Australian High Court Justice Praises Anthony Callea

Kirby_calleaAustralian High Court Judge Michael Kirby, an outspoken advocate for gay marriage in that country, has praised former Australian Idol Anthony Callea for coming out of the closet last week.

Said Kirby: “I’m going to write to him and congratulate him because frankly I’d trade 10 judges for one pop star. I think it’s a wonderful thing that he’s expressed the truth and he’s getting on with his life. We’ve got to face up to the scientific fact that a small proportion of every society are gay, and that’s just part of the reality.”

Kirby, who has been with his partner Johan van Vloten for 38 years, spoke out late last year regarding civil unions in Australia, saying, “It is a source of puzzlement to Johan and me, as we go about our tranquil lives, that there are many fellow citizens, some of them well educated and very important, who seem to be threatened and upset by such relationships and who feel the need to discriminate against them by laws enacted or unenacted by our nation’s parliaments.”

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