1. Brian says

    Those models need to learn how to smile. They look like they’re standing in line at the DMV.

  2. Giovanni says

    Well, I suppose if I have to wear a strangers name above my crotch Borg’s moniker is as random/interesting as anyone’s. Still waiting for J.D Salinger to come out with his line of boxer briefs :)

  3. Gary says

    I have to agree with you Brian. This is not hip-hop clothing; they are wearing bloody knickers! If that is their ‘seductive look’ they really should focus on the sleep-deprivation modelling market.

  4. atheist says

    I loved Borg obsessively until about aged 14. I just wish he’d lose the trademark mane; he’d look so much better (hotter) with short hair. I hope he finally has some success with this undies range; god knows he been plugging it for long enough (no pun intended..)

  5. says

    Is it me or does it look like the guy in yellow is having an, um, “leakage” problem? Not that I was looking there or anything…

  6. dc-20008 says

    Bjorn looks good.

    What’s up with the sour-looking models? Do they think someone will take them seriously if they don’t smile?

  7. Sam N Doug = Kings says

    hey the pale ghost looking guy looks so butters. whats wrong with his pecks he looks like E.T. cmon that competition must have been poor for him to get to 3rd place!

  8. J.T. says

    I discovered Bjorn’s stores in Sweden last summer. They are everywhere. Just like typical American fashion…he even had a store at an outlet mall(just across from an IKEA) outside of Stockholm. Of course all the good styles and sizes were picked over. So appropriate for the tennis club. My fuzzy balls love em!