1. A Cairns says

    Dear America,

    Please keep the money-hungry wench.
    And please stop being so nice to her!


  2. the other jeff says

    Forgive me, but I swear your headline read that Heather was “hopping” for a gay partner! I thought, “Wow, that’s in bad taste.” Ooops.

  3. says

    …c’mon boys, it’s so predictable you’d bring “he sure *looks* it” and “coulda fooled me…” Keep perpetuating the stereotype, gentlemen!

  4. jimmyboyo says

    Uhm, who is Heather Mills?

    LOL brian, that thing does look like a toupe on his head.

  5. sean says

    uh, what does “looking gay” mean? is it a la garrison keillor when he stated the requisite dress was polka dots, etc? obviously, her brains are in her hollow leg.

  6. yeahisaidit says

    …so what if i think her partner looks gay…yes, that may be presumptuous…he may NOT be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was, (even if he says he’s married…he didn’t say to a woman, lol)…plus, it’s just an honest observation which shouldn’t be such a big deal…the idea that someone might be gay being so awful is what sucks, besides it’s Alex, but mostly Max, on the show that are HOT and give me the shivers…Go, Max and Laila!

  7. nics says

    Um, have you heard him speak?? He may be married, but I doubt it’s to a woman. He’s not even trying to hide the gay.

  8. ronnie says

    Her dancing was awful. That goofy grin of hers. She seemed to be constantly surprised that she was still standing / twirling / shimmying, etc.

    Less concerned with whether her dance partner is gay, and more concerned with why she cares so much. I mean, if she has a heterosexual partner, she will automatically be linked to him? The press and peeps are going to talk anyway.

    Oh. And we KNOW that being married doesn’t mean jack shit when two people are in lust, er, luv.

  9. dattexas says

    I don’t have any problem with her statement. And that wife beater she was married to isn’t any better.

    She’s fine by me.

  10. mark m says

    How shallow of her to request a gay man.

    The only thing that should matter is that he’s hot.

  11. Leland says

    “we don’t like golddiggers any more than anyone else does”

    And Reichen can’t dance….

  12. einstein says

    the 50 million will turn any gay straight, can’t wait for somebody to take it from this yokoho or yoho…i kill me.

  13. Will says


    When did it become okay for someone to ask if you’re gay after you just met them? Does she really think she’s so hot that they guy would want her, 50 mill or not?

  14. michele says

    OMG! Heather has blown me away. I confess that the only reason I am watching this show is for Heather, and I will continue to watch as long as she is on. While the other dancers were ok, they didn’t come close to the excitement of Heather and Jonathon. I hope they stay on the show for a long time. Heather deserves 100 million dollars or more to have put up with stodgy, creepy Paul McCartny. None of her detractors know how difficult he is to live with, and he trashed her, the mum of his child. What a sorry piece of crap. I hope he’s eating his heart out. Heather is awesome. I have endless respect for her courage, free spirit, and sense of humor. I’m blown away!

  15. A Mason says

    That horrible horrible HORRIBLE slutty attention seeking bitch from hell! Ugh she makes my skin crawl. She’s crawled from under a rock, scammed her way into a Beatle’s life, taken a man for half of everything he’s ever worked for all his life, slagged her way for all the fame she can garnish, fled her home country because she’s so hated, and now is milking innocent America for sympathy. I hope her good leg flies off with her arms and even better her head! GET RID OF HER YOU GUYS!
    Adam in London

  16. el polacko says

    yeah right…i’m not gay either. sheesh.
    i’m so sick of closet queens.
    heather, i have to admit, is dancing better than i expected but she has that fugly brit thing going on, poor thing, and a personality to match.

  17. says

    what does looking gay mean are you serious
    How amny times do you claim every pretty guy just needs to come out.
    You say no straight guy would wear that look like that etc and then you have the audacity to say wha does gay lok like

    She is a dirty whore she makes me hate women and im one no wonder somoepeople are bachelors. My 8 yr old brother already bitchin about prenups or not getting married women get pregnant and steal your money im not correcting him beter be ssafe than sorry. DId you put person through school help them make money then no part for you bitch

  18. Bea Gass says

    oh honey, that boi has gay face written all over his gay face.

    i’m hoping this bitch doesn’t move to the states.

  19. says

    Another useless controversy. Honestly, people “look” gay and it is no different for her to say it than all those guys hoping to get handjobs from the “straight” guys at the gym that have a little bit of that “look.”
    And, people need to get off her back. Just because she divorcing the precious ex-Beatle (read: someone who doesn’t really matter to contemporary society and will be a dead person of yesterday by the time their daughter grows up)doesn’t make her Satan incarnate. It is rediculous the amount of criticism she has recieved but old Paul’s kids who have responded to her negatively from the outset are angels. She isn’t Linda, get over it.

  20. JIM says


  21. Peter says

    He is gayer than a picnic basket. That toupee of roberts’ should have its own TV Show!!!

  22. devil says

    If he wasn’t gay before, certainly dancing with British trash like Heather Mills would drive him to it.

    That goofy grin of hers? It’s botched plastic surgery. As if any cosmetic procedure could help that poor excuse of a human.

    Go away, Heather. You’re bad news for everyone.

  23. KMac says

    [quote]”Are you gay?”
    “No, I’m just really good-lookin’.”


    Very funny heee heee

  24. caren says

    yeah right…i’m not gay either. sheesh.
    i’m so sick of closet queens.
    heather, i have to admit, is dancing better than i expected but she has that fugly brit thing going on, poor thing, and a personality to match.