1. Wayne says

    Oh jeez! The look on Oscar’s face is priceless! He’s IN LOVE with his opponent! Or at least with his body!

    I saw John Ameichi on Bill Maher the other night and he said the locker rooms of the NBA are the gayest place ever, with all of the “straight” guys checking each other out and adding product to their hair… he also said there’s huge irony because some of the players arrive wearing “Jesus loves you” wristbands and then proceed to discuss their sexual conquests from the night before.

  2. Krishnan says

    I wanna be the cheese in their Ash Wednesday sandwich.

    What babes… the black guy is obviously a dreamboat and hung like a horse.

    And Oscar is the hottest Mexican I have ever seen.

  3. GregB says

    First stare down pic[fully clothed]
    Floyd to Oscar:Presidential suite 10:30 be there and dont be late!

  4. So Left I'm Right says

    Krishnan, get a life. “The black guy” has a name — Floyd Mayweather. It’s right there in the headline. And I’m not sure why you assume he is “hung like a horse.” Can you see something through his jeans that the rest of us can’t? Oh I see, it’s because he’s black. Both of these guys have very delicious bodies, to be sure, but the racial objectification is truly icky and uncalled for.

  5. gwyneth cornrow says

    yes, so left i’m right, but cut krishnan some slack. he’s a paki and doesn’t know any better.