In Case You Hadn’t Seen Enough Brad Pitt


Here are a few outtakes from Mr. Pitt’s recent Interview shoot.
A face I never tire of looking at.

Brad_pitt_2_1 Brad_pitt_3 Brad_pitt_4

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  1. Milo says

    I find him really good looking but what’s up with those facial expressions? They’re all the same, in a weird way.

  2. SGR says

    The pics are terrible thanks to the heavy handed air brushing. He’s not young anymore, and wiping out huge parts of his face makes for weird expressions. Ellen von Unwerth sucks in color. She should stuck to black and white.

  3. Dr. Pat says


    Well, here we are discussing Brad again. I remember reading a quote from Edith Head saying that Robert Redford had the perfect body.

    Take a look at a young Robert Redford and any picture of Brad and they are close to carbon copies of each other. The only difference is that Robert had a very hairy chest to get lost in.

    My question is what in hell is he doing with what’s her face as she is certinly has nothing to do with his career.

    Another one of Jon Voights wastes of space. I have often wondered. Since prostitution is still illegal somewhere what is with all the Hollywood tramps. ie: Paris Hilton, etc,etc.

    Just a thought.