1. jeff says

    Ta-dah! There goes your credibility! Ta-dah!

    For some serious consideration, sadly, get thee to “American Idol”, Sisters!

  2. says

    Right, because we never see Jake take off his clothes. (Hint: Google Image)

    It’s Baby Daddy who owes his fans a peek at what lies beneath.

  3. Paul says

    Love it! Screw the naysayers from the first post, the SS didn’t desparately need Passions to promote themselves, it was just a really funny marketing idea. I only wish they could have got a better “live” recording of themselves for the show. I’ve seen them live, and this doesn’t do the band justice.

  4. Da says

    I loved it! It could only have been better if Jake had started taking off his clothes.
    Posted by: sam |

    Funny, that was exactely my thought yesterday..Jake was overdressed!

  5. Jayscott says

    I think it was great, but I want to know why Jake was checking out his shoe like he stepped in something when he re-appeared. And if anyone should be removing some clothes it’s Del Marquis. Ok, Babydaddy would be hot too.

  6. Mike in the Tundra says

    “I just want to mount Jake.”

    I don’t think that I’ve ever watched them without thinking that.

  7. joe says

    is that a little girl or a midget!…freakin me out! and why would they ever agree to do this shitty show…lame

  8. Becks07 says

    These guys are like something from the Sid & Marty Krofft nightmare archives.

    I think I’m over them now.


  9. peterparker says

    OMG, stop the falsetto before I go deaf! On second thought, I’d rather be deaf as long as The Scissor Sisters are playing.

  10. Marco says

    Peterparker. You, sir are no Spiderman.

    Just saying, I love them. And if Jake returns tonight to read mo’ comments – see you in chicago on the 9th of March. And for you naysaying marys, it is sold out.

  11. mark m says

    Oh ok Ed, is that because he’s just plain hotter in your eyes or is it just because this Jake is gay?

    If we’re just talking looks here, I’ll stick with the other Jake, thanks.