News: Tony Dungy, Clinton Requiem, Nip/Tuck, SA Divorce

road.jpg As a sixth paper drops Ann Coulter’s column, the AP wonders if she’s reached a tipping point.

road.jpg Madonna to guest star on Nip/Tuck, possibly opposite Rosie O’Donnell.

Samarriageroad.jpg One of the first gay couples to register for a civil union in South Africa, Richard Thornton and Andries Jacobs, have filed for divorce: “Barely a month after a chance encounter in a West Rand shopping mall, they exchanged rings and vows of fidelity on January 5, one of the first same-sex couples to be married in South Africa under the then newly enacted Civil Unions Act. Ironically, they could become the first divorced under the legislation. Just two months later, the marriage has crumbled and 52- year-old Thornton has filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and desertion. Jacobs, 20, packed his bags in the dead of night just weeks into the marriage as arguments over coming home late and overpossessiveness escalated.”

road.jpg Hilary Duff hits the gay bar circuit.

Fakebecksroad.jpg Beckham impostors attempt to crash Hollywood power lunch spot The Ivy. This time they weren’t hawking fragrance.

road.jpg Priest in Saskatchewan cut from church for performing gay marriages. Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck considers his position an act of civil disobedience: “I felt unable to say no to those requests. That goes against everything else I’m about in my ministry and everything else that the church stands for…I have no desire to get myself off the hook. I’m trying to send a very strong message to the gay and lesbian community, and to other communities that have been alienated from the church, that we don’t all think the same and there are people willing to go to the wall.”

road.jpg House conservatives attempt to neuter global warming committee by appointing chief climate skeptic.

road.jpg Ford Motor Co. said that American Family Association had nothing to do with their decision to cut ties with GLAAD Media Awards.

Roxy_1road.jpg Roxy R.I.P. – a New York Times obituary.

road.jpg David Mixner’s requiem for the Clinton era: “Today, the Clintons run the political machine trying to save the status quo in the Democratic Party. Their fundraising operation is notorious for its ruthlessness and elitism. Their circle of advisors and friends are tough and aggressive with anyone who refuses to pledge allegiance. They are surrounded by money collectors like Terry McAuliffe who shakedown donors with warnings that they will be punished if they give to another candidate. Senator Clinton’s position on the Iraq War is by far the most calculated of any candidate. And on so many other issues, her positions are measured and break no new ground. Each appearance is predictable and perfectly arranged. Whether by necessity or choice, the spontaneity, exuberance and hope we saw in both of the Clintons in 1992 is gone.”

road.jpg Sick mugger attacks 101-year-old woman in Queens.

Tonydungy_1road.jpg Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy back under the microscope for anti-gay Indiana Family Institute fundraiser. Colts release statement: “Coach Dungy’s feelings on the importance of marriage and family are well known. He, of course, is free to speak to any group he wishes. The club does not take positions in political issues in which it is not directly involved. The Colts do not endorse any political or religious position taken by any group that any Colts employee decides to speak or lend his or her name to.”

road.jpg Utah Governor Jon Huntsman signs bill targeting gay-straight alliances. The legislation would allow school districts to ban them should they not “maintain the boundaries of socially appropriate behavior.” According to the AP, “The new law has more than a dozen pages of regulations, including requiring parental permission to join a club, a faculty sponsor for the club, prohibiting students at another school from joining the club and submitting written materials to the principal within 24 hours after a meeting so parents can review them.”


  1. says

    A “chance encounter” in a mall. Ummm. Okay. Why the heck are they getting married only after a month? But if straights can be silly when it comes to marriage then we can too.

  2. says

    so Nip/Tuck is one of Madonnald’s fave TV shows… and she doesn’t watch television.
    she never ceases to amaze.

  3. bronxbear says

    The mugging of the 101 year old took place in Queens….Please, The Bronx needs help overcoming the bad rep it has, this doesn’t help. Thanks…

  4. John says

    I guess it’s time for me to stop watching Nip/Tuck. Bad enough Rosie was in 2 shows last year, and is now becoming a regular, but now we have “I-can’t-act-Madonna” making an appearance. Both of these broads need to go away permanently. Why doesn’t Madonna guest on “The View”, then she can ruin her friend’s show, and not take down one of the best shows on tv!

  5. forreal says

    I wonder if that “chance encounter” had anything to do with a bathroom stall…….sheesh

  6. Zeke says

    Regardless of the circumstances that lead to their marriage and the subsequent circumstances that are leading to their divorce, I can’t believe how intrusive this newspaper was ravaging through the two South African men’s privacy like a bull in a china shop. I have never seen such detail reported about a couple that is not celebrity. Is the Sunday Times the National Enquirer of South Africa?

    The report seemed salacious, unnecessarily intrusive and almost frenzied in their very intentional goal of scandalizing the whole thing. Is this their normal practice? Do they regularly report the gory details surrounding the divorces of Joe and Jane Blow heterosexual?

    I suspect that the Sunday Times is not exactly marriage-equality friendly and they make that clear in their reporting.

    As for Ford: Yeah, right.

  7. FernLaPlante says

    The 20 year old is probably just mad that he wasn’t able to fleece the 52 year old like he planned. What morons get married 2 weeks after they meet at a mall? Idiots.

  8. Marcus says

    Mr. Blair, who had owned gay health clubs, explained the coding system that he and his business partners devised for the Roxy’s loyalty cards and mailing lists. “We rated everybody on a scale from 1 to 4 based on how they looked,” he said. They kept the rankings in a database, so that for certain events they could direct their invitations to a specific mix of loyal customers and trophy guests.

    “We gave out very few 1s — that’s the worst-looking, or for straight people,” he said. “Then, most people got 2s; if they’re pretty, they got a 3. Four is for people we have to let in free — either they’re really hot or they’re a friend of mine or somehow important in the club community.”

    He explained that 3s were actually more desirable guests than 4s. “A 3 is a cutie that pays,” he said.


  9. SGR says

    Calm down Marcus. Promoters–gay and straight–do what John Blair does all the time. The pecking order is usually celebs at the top (who get the place media coverage), then models (who attract rich men), and so on. An atttractive crowd attracts people who pay. You’re being outraged over nightlife. It’s not real life. And there’s nothing gay about such pecking orders when it comes to club lists, so your “gay men are their own worst enemies” is a bit much.

    Besides, the Roxy, for all his talk, had a very ordinary-looking crowd and a very egalitarian door policy.

  10. mark says

    The most prolific quote in all the articles posted is being in the era of “are you talking about me…are you talking about me…”

    So true. So sad.

  11. MT says

    Did anyone ever get turned away at Roxy? I honestly never saw it in all the times I have been going there. Of all the places in New York I felt like it easily the most laid back and accepting. The only criteria I ever saw for getting into Roxy was that you wanted to have a good time. I, for one, will definitely miss it.

  12. Jack! says

    The 52 yr. old needs to get in shape. If you want to pick up and keep hot fit guys like his 20 yr. old husband than you better keep in shape yourself.

    Hooray for Rev. Beck.

    That 101 yr. old is fiesty.

    I’m getting really sick of gay people having to comply with orders from straight overlords. They want to control gay people. Someone has to break the rules. Tell them to shove it.

  13. poodle says

    people easily shun what they don’t or can’t understand. fun is where you make it.

    the roxy was a fun place for many and meant even more to others.

    i can’t understand the shunning that people do. regardless of whether or not you ever went to the roxy, don’t knock it if you never tried it. and if you tried it and still didn’t like it then don’t ruin it for those that did.

  14. Leland says

    The Clintons are certainly far, far from perfect—who in politics is? But those unfamiliar with David Mixner [the one-time Sugarpop of gossip queen Ted Casablancas (Bruce Bibby)] should read his comments with not just a pinch but a whole box of salt. He’s a political whore, sometimes known as a “professional political consultant,” typically available to the highest bidder, so this is far from a simple, objective opinion piece from a former “Friend of Bill.” Like David This $1000 Bill Has Your Last Name On It & My Dick Is Calling Your First Name Geffen, Mixner has a personal ax to grind with the Clintons, though it MIGHT be considered a little more admirable than Geffen’s, if totally disingenuous. Mixner is still pissed about DADT and the egg Clinton left on Mixner’s giant head when the new Prez lost the high stakes poker game with Colon [sic] Powell and the homophobes in Congress [including Sam Nunn who wasn’t just another Georgia cracker who hated fags but one who hated Clinton for not making him Secty of Defense]. As the typical naive but well-meaning straight liberal, Clinton had no idea how deep homophobia went but Ms. Professional Gay Politico Mixner should have and instead of wasting time tanning his huge carcass in the glow of being known as #1 Gay FOB he should have warned Clinton, and organized gay groups for a counter media attack on the Pentagon, Congress about the difference between facts about gays in the military and bigotry.

    This is the same David Mixner who has a documented history of pathological lying. A lot of people still in the closet publicly make up stories to cover their real life, but Mixner created entire novellas years ago, his very own HarleQUEEN romances, including a nonexistent coed fiance who died in a car accident before his own eyes. No woman in his life. No fiance. No car crash. The most telling part is that he ALSO told his gay friends a similar lie, except that he changed the nonexistent deceased’s gender to male. Then there was the time all of liberal political LA, from then Mayor Tom Bradley down, were heartbroken after their stellar gay operative friend told them he was dying of cancer—except he wasn’t, any more than he’d had the heart condition he claimed while in the anti Vietnam war movement. He took refuge in Shirley MacLaine’s Mailbu beach house [now THAT’s what I call “rehab”!]while recovering from the alleged nervous breakdown that accompanied the revelation that he [again] wasn’t dying; and the Acid Queen allegedly put the alcohol and illegal drug abuse behind him. [Source: “Out for Good,” Clendinen & Nagourney, Simon & Shuster].

    But what sane or sober sincere Democrat would launch such an early scorched earth, poisonous gas attack on any potential candidate [let alone former friends]? Should Hillary end up with the nomination, it will be hard to provide an antidote [for the poison he’s spreading now] in order to convince gays to vote for his former target. Most of us are going to have to hold our noses in one way or another when we vote to keep the Repugs out of the White House. So what is Mixner’s crass paid professional agenda? Trying to get Reverend O’Bigot the nomination perhaps? Look closer, Davey, he’s worse on gay rights than Hillary. Mixner has been shaking a tambourine for the Rev on his blog, as well as moo-eyeing Edwards. Place you bets on which payroll he’ll end up [so to speak] on. David, dear, please set your morbidly obese ego aside for once, please. Haven’t you learned what a self-destructive burden that can be from chum Reichen?

    Note to former NJ Gov. McGreevey, whom Mixner has been hobnobbing with/praising in the past year: Watch your back.

  15. martin says

    Oh my God! The Roxy closed! Oh my God! Oh my God! The funniest part of the article was the OMGing guy saying how he came out to his friends there. Uh, who were these clueless friends?

  16. Da says

    1) Thanks for the updates on Ann Coulter’s slow and painful career demise. It’s reviting.

    2) David Mixner is just rehashing old myths about Hillary Clinton, so dare I say that it’s his article which isn’t breaking any new grounds? Just two quick points where Hillary demarks herself from her counterparts: she’s the only candidate so far who has publicly reached to the HRC and offered a partnership with the gays. And she’s the leading candidate with a proposal to offer universal health care coverage for all Americans..All other candidates have been extremely safe and calculated in their positions compared to her.

    3) I find the bill signed by Utah Governor Jon Huntsman against gay-straight alliances absolutely outrageous!! All the rules they instored would suggest that what the kids are doing in the club is illegal activities, and will end up in eradicating them…Parental permission to join the club?? (Way to prevent kids who are in the closet from joining, or even straight students from raising suspicion from their parents); Submitting written materials to the principal within 24 hours after a meeting so parents can review them?? (Way to scare kids into speaking their minds at their own private meetings). That is what I call a travesty, and it’s mind boggling officials are actually elected and paid to pass laws such as these.

  17. Nick says

    DA I got to agree with you, ridiculous statue is the going to do great harm young gay Americans who are afraid to come out publicly but still want to express them selves to trusted people. My that Utah ass have many gay children and grandchildren! This way he can see what kind of struggle they have to go through in this world!

    Also I find that ignoramus of a senator who still hasn’t realized that global warming is happening (although it isn’t as bad as all the hype says). The IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change), who have been studying global climate for years, have passed a research paper saying that they are 99% sure (nothing is 100% in science, not even gravity) that global warming is happening and we are partly to blame.

    Now granted the Earth is current going through a natural climate shift as predicted in the Milankovitck cycle. But unfortunately due to human meddling the change is going to be greater then what has happened in the past.

    But well were as if we as a people act quickly and start to change our energy gluttonous ways we could at least lessen the damage that we are causing. But no, some Republican ass feels the need to waste valuable time and resources on a friggin ‘climate skeptic’; who is going to argue each trivial point that is brought up thus bringing the much needed efforts of the global warming committee to a near halt.

    Ok so maybe I’m jumping the gun a little with the climate critic but it just grinds my gears when small minded asses have to stick their noses into important workings, where they begin to fuck things up. And now that I think about it, that can be said about a lot of happenings.

  18. Tom says

    Considering how many important news stories were reported today on this site, it’s sad that anyone would choose to save their energy to negatively comment on Madonna possibly guest starring on Nip/Tuck. It’s not as if she could do anything to bring down an already overrated show. Nevertheless, the fact that she might have watched a DVD of the show and thought it might be fun to work with her old friend Rosie, we’ll have to wait and see. The saddest part of trashing both Madonna and Rosie, two people who have done an amazing amount of work for gay awareness over the last 20 years, is that you do it while just glossing right over Ann Coulter’s hate speech, John Blair’s damning, truthful utterances about the state of “our” community, and the sad state of affairs in Utah’s school system. Sad.

  19. says

    I have photos from The Last Dance at the Roxy on my blog. It really was an incredible night and the NYT article’s a pretty good obit.