News Flash: David Beckham Gets Haircut


David Beckham to reporters at the Sport Industry Awards yesterday on what’s being dubbed his new “country gent” haircut: “I’ve had the same haircut for two years, so I was getting bored. It’s just something that I do.”

Must suck to be a footballer’s wife when your husband’s hairdo gets all the attention.

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  1. Gary says

    I come from the countryside, and with all of that highlighting I wouldn’t call that ‘country gent’-my friends in Oxfordshire would call it ‘country bent’.

  2. atheist says

    Ah. On the news item earlier today covering this award ceremony, he looked very different, much sexier; his hair was primped up and sculpted with product. This looks like the pre-product, wind-swept version.

  3. Don says

    Have we *ever* gotten to the bottom of the mystery of why Posh never smiles? Is it because she’s hungry? She really bugs me. I wish she’d lighten up, and I don’t mean her hair.

  4. Brian says

    That haircut looks like shit. He needs a gay friend (besides his wife).

    Posh never smiles because she’s been so over-Botoxed that she can no longer move her face. She can’t even chew. They feed her through a tube.

    Those two are the perfect example of why sometimes less is more.

  5. Frozen North says

    Ah, such negativism. Change is good. And he looks good in just about anything.

    Besides, in about a month, you’ll probably start seeing just about everyone below a certain age sporting this haircut. Better to make peace with it now…

  6. Bill says

    With all the money he’s worth, it seems like he could have obtained a better do. While it’s respectable to always try to look good, if not your best, the plasticization of human beauty is tiring. That there’s an industry out there which attempts to define what is and is not beautiful is a crime. The shallowness of it all is pathetic.

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