New Jersey Man Brutally Beaten for Wearing Pink Pants

A 21-year-old man from Bayonne, New Jersey was followed off the PATH train in Hoboken and attacked by two men who had been harassing him on the train for, among other things, wearing pink pants.

HobokenpathPolice are calling the attack an anti-gay hate crime, according to the Jersey Journal:

“When the train pulled into the Hoboken station, the two men followed the Bayonne man off the train and up the stairs, then attacked him near a newsstand on the concourse in Hoboken Terminal, police said. The man required 12 stitches to close facial wounds, police said, adding that he also had a black eye and was temporarily blinded in one eye. Using video shot from security cameras, police were able to identify Hoboken High School student Andy Rivera, 19, of Marshall Drive. He was brought to the police station for questioning and arrested Tuesday at 2 p.m. on charges of bias intimidation and aggravated assault.”

The other assailant is still at large, but a warrant has been issued for his arrest. No additional details have been released about the attack, but given law enforcement’s bias crime classification I’d be interested to know if there were slurs involved, etc.

Steven Goldstein, of Garden State Equality told the paper: “It is an outrage that this incident occurred based on the perception that someone is gay. We hope to see the criminals who tried to ruin this young man’s life receive many years behind bars.”


  1. shane says

    See?! This is the kind of bullshit we have to deal with in Hoboken. Everyone thinks it’s a nice little town full of yuppies. If you only knew. People are always getting mugged, shit’s always getting stolen, windows broken, drug deals all over the place – I could go on and on. And let’s not forget the huge housing project that runs the whole length of the back of town. Check out our crime reports (if you are allowed to) and see what lovely events occur on Jackson and Harrison streets.

  2. Ed says

    The one (and it is a small thing) is the reaction of the police to this situation. They quickly declared it a hate crime, have investigated it and made the first arrest. They also see to be seriously about prosecuting the first attacker they’ve already caught. This is unlike the Anthony Athos case where nothing at all seems to be happening to those who murdered him.

    It isn’t much but it is small solace that these jerks will have to answer to someone for this.

  3. JMM says

    It should also be noted that Hoboken is spitting distance from NYC. It sits right on the Hudson. Hoboken, as well as Jersey City, are far easier cities to commute in to Manhattan than are Brooklyn and Queens.
    The last stop in Manhattan is Christopher Street before arriving in Hoboken.

    The reason I write all this is to give some perspective as to how close Hoboken (as well as Jersey City) is to NYC and, to paraphrase the song, if it can happen there it can happen anywhere.

  4. FizziekruntNT says

    Very true, Ed, and that type of behavior needs to be noted, applauded, and somehow made very visible (the police department response).

    In the case of Andrew Anthos, his attacker has not been caught, but also, there were no security cameras to make clear what happened. His cause and case have been taken up by a state senator and hopefully some well-intentioned justice will come about by a much needed revision to Michigan hate crime legislation.

  5. hoya86 says

    Who the hell raises these criminals??? How screwed up is your own life to think you can beat on someone you think is gay because of how they’re dressed??

    Oh wait – maybe these guys belong to Michael Savage. That would explain a lot.

  6. says

    I feel bad for the kid. I wish he learned to defend himself.

    Okay … I was attacked last week by two kids on my bike and I started beating up (I box) one of the attackers while one tried to kick me in my head and take my bike and backpack, but they ran away w/ nothing.

    So … there are stories of us gay guys that don’t give in to attackers. Too bad no one prints those up.

  7. jay says

    Fizzie, this happened inside the terminal at 4:30am on a Friday, so that may help explain why noone immediately came to his assistance.

    Despite Shane’s hysterics, Hoboken is a pretty nice town, with crime rates much lower than you’ll find anywhere else in the NYC area.

    I’m no fan of the local law enforcement, but in this case they should be commended for arresting one of the two assailants so quickly and charged with a hate crime. Since a warrant is out for the other, hopefully that person will be see justice quickly.

  8. Gary says

    I used to work in Hoboken and would take that PATH train every day. I will attest that on the nights that I worked late I demanded car service after witnessing the frat boy attitude along River Street. It’s not the safest place at night, and ironically there is a gay bar less than one block away from where this happened (called “The Cage”). Hoboken has two sides to it: one side of town that is very violent and poor and the other side which is i-bankers that act like frat guys that can’t handle their liquor.

  9. Jonathan says

    Maybe we should have a Pink Pants Day throughout New Jersey in support of this victim. It would be easy enough for straights and gays to equally participate.

  10. Cory says

    This just sickens me. I’ve used that train many times and have numerous friends in Hoboken. President Bush can shove his family values up his ass, along with Cheney and his sell-out daughter Mary. If the death of Andrew Anthos and the numerous other recent violent acts aren’t wake up calls that there is rapidly growing hatred against homosexuals, then I don’t know needs to happen to wake people up.

    JONATHAN: Excellent idea. Excellent.

  11. Bill says

    Maybe we should start beating up all the straight guys who have started looking gay since they are now all wearing baseball caps and have earrings. They hate us, but they keep stealing our identity.

  12. Jack! says

    I’m glad the police recognized that this was a hate crime and swiftly arrested one of the attackers. I’m looking forward to the other one being captured.

  13. Cory says

    I often wonder if the best way in addressing these situations is to make the assailants work for gay rights or volunteer in an AIDS hospice or anything that may be antithetical to their ignorance.

  14. Giovanni says

    I wonder when he was getting dressed that morning if it occured to him that he might be taking any other risks besides a fashion one? This truly sux – I hope he recovers mind, body, and soul and that the assholes who attacked him get everything they deserve!

  15. Joe T. says

    Allen: Good for you, man. (Yes, boxing is awesome). Lots of us have had to bash guys who bashed first, but of course those stories don’t get reported because we’re not the ones who wind up hurt or killed.

  16. qjersey201 says

    Another Hobokenite here… I worked late nights for years in bars, the PATH train is most sketchy after midnight, but I still feel safer on it than the NYC subways late at night. I’m not blaming the victim, but he was most likely attacked because he exited into the train terminal…when most of the crowd exits to the street. Just a lesson and a reminder to us all to be aware of our surroundings.

    Fortunately I have seen other passengers at times stare down homophobic taunters (which are rare) on the PATH, further, late at night there are lots of trans women from Jersey City who take the PATH and I”ve never heard about anybody fucking with them!

    What we shoud press for is:

    The mayor of Hoboken demanding anti-gay harrassment programming at Hoboken High School (the perp at 19…is still in high school) as well as issuing a statement condemning this event.

    And Pink Pants Day… GREAT idea!

  17. Patrick W. says

    Just one question: Does NJ allow concealed firearms?

    Frankly, assholes like this deserve a bullet in the stomach. As I’ve said in previous posts about anti-gay attacks, I’d love to read more headlines about victims of violence turning the tables and leaving the corpses of homophobic loosers laying in the streets.

    Other than that though, I’m all for peace, happiness and the prevention of such violence. 😉

  18. Dr. Pat says

    Hello again.

    Why didn’t he just wear a sign. What is with the pink pants. Now I would suggest if the kid was 300 lbs and solid muscle I could see that. Where is the part about what happened on the ride. If the kid had a compact out doing his makeup or fluffing his hair. That is why I always tell people to take the earphones out of your ears and pay attention to what’s going on around you.
    Be aware, as I said before we are living in a different time, we won’t even discuss, respect,(that ain’t happening) for ourselves or for any one or any thing around us. Don’t you hate when they put up a news item and no detail. I would also suggest that running your mouth get’s you into more trouble that it is worth.

    Question: Did the pink pants have another attraction, such as a hardon????

    Diso Boots, earrings, etc. etc. you know what I am talking about.

    Did it scream for sale???

    Just a thought.

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