Snickers Super Bowl: “Quick, Do Something Manly”

Text of statement from HRC:

WASHINGTON – The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, is calling on the makers of Snickers, and its parent company Mars Inc., to pull the ad campaign launched yesterday during the Superbowl. The ad features two presumably straight men who accidentally engage in a kiss and then try to distance themselves from any perception of being gay by “doing something manly.”

Three alternate endings to the commercial spot are posted on the Snickers website, one of which includes the two men violently attacking one another – which sends a dangerous message to the public condoning violence against gay Americans.

HRC President Joe Solmonese issued the following statement:

“The makers of Snickers and its parent company at Mars should know better. If they have any questions about why the ad isn’t funny, we can help put them in touch with any number of GLBT Americans who have suffered hate crimes.”

Two other video clips posted on the Snickers website feature players from the Bears and the Colts watching the ads and responding to the two men kissing.

Solmonese continued:

“This type of jeering from professional sports figures at the sight of two men kissing fuels the kind of anti-gay bullying that haunts countless gay and lesbian school children on playgrounds all across the country. Eighty-four percent of GLBT students report being verbally harassed at school, and this type of ad only reinforces that.”

“Is Snickers suggesting that people who eat their candy bars are cavemen? It’s an odd market to court, particularly after the Isaiah Washington flap a couple weeks ago, which clearly showed that there’s a strong distaste out there for people who portray themselves as anti-gay or holding on to old prejudices and stereotypes.”

“Mars and Snickers need to pull the ‘Wrench’ ad and the footage of the NFL players out of their campaign immediately.”

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against GLBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.


  1. johnosahon says

    ok? so wtf did they have to interview two players? what else would they have said, that it is nice to see tham kiss? that interview was stupid.

    and by the way while they are at it, use only african american so we can all say “afican-americans are homophobic”.

  2. johnosahon says

    and by the way i should sue snickers that showing the reactions of the players, what the else were they thinking? the reactions on the stupid players faces is insulting. and snickers cannot tell me they did not know they would react this way.

  3. Da says

    Wayne I also thought it was hillarious, both the ads and the players’s reaction lol..not sure why? Maybe cause they’re not pretending to play gay guys. that usually pisses me off, which is why I loathe Brokeback so much. It’s widely seen as a representation of gay love, but it’s grossly inaccurate therefore much more damaging.

  4. Rad says

    Hey, they also aired the very FUNNY Allstate commercial with Kevin Federline, and I don’t see anyone working the fry line at McDonald’s screaming for a boycott.

    We need to get over ourselves. I thought the Snickers spot was cute, though predictable and almost unmemorable. I was also waiting for the background music from Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” to kick in.

    And who the f cares what some neanderthal foot ball player thinks? Tank Macnamara had to have a special dispensation from the Illinois State parole board to play because he was on probation. These are NOT people who give a rats ass about how you feel, and I probably would not try and make them care.

  5. johnosahon says

    who the fuck cares? the reaction is insulting, forget about adults, what about gay kids, who go and watch the reactions of their “heroes”, you know that would be big in schools this week.

  6. Sayke says

    Everytime I hear an American talk about their football, and mention the tight end, gosh I can’t help but laugh… Gayest name for a sporting position ever.

  7. bart says

    Fortunately, Snickers aren’t part of my regular diet. That’s why America is so fat! However, I do “snicker” at the fact that M&M/Mars would have a reaction element on their website. How stupid.

  8. Blah says

    Rad: Lots of young kids – both straight, gay, and in the closet or questioning – were watching these ads and the players reactions. So now the straight kids think its hilarious to laugh and gays and that yes, 2 men kissing is unmanly. And pro athletes are role models to a lot of kids – so they learn by watching their idiotic reactions. It’s great that we are all so well adjusted gay men that we aren’t offended by this stuff, but think back to when you were 17 and being gay was a huge and scary issue.

  9. says

    This is a ridiculous overreaction. There is nothing offensive about any of the ads or the players’ responses. So what if Desmond Clark is uncomfortable with the idea of two guys kissing? That’s neither unexpected nor wrong. We can’t FORCE people to be accepting of things they find instinctively uncomfortable. Frankly, I think their reactions were perfectly normal. Do we have to feign outrage over every little thing?

    And suppose a scared, questioning 17 year-old were watching these reactions? So what? If these are the worst reactions he hears when he tells people he’s gay, he’s a lucky kid. Not everyone WILL be comfortable with it, and, again, we can’t expect everyone to be.

  10. Sunset says

    My favorite peanut snack just got tainted as hell, the ads are one thing, and forgetable to say the least, but to have a website, with “sickerned” sportsmans reactions to the ads, is wrong to such a great level, and to its pointless end other than to offend. i’m at a loss for words as to why Mars Would do this. very sad

  11. johnosahon says

    morgan, morgan, morgan, i don’t know what to say. it seems you enjoyed the abuses poured on you when you were younger, or did you fake your way through high school. maybe you don’t give a damn about the young gay kids but others do.

    anyways i am not offended by the ad(although it is stupid) or the players(it is their right to react the way they want, but i bet some are pretending because people like you want to see them react like that or there must be somthing “wrong”) why i am upset is why snickers had to show these reaction? what? is this an ex-gay ministry or were they trying to figure out who was gay or not? that part was ridiculous and unnecessary.

  12. says

    I had 0 abuses poured on me–probably the easiest time coming out (I did it at 14, and my whole high school knew by the time I graduated) of anyone I know. I am very lucky.

    I agree that showing the reactions was pointless, but hardly offensive. That’s how lots of people react.

  13. johnosahon says

    morgan, you still do not get it, so because most people react THIS way it makes it ok?

    then, why are we fighting for gay rights most people don’t agree especially with gay marriage.

    or isiah washington, why the complains it is not as if most people don’t call gays the f-word ESPECIALLY IN HIGH SCHOOL.

    just because most people agree, that does not amke it right.

  14. Bankerboy says

    I have to say I was way more offended by the presentation of the trophy and the praising of god for the win then I was of a snickers commercial. The coach & the owner both spoke of how god is the reason for their win, and now I know why the colts allowed Dungy to use that picture for the focu on family fund raiser.
    Also, we all need to relax. everytime some company does or says something slightly offensive, its a Boycott. boycots do not work anymore. Its a freakin commercial and a dumb one.

  15. johnosahon says

    and again morgan, i don’t know you but it seems you only care yourself or something. because you had a good coming out story you don’t give a fuck about others.

    that is what is wrong we live in, people care only about theirselves.

  16. says

    I just don’t understand the idea that we have to change people’s instinctive, natural reactions, especially when they’re not that bad. These guys’ reactions were basically along the lines of “that’s gross. I wouldn’t want to kiss a guy.” So? Over time, with more exposure to same sex couples, it’s possible that people will become more comfortable with things like that. But you cannot force people to change an attitude.

    Of course, you can’t allow anti-gay violence, but even to try to ban “hate speech,” like the f-word that Mr. Washington used, is absurd. It was wrong, and we told him it was wrong, but shouldn’t we forgive and forget?

    We are fighting for gay rights because the fact that they are denied goes against the spirit of equality that we’ve established in this country. We don’t need everyone to feel comfortable watching two guys kiss–that’s not only absurd, it’s a waste of time and energy. Focus on the things that matter, not being upset over every little thing.

  17. Malcolm J says

    Morgan, you seem like an apologist for bigots. It’s 2007, and we expect more than just tolerance these days. My straight friends are cool with witnessing same-sex kissing and affection, as are many of my generation. The standard is to not say offensive things about same-sex affection. Perhaps Morgan is still stuck in 1955.

  18. FizziekruntNT says

    I didn’t find the ad hilarious, in fact, it was just spectacularly grotesque and stupid. The actors seemed to be portraying the “socially retarded” end of the gene pool. Along with many others, I don’t care for any Mars, Incorporated products but this particular ad seals the deal. This ad says “morons eat Snickers”. And then I have to ask myself, “How many people want to be associated with or as morons?”

  19. James says


    I don’t think Morgan is trying to give bigots any cover; however, not liking gay folk is no crime (just like it’s no crime to have a disdain for blacks, browns, or yellows). The thoughts are not the issues. The actions count (calling people faggot in the work-place, beating up gays and lesbians). So I care very little for how folk think. How they treat us means more to me.


  20. Jeff says

    There is no place on the air for ads that reinforce negative sterotypes. Period. This ad tells us 1) that men don’t kiss, or 2) that “real” men don’t kiss, 3) that should it ever even look like 2 men were kissing, something “manly” (ridiculous stuff/violence) has to be done to “correct” the situation.

    Fuck Snickers. I am a manly man and I kiss other men. And I don’t need to swill motor oil or antifreeze, yank out my chest hair, belt someone with a wrench, or have a threesome afterwards.

  21. rjp3 says

    Did anyone at the agency or snickers even consider that this could offend gay people in a way that would stop the production of this ad… hell no. THAT is the issue.

    NOW IF EVERYONE would VOTE fot THE LOVE BOAT ending then that VERY GAY GAY GAY ending will be show during the Daytona 500!

    Yes he does a stereotypical hair flip – but is will irk the homophobes even more !

    The comments on youtube show the religious homophobes HATED this commercial 😉

  22. zabadak says

    Well, my co-worker’s son was on the Saint’s & tho she hadn’t the nerve to come out N say it, i believe there’s more than mere smoke to the Payton Manning rumors.

  23. Matt says

    I really didn’t find the commercial offense. I was at a super bowl party with 100% gay men and we all had a good chuckle. I have not watched the players reactions but I’m sure the people at GLAAD probably want to set up a meeting and get them into rehab with Isiah.

  24. Mike says

    There is no place for ads like this on TV. They should have known better, or at least their ad agency should have. I found it offensive and homophobic. They owe the LGBT community an apology. Go to the website and tell them that.

  25. Ernie says

    I found the chest hair yanking funny, because it showed, in a cartoonish fashion, the ridiculous lengths straight guys will go to to convince themselves they didn’t just have a gay moment.

    The sole function of the reaction interviews, however, was to show the players’ disgust with homosexuality. No humor, just homophobia. Why is that natural or instinctive? I’m tired of media junk that coddles the poor squeamish straight boys’ discomfort.

  26. Anita Woodward says

    Upon seeing the two men “kiss,” one of the players remarked, “Nah. It’s just not right.”

    I’m aware that there are many homophobic people out there, but that is no reason to excuse the behavior, especially by broadcasting it on national television or posting it to a product’s microsite. I’m ashamed of the Snickers brand. I can’t believe that they actually posted the players’ intolerant reactions for all to see.

  27. Chris says

    I didnt really find it offensive..I thought it was stupid..I dont think its homophobic for 2 men to thinks its gross that they accidentally kissed each other…The “manly” remark is a little bit homophobic I guess…All I could think of is how gross it would be to kiss somebody who was eating a snickers.

  28. johnosahon says

    that reaction segment on the snickers website, is one of the most offensive thing i have ever witnessed. the annoying part is that snickers gave a platform for people to express their homophobic views, the last time i checked snickers was not a non-profit organization(church).

    it’s like they said in their offices, “oh we just hate f*****, let’s make an advert about how disgusting it is for two men to kiss, and best of all, let look for where homophobia exist the most (sports) and show it to them, and watch in delightment the disgust in their face”.

    i bet in the 1960’s snickers made an advert about a black man kissing a white woman and shown it to the kkk members to see their facial expression.

  29. Da says

    Just thinking of something: what if the players reaction is done to highlight the stereotypes of the sport? so we’re really them! cause it makes them look all squemish and timid…I think it would be the same if some gay guys were interviewed about the idea of kissing a girl, we’d probably get some shrinking reactions too. I don’t think girls would be offended by that, cause they know we dig them just not sexually.

  30. anon says

    The ads were a classic example of double-speak, wanting to have it both ways. The guys were “idiotic” for overreacting and pulling out their chest hair and the players’ reactions were the “properly manly” ones. It’s mixed-signals city. Maybe they were designed to be a bit controversial too.

  31. Eric says

    Get over yourselves people.

    Why are you offended by the kiss being “unmanly” and not by the idea that a “manly” thing to do is the same thing as doing something stupid?

  32. nuflux says

    Morgan, I’d love to see your reaction to a blatantly racist ad in 2007. Still OK?

    I’m with Jeremy. Go to their site and tell them to go to hell for stepping on our backs to make a buck.

  33. Zeke says

    Isn’t the point of advertising to bring as much positive publicity to a product as possible while offending the least number of potential customers?

    Regardless of how one might feel about the content of the ad, in my opinion, purely from an advertising effectiveness point of view, this ad failed miserably by unnecessarily offending a large portion of the financially viable gay male customer pool simply to elicit a cheap laugh by playing to deeply ingrained homophobic myths through the clever regurgitation of tired old gay-negative stereotypes.

    From a strictly business perspective I can’t help but think that they could have come up with a funny commercial that wouldn’t have reinforced the stereotype that MILLIONS of THEIR gay CUSTOMERS are unmanly and disgusting.

    Valid or not, the perception that Mars, Inc was insensate to produce and air this ad during a Superbowl, not to mention posting the vile commentary on their website, makes many gay people believe that they have no respect for their gay male customers or their gay male employees. In advertising, perception IS reality and therefore, I believe, Mars really screwed up with this ad.

    Morgan, with all due respect, homophobia, like racism, is NOT intrinsic as you have twice claimed. Bigotry is learned. The fact that the same people who are disgusted by seeing two men kissing are turned on by seeing two women kiss is not a result of instinct or intrinsic reactions but instead a result of learned perceptions. When a person condemns gay male sex as an Biblical abomination and then in the same breath talks about how much he enjoys watching two women get it on, that is not a result of intrinsic feelings, it is the result of a lifetime of conditioning.

    I really find it dangerous when people excuse racism and homophobia by claiming it is instinctual or intrinsic. That is patently and demonstrably incorrect and we should stop repeating this dangerous lie.

    Racism is LEARNED.
    Sexism is LEARNED.
    Homophobia is LEARNED.

    And more importantly, LEARNED behavior, unlike INSTINCTUAL or INTRINSIC behavior, can be changed through education, experience and familiarity.


  34. Chris says

    Wow, that America Blog is overreacting to the “wrench” one..It is not promoting violence towards gays..They are “doing something manly” by beating each other up..Lets not get offended over every little thing in the world.

  35. says

    I’ll concede that homophobia is learned, not instinctual. That was wrong on my part. I still think, however

    a) that we’ve got bigger fish to fry
    b) that most gay men probably would not find the ad offensive (I’d hardly call the readers of this blog or the people who took the time to comment a representative sample of gay men), and
    c) that by continually being such drama queens about such small indiscretions, we alienate people. Then, when there are serious problems (like when we’re denied equal rights) people will think “Gosh, I’m so sick of those gays with their whining about every little issue.”

    We’re like the boy who cried “Wolf!” Or, I guess, the gays who cried “Offensive!”

  36. David says

    I didn’t find the actual commercial offensive, but I did find the website offensive. Of the four ads, I guess they picked the best one.

    If you’re gonna boycott Snickers, be sure to avoid M&M’s, Dove chocolates, etc. All made by Mars.

  37. rudy says

    Zeke, You are absolutely right. Homophobia is learned behaviour. The way to educate the public is to stand up as a community every time a bigot acts upon personal homophobia. We must denounce homophobic slurs as unacceptable before the bigots escalate their homophobia into physical attacks. For the latest incident reported here see the thread on the two teeage girls who taunted and attacked a gay teen male in Iowa. It is exhausting but we must stand up for each other every time.

  38. Jeff says

    a) My integrity is a pretty big fish to fry (to me, at least). The ad directly attacks my integrity as a gay man. On national TV.
    b) I think that most gay men WOULD take offence at the ad. Any self-respecting gay man with an ounce of integrity, at any rate.
    c) Like anything else, if you look after the “little” things, the big things look after themselves. Applied to the case at hand, being gay is depicted as unmanly, degrading, and shameful. Why should equal rights be afforded to such low lifes? I believe hompophobia needs to be called out wherever it exists, and that most certainly includes a national TV spot for a major corporation.

  39. Sandra says

    Zeke, as a straight female I have to say that you’re 100% right! Homophobia is not natural, it is learned! I love reading your comments because your’re always right on!

    Morgan, it’s not the ad itself that’s so offensive. It’s the players’ reactions after seeing the ad and the fact that Snickers would put that stuff on their site that is offensive. I mean, why on earth would Snickers/Mars chose to have that on the site in the first place? To prove that 2 men kissing is gross? That football players think it’s gross? That it’s ok to be grossed out by gay men? That gay men are not manly? What? I’m sorry if you disagree, but I think what the Snickers site is doing is irresponsible.

    And just to let you know, I actually respect drama queens who are not afraid to bitch about everything than a quiet gay person who is too scared to stick up for his or herself because (god forbid) they piss off some uncomfortable straights. Just my opinion.

  40. larry says

    You people are way too sensitve, on certain matters that is. Paris Hilton spews the f-word frely, and no one cares. You have some gross drag queen prancing around with black paint on his face no one cares, but, a silly commercial, that was voted the best of all the Superbowl ones, gets your panties twisted. Too weird to say the lest.

  41. says

    Well, I gotta stop wasting my time and checking this. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    Why are activists (on both sides) so obnoxious?

    Oh, and if you disagree with those on here who are so outraged, I encourage you to
    -check out, where the fundies are outraged for a completely different reason about the same ad (tee hee)
    -go to and voice your support. And while you’re at it, stick in a little barb about how obnoxious activists are!


  42. says

    I suggest the LGBT do something MANLY and grab Snickers bars at your local supermarket and give them a GOOD SQUEEZE then decide not to purchase them because they are SQUISHED. Damaging their product might just send Mars the message LGBT don’t appreciate them advocating DAMAGE TO LGBT PEOPLE!

  43. says

    Maybe throwing RED PAINT on Mars billboards is another option? It could be symbolic for all the BLOOD the LGBT lose due to advertising that advocates violence against our community?

    As someone who was the victim of a gay bashing, this kind of ad makes me see BLOOD RED!

  44. says

    The ‘wrench’ ending has one man assaulting another with a wrench because he’s disgusted he kissed him. That is a true depiction of a hate crime and it’s sad that it’s being used to sell a product.

    Imagine if a white man ate a candy bar out of the mouth of an African American woman and when their lips touched, he got so repulsed that he beat her with a wrench.

    Still no big deal folks? America would be shocked over that, but if it’s a gay insinuation, it’s no big deal. What you are witnessing is a hate crime being used to sell a candy bar.

  45. Rex says

    It’s nice to hear people say “Gays are over-reacting”..?? What if this commercial were back say,35yrs…and a Nice sexy female Blond, kissed a Very Black Man..? …and then they show White NFL players making “Ewww” faces……would we be hearing about that? YES WE WOULD! Cause the Racist bigots would have alot to say!

  46. Dan says

    Am I the only one who thought the commercial was making fun of the straight guys’ ridiculous over-reaction to incidental gay contact? The message I took away was that these guys were so insecure in their masculinity that they went to idiotic extremes to prove they weren’t gay, and that that over-reaction was what was being made fun of.

    I thought the commercial was both funny and anti-homophobic.

    The players’ reactions are a different story, but cast in the light of the commercials which are making fun of ridiculous heterosexual male over-reaction, I think they players are made to look bad, not good.

  47. Mark m says

    Ok apologists, If this was interracial kissing, we wouldn’t even be having this debate. Care to enlighten us as to why this double standard exists? I’d love to hear how it’s ok to be offended by racial disgust, but we’re all overreacting to homo disgust (and I’m addressing the web site, not the commerical alone).

    As for two men kissing not being manly. There’s nothing more masculine than two rough, whiskered faces brushing each other… tender kisses with a female… now why isn’t that considered girly?

    Only men who question their own masculinity feel compelled to express their dislike for two men sharing a kiss.

  48. Chris says

    Steves: he is not beating him with a wrench because he kissed him..they’re beating each other up to be manly after they kissed..its like pro wrestling. You all are over reacting. The only even slightly “homophobic” thing about this commercial is the fact that they say “do something manly” after they kiss. The footballs reactions are not a part of the commercial..Boycott the NFL if you dont like the players stances on gays (as if that is news to begin with). The idea of kissing a guy is gross to most straight men..thats what makes them straight.. they’re not saying they think gays should die, or lose their jobs, or be killed..they just think its gross..and thinking something is gross is not the same as hating the people who do it.

  49. James says

    Mark M,

    It is okay, legal, to be against an interracial kiss. If someone says interracial love makes them ill I can live with that. What I refuse to live with is legal discrimination against interracial couples (or gay couples for that matter). We have to make a distinction between people’s personal prejudices (which we all have) and how those biases are made public.


  50. James says

    Mark M,

    It is okay, legal, to be against an interracial kiss. If someone says interracial love makes them ill I can live with that. What I refuse to live with is legal discrimination against interracial couples (or gay couples for that matter). We have to make a distinction between people’s personal prejudices (which we all have) and how those biases are made public.


  51. Greg S. says

    This is O.T. but I haven’t seen it mentioned in news about “the Superbowl.”
    Here in Indianapolis, many of the local churches decided to throw “Superbowl” parties for their congregations with free refreshments and big-screen TV’s.
    A few days before the game, the NFL and the FCC handed down a ruling that these parties violated copyright laws.
    The chruches decided they were above the law and had the parties anyway.
    According to today’s many
    people are complaining about the churches breaking the law. The religious-reich people are screamming “victim” and saying nobody has the right to tell them what to do.
    I think it would be great for masses of people to contact the FCC and let them know that several of the churches
    in Indianapolis openly broke the law.
    Maybe this is trivial since we were in and won the Superbowl, but these
    “victims” were celebrating last week’s
    vote to ban gay marriage in the legislature.

  52. mark m says


    I do make the distinction between people’s prejudice and legal discrimination. As a consumer, however, I am entitled to voice my dissatisfaction with a corporation’s choice to give a few “disgusted” footballers a platform to express their disgust. As Zeke said more eloquently than I, it’s just stupid from a business standpoint. I’m not advocating boycott or banning the ads. I just think it shows questionable taste on the part of the company.

    I’d be curious to know if they offer domestic partner benefits.

  53. Zeke says

    Sandra, your last paragraph was especially BRILLIANT.

    I said the very same thing on another discussion board dedicated to this topic but I didn’t say it nearly as brilliantly as you did.


  54. Daniel M. Dupuis says

    Why should anyone be surprised that there has been an increase in slurs against GLBT people. Last year I sent emails to the HRC and GLAAD (national GLBT rights organizations)confronting them for not challenging the mockery and parodies of Brokeback Mountain. It’s given tacit permission to ridicule GLBT people and their fanmilies so why should anyone feel shame in trashing their fellow citizens???

  55. johnosahon says

    tranny duke | Feb 5, 2007 1:22:31 PM

    LOLOLOL, you are too funny, but really i don’t eat that crap. this reminds of the time when micheal richards incident happened. jimmy kimmel was interviewing some african americans, so they asked them, “what did you think of kramer” they abuse him, and say boycott his show. so they ask them again ” did you ever watch that show” and they all said “hell no”

    so, i guess we were never their targeted market, that’s why they can make trash like this and call it an ad.

  56. James says

    Mark M,

    “As a consumer, however, I am entitled to voice my dissatisfaction with a corporation’s choice to give a few “disgusted” footballers a platform to express their disgust.”

    Excellent point and the question about domestic benefits is spot on. An ever better question is to ask those same football players how they react to the character Omar in “The Wire.” According to an ESPN article the HBO drama is a hit in the NFL and Omar is the gayest thing around (he’s also a character who walks around with a shot-gun).


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  58. Take A Stand says

    Where is GLAAD? At least HRC has taken a stand on this media issue.

    I suppose since GLAAD is now run by a Gay Republican the priorities have changed for the organization. I’m sure that the type of gay-bashing behavior exhibited in this commercial is no worse than the treatment the Gay Republican’s are in the habit of receiving from their fellow Christian-right Republican’s- so what’s the big deal?

    Thank you HRC.

  59. anon says

    The FCC ruling is odd because the airwaves are thought be to held by the public, so the ads are what compensate the copyright holder for broadcast viewing (essentially a purchase). Normally, places of public accomodation or large gatherings are supposed to pay fees to copyright holders for proprietary broadcasts, such as DVD’s and CD’s (ad-less media). Hmmm… Of course the compensation they can seek is exactly zero in the church case. Silly really.

  60. Eric says

    huge overreaction. this has got to be a joke. the commercial has nothing to do with gays in the first place. if anyone should be offended it should be straight men for being portrayed as neanderthals. when did we lose our sense of humor and become such chronic whiners. offended by everything. if that ad is one of the most repulsive things or one of the most offensive things you have ever seen, you live in charmed world. grow up.

  61. chi says

    What makes me mad is that snickers knew this would offend gay people. They wanted scandal publicity so they walked the line and we have to deal with the fallout. Remember the car add with the fairy. I think this is a trend in marketing. Create controversy around gay issues but not to much. Just the right amount to get noticed and get people talking about your product. THATS the issue. Diluted exploitation is not right!

  62. says

    The only thing it stereotyped is straight men as them thinking violence is manly. These are two ugly men im a straight girl that commercial was gross im all for guys kissing Why do people overthink things next thing you know someone can look at an outfit from vogue be like that outfit is retarded and get accused of homophobia. Bitching about every time something can be perceived as homophobic. I was offended by how they focused both coaches were black . Im black i found it offensive not racist. Its like that dude calling obama a clean black man as opposed to. They are insinuating gay men are weak and effeminate and will do womanly things like cry over stuff this is what you are doing. Its like the muslims protesting people saying their violent by killing them or threatning to

  63. Marco says

    My reply? Fuck Snickers. I am sick of this homophobic trash. Let the Ad Agency who made this tired crap come pay a visit to the Crew Sports Bar in Chicago. It was packed with manly Gay football fans throughout the playoffs.

    It’s another example of making fun of gays to make a buck. Again, Fuck Snickers.

  64. David says

    I wasn’t offended, I just thought it lacked the sort of innovation you’d expect in a Super Bowl spot. I didn’t see the player reactions so I went to the site to look at them and the alternate endings. You can’t get to them now, it just gives you the main page over again.

  65. peter friend says

    The truth is most gay men are too self-centered to take the time or energy to care about the impact.

    All the ego-centric comments like “I found it funny” prove how little community we really have.

    Gays & lesbians are hurt by homophobic violence every day just for being themselves. Many people die every year.

    People need to know or be taught where the joke is and where the hate is.

    Two straight men accidentally kissing. Very funny.

    Pullingout your own chest hair, funny

    Drinking motor oil, which would probably kill you, send the message it’s better to be dead than gay. Not funny to a suicidal gay teen.

    Beating up a man who appears to be gay is another bad message. Not funny to victims of violence.

    Reinforcing neagative gay sterotypes of limpwristed queens with multiple sex partners. Not funny to the many monogamous couples whose relationships are belittled by anit-gay marriage laws.

    Purposely filming and distributing football players negative gay reactions. Not funny at all.

    I live in LA where most men are closeted during the day and only gay at night. They take for granted the right to be gay, but they’re not willing to do the heavy lifting necessary to ensure it remains acceptable. Like coming out.

    I can’t even imagine the bravery it takes to be an out gay man in Indianpolis. Today it’s a little harder thanks to a candy company. There’s nothing sweet about that.

    (that was funny)

  66. PDQ says

    I’ll bet I could have changed the look on the players’ faces if I’d been giving them a hummer while they watched that commercial. Instead of a grimace I think their lips would have been forming a loosely shaped “O” and their eyes would have been rolled back in their heads. “Commercial???? Fuck the commercial!!”

    Of course steroids tend to shrink a guy’s cock, so there probably wouldn’t have been anything to suck on.

    Never mind……….

  67. PDQ says

    Bears Tight End Desmond Clark: “Did they actually have to kiss like that? I hope they got paid a lot of money to do that.”

    It’s called acting fool! It’s exactly what your girlfriend does when she pretends to climax. So how much do you pay her for her acting skills? Hmmmm?

  68. Rockcandy says

    We are all tied together in a single garment of destiny . I can never be what I ought to be until you are allowed to be what you ought to be. Homophobic attitudes and policies are unjust and unworthy of a free society and must be opposed by all Americans who believe in democracy.

  69. MCnNYC says

    You are so off base I have to stop myself from saying something I may regret…but you must be a blog TROLL because what you are saying most of the time is just plain stupid and iddiotic….
    COME ON do you really think those were “…people’s instinctive, natural reactions, “??? THOSE ARE TAUGHT BY SOCIETY that’s like saying the killers of MAtthew Shepard Harvey Milk and Hetrosexual MAyor George Mosconne actions were natual and instinctive.

  70. Mark M says

    “when did we lose our sense of humor and become such chronic whiners. offended by everything.”

    I love it when whiners chastise others for whining.

    James, I keep tuning into “The Wire” to catch Omar but no luck. Is he a secondary character? All I know about him is he’s gay and he never swears.

  71. Kit says

    You all look into things far too much..They drink motor oil because its better to be dead than gay? The beating with a wrench is a “gay bashing”? Please, thats ridiculous. Ive always defended the gay community when my friends say we overreact to everything, but you guys are all retarded. If there were commercials with an openly gay guy in it, you’d all be pissed that they portrayed him as a stereotypical sissy. Its a fucking commercial, get over it.

  72. Brad says

    What I find most perplexing about the spot is that although they seem to couch this as some kind of an “accidental kiss” — there’s no accident at all. The guy sees a candy bar in the other guy’s mouth. Option a) ask for a piece. Option b) grab it with your hand. Option c) go for it with your mouth and end up in an open mouthed kiss. That the ad team settled on option c creates the impression that the man not only wants the candy bar, but he actually WANTS the kiss as well. The kiss was conscious, not accidental and thus, the commercial is both idiotic, non-sensical, and blatantly homophobic.

  73. Chris says

    Honestly, im more offended by the normal Snickers ads with the Snickers Satisfies tag that have people eating a Snickers instead of eating a normal meal. No wonder the obesity rate in America is sky high. Eat a fucking salad.

  74. MCnNYC says

    GOOD for HRC to at least have it on their radar so fast–and that’s because they have been raked over th coals from donors and supporters (myself included) who have chastised them when they come late to the party.

    NOW IF GLAAD CAN JUST GET OFF THEIR FAT ASSES and earn some of their funraisers respect….oh that’s right it’s GLAAD AWARD SEASON and they are too busy raking in some gold for themselves…

  75. James says

    Mark M.

    You are right about Omar. Never swears. Takes his grandmother to church (now if that is not gay I don’t know what is….grin). And owns the streets of Baltimore. He is one of the few characters who has made it through all four seasons of the show so it’s hard to call him minor. If I were you, I would rent season 1 on dvd (you can watch it on a week-end). It gives you a good Omar taste.


  76. says

    The TV spot by itself was actually quite funny. We need to be able to take a pun or joke in our direction once in awhile. Not every remark requires a ‘call to arms’.

    However, one only need to hop over to the website and see the various alternate endings and a disturbing picture emerges. While I wasn’t overly shocked by the ads, I was very offended by the posted reactions from the players. Kids DO base a lot of their behavior on role models. Sadly, that includes football players.

    After watching all of the clips I feel the company deliberately posted the clips to send a message. I can’t in good faith do business with such a company.

  77. mark m says

    “Kids DO base a lot of their behavior on role models. Sadly, that includes football players.”

    Some people questioned why we were holding Anthony Castro on such a pedestal. It’s precisely for this reason. Kids idolize professional athletes for better or worse.

    If we had a few more visible Anthony’s and fictional “Omar’s” it would challenge the macho status quo. Society is perpetuating the stereotype that there is nothing manly or masculine about being gay when nothing could be further than the truth.

    Maybe we should flood the Snicker’s web site with emails attaching the Anthony Castro story.

  78. Yo Joe says

    then there would be some real change in this world.
    Companies pay attention, especially if they know that for every 1 of you, there’s 5,000 people reading a blog, and for every 5,000 of those people, there’s…

    Get it?

  79. JT says

    To Kit:

    Prejudice, and the fear that results from it, is valid for the person experiencing it. Because you don’t think this is a big deal (and you are not alone) does not keep it from being a VERY BIG DEAL to people who are not only tired of being perceived as “less than” by the hegemony but also have experienced the hate and the fear it produces.

    I’d agree that this could be laughed off if we lived in a society where people are allowed, even encouraged, to be who they are without fear. I’d agree if gay people had the power and comfort level to ignore negative attitudes, even laugh them off and give them no more than a passing thought. But the messages sent by this ad and particularly the alternative ads are no laughing matter. Several posters (such as peter friend above) have explained the reasons why. Please take the time to experience a wee bit of empathy. The world will be a better place.

  80. Dan says

    I should probably given up, but since I’ve essentially been accused of being a blind, egotistical, myopic apologist, allow me to repeat:

    This ad makes straight men look stupid. Straight men. They are the ones who are made to look stupid. That’s what makes the ad funny.

    Because the STRAIGHT MEN ARE MADE TO LOOK STUPID. Them. Not us. Them.

    I’m done. Please continue the over-reaction. Don’t forget to accuse those who disagree with you of not taking the threat of homophobia seriously. Please, insult those who disagree with you more strongly.

    After all, as George W said: if you’re not with us you’re against us. We should probably be taking our lead from him, right?

  81. Zeke says

    Very well said JT.

    Dan, I certainly see and understand your interpretation of the ad. I can actually agree that it’s fairly possible that your scenario was the message intended by Snickers and the ad’s writers.

    I just fear that the average American won’t see it the way you did. That fear may be irrational but considering the cultural climate in America today I doubt it.

    If you read the reactions on other sites, MANY people are commenting about how they loved the ad specifically because it degraded and pissed off gay people. They seem to be arguing with other anti-gay people over whether they thought the commercial was great because it pissed off gays or awful because it showed two men kissing.

    Though many gay people here didn’t find the ad homophobic, it seems that many homophobes did, and they loved it for that very reason.

  82. Zeke says

    Snickers has pulled the ad from television and from their website, along with the offensive commentary.

    They say that they won’t be running any version of the ad in the future.

  83. Zeke says

    No matter how you felt about the ad, the system worked as it should.

    Mars took the chance of running a potentially offensive ad as they have a right to do. Viewers responded with positive and negative feedback. Enough negative feedback was generated to convince the company that the ad causing their product more harm than good. They pulled the ad.

    That is free enterprise at work and it just goes to show that if you disagree with something, speak up, no matter how many people tell you to just get over it.

  84. Chris says

    You all are just pissed that Greys Anatomy didnt fire Washington. Im offended by the fact that we are in war with a country that has done nothing to us. Im offended that there are hundreds of homeless people still in New Orleans and nothing is being done. Im offended that we dont have the right to marry the people that we love.

    Forget all that, lets boycott the fucking candy company.

  85. Da says

    See, this is what I don’t get about our community:

    We’re always so ready to get up in arms and rally when it comes to OTHER people’s homophobia..but never our own.

    Just look around this blog: whenever there is a topic posted about gay guys the number of *homophobic*, and downright comtemptuous comments that are posted about them. Why aren’t you all protesting then? Why isn’t the HRC issueing statements? Why don’t they go around most hunky gay blogs out there and note the percentage of gay (or remotedly queerlooking) celebs, models or regular guys that are posted and celebrated there?

    When are people going to realize that this is the most damaging form of homophobia there is: the one coming from our own community; our leaders, our media, our elders? It’s the homophobia that allows for our own to be progressively wiped out of our culture and replaced by the very model of people we complain are opressing us.

    So we might even be reacting this way because of the way our culture’s been lieing to us: by continually bombarding us with images of placid and alphatype of men, we’ve started to believe that this is what we’re supposed to all look like!! of course now you look at these players and think they should be one of us..but no they’re not. We have to accept that, and also start accepting and celebrating our own.

    I think we’re not getting it yet, which is why we’ll continue losing..and we may bark as much as we want at Snickers it’s still not going to fixing the issues we’re dealing with ourselves within the community.

  86. JT says

    Back at ya, Zeke!

    I agree that it could be interpreted as poking fun at stupid straight men. Just like the Carl’s Jr. ads that show guys as total idiots when it comes to food. But do the guys who eat fast food because they can’t cook see it as insulting, or as an affirmation that real men don’t cook and are justified in eating fast food because real men eat bugers, not quiche? Is Carl’s Jr. trying to offend it’s customer base? I don’t know. Since they continue to produce such ads, I’d guess not. Then again, when one gets to take rights for granted, one gets to laugh stuff off.

    But as you point out, reactions on other sites are not about being offended because the ad made fun of stupid straight men; rather, they are about being glad that gays are offened or offended that men were shown kissing (I’ve seen some of these, too, and can verify your report). Neither type makes me comfortable or complacent.

  87. Kit says

    I still dont think there is anything homophobic about thinking that 2 men kissing is gross. I think its gross when lesbians kiss or straight couples have sex. Anything involving vagina really.

    Its not like they said”I hope they all get killed and burn in hell, lose their rights and priveledges, while never being able to get married or adopt children.” Thats homophobia. “Eww” is not homophobia.

  88. Kit says

    Actually, come to think of it, I was probably making the same faces as those football players because

    a) the men in that video were disgusting

    b) who wants to taste peanuts and caramel when they’re kissing somebody?

    c)i didnt understand what they were doing under the hood of that car

  89. dan says

    THIS IS FUCKING RETARDED – THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS AD. I COULDN’T BE LESS OFFENDED. Save you energy for a concern that actually important important.

  90. Chris says

    Also, I think the most important question that everybody seems to be ignoring is..

    Why did all the Superbowl commercials suck this year?

    Arent these supposed to the best commercials that the company could put out? They spend millions of dollars for 30 seconds of ad space. Remember when Superbowl commercials were like mini movies that everybody was talking about (in a good way) sometimes more amazing than the game itself? What the hell happened to that?

  91. Da says

    I think its gross when lesbians kiss or straight couples have sex. Anything involving vagina really.
    Posted by: Kit |

    hmm, honestly me too. If I said openly what I thought of straight sex or at least representations of it in popular culture, most people would think I have issues..but it’s in close alignment to what feminist Andrea Dworkin noted about the agression aspects of it. In my opinion straight guys don’t understand women or sex either, but that’s a whole new topic..

  92. Frank says

    A copy of the message I submitted on the Snickers site:
    Your homophobic Super Bowl ad and the further web media are a promotion of hate, violence and homophobia. It is tragic that you stooped to such immature, archaic bigotry.
    I will never buy a M&M Mars product again, so as to avoid supporting such hatred.
    There is no excuse.
    Towleroad readers:
    Did you do something, or just preach to the choir?

  93. Da says

    Here’s another thing you can do to combat homophobia:

    Stop at every gay blog you visit (which are read by millions of gay kids everyday), and email them asking them why they’re not featuring more queer artists, actors, musician and models.

    That would help.

  94. Zeke says

    I’ll repeat,

    The ads have been pulled from television and from the website, along with the offensive commentary.

    According to John Aravosis at Americablog, Mars, Inc. has vowed to not show any version of the commercial in the future.

  95. Joseph says

    No, I sent them a message, too. I told them the ad campaign was insulting and that, in the future, if I got hungry for a snack, I’d buy a Hershey’s.

    The original ad wasn’t truly horrible, just stupid, a lame, misguided attempt (I hope) to mock moronic straight men (tho, precisely what that has to do with Snickers I don’t know–is Snickers the candy bar of choice for moronic homophobes?). The other three ads, however, stepped over the line and the commentary by the NFL players was entirely unnecessary and hurtful.

    For those who claim it’s nothing, I simply have to disagree–this is all part of a cultural spectrum, and when an impressionable youth (whether gay or straight) sees two men (however moronic they might be) result to acts of self-mutilation and violence just because their lips touched is something we should definitely be concerned with.

    I’d like to hope that Mars and the NFL will work to correct this disaster; perhaps putting up an ad celebrating gay athletes would be a nice corrective.

  96. Chris says

    Im sort of embarrassed for the gay community. My dad was asking me why the gays can get together over something as stupid as a commercial, but they can’t seem to get together to form one voice to support gay rights. I sadly didnt have any answer for him.

  97. Zeke says

    Chris, is it at all possible that many gays genuinely felt that this ad was homophobic and was a very visual example of institutionalized homophobia in America?

    If you can consider that possibility then is it not further possible that many gays consider fighting homophobia, particularly homophobia in the mass media, an essential aspect of the over all fight for gay rights and gay acceptance?

    That seems quite reasonable to me. Perhaps if you explain it to your dad in this way it will seem more reasonable to him as well.

  98. BRAD says

    Did you see The View this morning? Elisabeth announced the Snickers ad was her favorite of the night… and they even showed a full clip. Rosie just sat there. I guess if Rosie is our moral compass…

  99. Jack! says

    “Here’s another thing you can do to combat homophobia:

    Stop at every gay blog you visit (which are read by millions of gay kids everyday), and email them asking them why they’re not featuring more queer artists, actors, musician and models.

    That would help.”

  100. says

    I’ll tell you this…

    If I saw that spot when I was 12, I would have gotten the message that being gay or even doing anything remotely gay deserved some kind of punishment.

    the other three endings to the ad were horrifying.

    In one, they drink anti-freeze which suggests that gay people should all die, in one a creepy old man wants to join in suggesting that all gay men will have sex with anyone or anything, and in the fourth one, the two men gay bash each other (one picks up a wrench and swings it at the other’s head).

    The one that aired was kinda funny in context (who can’t laugh at how lame some straight guys are), but the reactions of the football players pretty much drove home the idea that gay people are disgusting and that you’d either have to be mentally ill or paid really well to kiss a guy.

    The sad thing is that they wanted to have us all talking about the product and it’s what we’re doing.

    Oh, and “chris”, maybe you can tell him that it’s hard to build a house when you can’t climb out of the foundation because of all the shit people are dropping on you.

  101. JT says

    Okay, last comment, and I’m of to bed.


    The first step is “Eeeww”. Make someone seem “less than,” inferior, understandibly repugnant. The rest becomes the slippery slope toward hate, prejudice, and justifiable violence.

    We aren’t talking about an aversion to spiders here, or a fear of snakes. We are talking about justifying a negative reaction to a fellow human being, and all that may follow. That it is on television at all lends credibility. If it is allowed to be shown, it must be okay.

    Unless those who believe otherwise speak out, we give tacit approval. Some may disagree, and accuse me of overreacting. That is your, and their, right. But I think this sucks on so many levels that I cannot ignore the possible if not probable consequences of the “truth” some people see as moral and that I see as the worst sort of immorality.

    I didn’t find the kiss “gross” because I thought the participants were somehow not “hot”. To each his own. I don’t find women, or women who kiss other women, “gross” . Try a vagina some day. It rocks! Or just have hot man-on-man sex with your favorite, current fantasy. However, none of these scenarios is more moral than the other, nor do any deserve a negative judgment. Joking about aversion in the way these ads have done gives succor to the suckers that would just as soon see gay people dead if conversion proves impossible (oh, by the way, it is. for most).

    The surest, most effective response that would curtail such homophobic, public displays is a swift, all-out, unaccepting protest of even the merest hint of hate. Anything less just reinforces the possibility that such is acceptable.

  102. Harrison says

    Dan, in the future, perhaps you can express your disappointment in the topic with words that are a little more wisely chosen and less offensive than “THIS IS FUCKING RETARDED.”

  103. rudy says

    Thanks Zeke and JT for keeping the posters here honest by explaining the slippery slope of homophobia. It begins with a supposedly funny mass market commercial that creates a permissive culture of homophobia, escalates into homophobic slurs in the workplace (a la Isaiah Washington) and too often culminates in physical attacks (like that reported in Iowa where two 19yr olds assaulted a 16 yr. old gay boy).

    Rather than posting here I asked several friends and relatives (and I have 85 first cousins on one side of my family) in several states to log on to the Mars website and express their displeasure at this offensive ad.

    As you noted, it worked. In fighting the small things (as some have derided us) we have been able to curtail this expression of homophobia at the earliest stages. Do not wait until the ugliest and most physically dangerous expression of homophobia if you can stop it at inception.

    I repeat my now standard mantra: I do not give a rat’s ass if you like me or my gay brethren but I will not let you disrespect us or denigrate our families.

  104. MCnNYC says

    And yo Joe and Frank….
    RIGHT ON with taking a moment to send a comment to MARS…
    I for one did that before I commented on here….and I’m hoping a few others did as well…

    The good thing about keeping this going in comments on here as well is that it lives longer than MARS and SNICKERS would hope it doesnt.

    And to those wqho stil just find it funny…the additional content and the voting on the more ofrensive ads on the web page was what was really over the line…which was one reason Rosie was not as outraged-so give her a break–she never claimed to be a moral compass- and she is a commedian–and the show was taped at 11 pm EASTERN so she had not had a chance to read the blogs…to know to visit the web page.

  105. Jonathon says

    I sent in my comment via their website AND took the time to call MasterBrands customer relations line.

    Thanks to everyone who voiced their outrage over these ads. I am glad to see that Snickers pulled them and won’t be airing them again.

    I plan on calling MasterBrands again today to thank them for pulling the ad.

    Their number, BTW is 800-551-9985.

  106. Mark says

    Idea for SNICKERS® tv commercial:

    It’s 1952.
    XCU: A lovely young bride, a white girl in pure white is at the altar eating a SNICKERS® bar underneath her veil as the veil is lifted away by the hands of her groom, a young Scatman Crothers. The groom and the bride chew the SNICKERS® from each end, culminating in a kiss. CUT TO: Crowd shots of WASP women gasping and fainting whilst their men look for rope. SFX: Crowd whispers of “miscegenation”, “watermelons”, “unholy union”, etc. as camera pulls back and fades to product shot. SUPER: BIGOT? GRAB A SNICKERS®

  107. Mike says

    You guys are all crazy! This advertisement does not promote violence against gays and his homophobic at all! To even imply that it would and make a fuss over it just gives gay people a bad name for being hypersensitive to EVERYTHING. While I am all for gay rights, it seems to me that there are plenty of gay people who want to have more rights and sympathies than the average heterosexual person. To sum it up, I guess there’s a reason “drama queen” is so often used in the gay community. Getting bent out of shape about this, does more to hurt your cause, not help it. All the commercial was implying is that 2 obviously straight men based on their reaction (not what they looked like, dressed like or their occupation) would go to great lengths or risk what would be disturbing to most straight men for a Snicker’s bar. I bet the same people who are offended by this, wouldn’t be offended if the guy had a Snicker’s hanging out of his pants and the other guy got on his knees to eat it due to the temptation of a snicker’s bar. I bet most of you would think it was “creative” and funny.

    Do you really think someone’s going to watch this commercial and decide to go beat up a gay person?? The definition of homophobic is: a fear of gay people. It’s not a fear of committing a gay gesture by two straight men, because they aren’t gay! Just because I don’t like to take it up the ass, does that make me homophobic???

  108. Zeke says

    I actually went to the website and voiced my displeasure before the frickin game was over.

    I didn’t realize that the controversy was going to grow to a full out protest.

    I tend to voice my opinion on things that I find offensive even if I think mine will be the only voice of dissent.

    Some may call that whining. I prefer to think of it as taking a stand for something I feel is important, even if no one else does and I stand alone.

  109. Pete Smith says

    If such a scene occured in a sitcom where there was a chance for a plot to deal with it in a mature way after, then it might be funny. (I will forever remember the scene from “All In The Family” when Archie Bunker kissed a transgendered woman, then realized what he did.)

    But to use it in a commercial in this way is clearly intended to feed, and feed off of, gay-hating.

  110. Zeke says

    No Mike, no one assumes that a person is homophobic just because they don’t “take it up the ass”.

    I think you’re homophobic because I know the language of a homophobe and you speak it fluently.

    By the way, thanks for coming here (I assume as a straight person), to tell gay people what homophobia is and isn’t. You don’t know a damned thing about what homophobia is. For the record, straight men and women CAN be, and OFTEN are on the recieving end of homophobia. In fact, I would suggest that homophobia negatively affects straight men as much, if not more, than gay men. If you truly understood what homophobia was you would know that.

    If you’re also white, perhaps you could go on over to an African-American related website and explain to them what racism IS and ISN’T.

    If nothing more it would spare us your ignorance laced rant.

  111. JT says

    Zeke, I voiced my displeasure on the Snickers website, too.

    Mike, I’m not sure that I’d favor a commercial showing one guy eating a candy bar out of another’s trousers. It would be inappropriate for the “family hour”. And I generally don’t favor sexualizing situations that don’t need to be.

    If you were not offended by the commercial, good for you. If you think showing guys risking a worst-case scenario in order to eat a Snickers is clever or funny, well, to each his own. I just don’t accept that it is a worst case scenario. I don’t care to validate as a given that people ought to be grossed out by other people’s behavior and particularly when it comes to being gay. As for the slippery slope, don’t take my word for it. Do some research, and not on Wikipedia. Visit a local university and do some scholarly research. Or not. It’s a free country. Just know that dismissing my perception along with that of many others won’t make it go away, or lessen the validity.

  112. rudy says

    Zeke, JT, RB, Leland, my brothers, My hundreds of cousins (literally–long, cold nights on the ranch in New Mexico without television until the mid-50s!) and friends were just as incensed at this advert as were we and thankful that I alerted them to the website where they could voice their displeasure. They would not have gone to the site to view the other and even more homophobic alternatives or reaction shots. If the worst thing we are called is whiney for standing up for our right to exist as gay men unthreatened by verbal and physical assualts, then I say wear it with pride. I cannot adequately express how proud I am of you for your untiring willingness to defend yourselves and your families against the Matts (shorthand for ignorant homophobic bigoted cowards)of the world. Namaste.

  113. Mike says

    Pete Smith, you need to not jump to conclusions or make assumptions on things you cannot prove and do not know for a fact. I said the definition of homophobia, not whatever your definition might be. The definition taken from Homophobic- unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality. You don’t know the language of a homophobe if you are judging me by my comments. Yes, some of them were edgy, but that doesn’t make me a homophobe. In fact, I have many gay friends, have even shared a hotel bed with one because there weren’t any more rollaways. You think a true homophobe would have gay friends, associate with gay people and share a bed with a gay man without freaking out if he was a homophobe?!?!?! One of my friends who happens to be gay told me that he couldn’t see how that super bowl commercial promoted hatred or violence towards gay people and I agree with him completely. I think people are too quick to jump on something when it suits their cause or feel like they are the underdog based on the percentages. They enjoy protesting, boycotting or creating drama because it validates them as doing something worthwhile for their own personal cause, regardless if they are reaching to even find any logic to their objections. Al Sharpton would be a good example of this. Sometimes more concerned about bringing attention to himself devoid of all the facts, only to find out shortly afterwards that his facts were not accurate and that he rushed to judgment and caused an uproar for what amounted to be in the end nothing.

    Just make sure you don’t live in a double-standard world!

  114. Zoon says

    I think you are looking at this completely backwards. As a heterosexual man, I was deeply offended by the stereotypes about heterosexual men that were reinforced by the commercial. The idea that straight guys are brainless macho-men, willing to do anything–even beat themselves up or drink poisonous fluids–just to assert their masculinity, is downright offensive. Straight men have been subjected to this type of stereotyping for years, and I think it is time we take a stand.

    Personally, I don’t think the networks should be able to air any commercials that portray straight men in this light, or in any other manner that could send offensive messages to the type of people who sit around all day watching commercials and trying to find reasons to get offended.

  115. Zeke says

    I think you intended to direct that comment to me rather than Pete Smith.

    Please tell me you didn’t go straight to the, “some of my best friends are gay” routine. That is SO unbelievably lame and transparent. I don’t think I’ve ever met a bigot who didn’t say that some of his/her best friends were (Black, Gay, Jewish, Muslim etc.)

    Really Mike, you are such a fountain of knowledge on all things gay, you should really stop wasting your time here at Towleroad and open your own gay counseling center. You could specialize in dealing with clients who are the alleged victims of alleged verbal and alleged physical alleged homophobic alleged assaults. They would feel much better after you explained to them that what they experienced wasn’t REALLY homophobia according to the definition that you, a straight man, looked up at They’ll feel much better about everything once they realize that what they thought was intended to demean and degrade them as a person was in fact just straight male humor. Then you can tell them that they’re “crazy” and need to toughen up and stop whining.

    Here’s an addendum to the definition of homophobia that may surprise you. Homophobia, in addition to being the irrational fear AND HATRED OF homosexuality and homosexuals is also very much: 1) the fear and hatred of those PERCIEVED to be homosexual; 2) the fear being thought of as, or labeled as, a homosexual, whether correctly or incorrectly (this is the form of homophobia that negatively affects straight people as much, if not more, than gay people); AND 3) the misconception that homosexuals are inferior to heterosexuals or less “manly” than heterosexuals and therefore deserving of ridicule.

    Like it or not, these three aspects of homophobia were clearly evident in the offending ad, as well as in the ads and commentaries posted on the website and THAT is what many of us take exception to.

    I don’t know who wrote the “official” definition of “homophobia” at but I am damned well familiar with what constitutes homophobia. Moreover, I damned well know it when I see it or hear it. I certainly don’t need you, or any other straight person to lecture me on what they, or their “gay friends”, think it is or how they think I should respond to it.

    I personally find it extraordinarily arrogant and ignorant of you, a straight man, who defines himself as such by the claim that he doesn’t “take it up the ass”, to come to this site to lecture gay people about homophobia and to call them “crazy” for taking offense to an ad that you personally didn’t find offensive.

    Suggestion: Stick with the things that you know, not the things you think you know, and leave gay men alone to do the same.

  116. Da says

    Posted by: Zoon |

    That’s an interesting viewpoint. A masculinist would probably say the same thing about the stereotyping of men in popular culture in general.

    “I cannot adequately express how proud I am of you for your untiring willingness to defend yourselves and your families against the Matts (shorthand for ignorant homophobic bigoted cowards)of the world. Namaste.”
    Posted by: rudy |

    While I didn’t share the same opinion, I applaud you guys for sticking to what you believe:) Lately I noticed that our community seems to have gotten more outspoken again, which is a welcome we’re actually debating ideas, which doesn’t happen when we try ourselves with too much fluffy stuff. I must say I really enjoy reading all the different perspectives on this topic.

  117. Zeke says

    Zoon, as an unashamed masculist, I agree with you 100% and I said as much on numerous other threads.

    However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the ads were intentionally homophobic.

    They were offensive on so many levels I can’t imagine how Mars, Inc. thought they were going to represent their product in a positive and productive way.

  118. Zeke says

    Rudy, to be fair, I don’t believe that everyone who has a different opinion on this issue is a troll. Some have genuine differences of opinion and I understand them, even if I don’t agree with them.

    My issue is only with those people who are obviously trolling here. Those who just drop in when they want to stir up a flame war by making outrageous and extraordinarily ignorant comments that they know will offend and generate arguments that will hijack the thread from reasonable debate.

  119. says

    Those individuals who say: “It’s just a commercial, Get OVER it!” Well, to you, it’s just a commercial; however, to victims of violence due to homophobia, it’s more than a commecial. It’s a rehash of why ignorant heterosexuals choose any means necessary to NOT be pegged as GAY. Until you’ve had your teeth knocked in by one of these types, perhaps it’s only a commercial; yet, when the Nazi’s came for the Jews, to you, were they only jogging by?

  120. JLSR says

    People who aren’t offended by these ads and the reactions to them are, either, straight and clueless, homophobic, or not paying attention.

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