what is wrong we live in, people care only about theirselves.

    Posted by: johnosahon | Feb 5, 2007 9:55:57 AM

  23. I just don't understand the idea that we have to change people's instinctive, natural reactions, especially when they're not that bad. These guys' reactions were basically along the lines of "that's gross. I wouldn't want to kiss a guy." So? Over time, with more exposure to same sex couples, it's possible that people will become more comfortable with things like that. But you cannot force people to change an attitude.

    Of course, you can't allow anti-gay violence, but even to try to ban "hate speech," like the f-word that Mr. Washington used, is absurd. It was wrong, and we told him it was wrong, but shouldn't we forgive and forget?

    We are fighting for gay rights because the fact that they are denied goes against the spirit of equality that we've established in this country. We don't need everyone to feel comfortable watching two guys kiss--that's not only absurd, it's a waste of time and energy. Focus on the things that matter, not being upset over every little thing.

    Posted by: Morgan | Feb 5, 2007 10:03:17 AM

  24. this is big news today? much ado about nothing! i would rather have seen something about paris hilton getting told to knock off her gay slur.

    Posted by: Marc | Feb 5, 2007 10:06:55 AM

  25. Morgan, you seem like an apologist for bigots. It's 2007, and we expect more than just tolerance these days. My straight friends are cool with witnessing same-sex kissing and affection, as are many of my generation. The standard is to not say offensive things about same-sex affection. Perhaps Morgan is still stuck in 1955.

    Posted by: Malcolm J | Feb 5, 2007 10:09:08 AM

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