News: Hitler, Tom Cruise, Naomi Campbell, Apple TV

road.jpg GLAAD taken to task by Here! Networks for policy of excluding gay media from its award ceremonies. Letter: “We believe that all gay media companies should be allowed to submit work for consideration. That collective group of LGBT voices in print and online journalism, radio, television, Telco, podcasts, and videocasts are quite literally changing the world. The New Gay Media has grown, matured and in many cases is taking the lead on groundbreaking points of view, yet GLAAD remains entrenched in old “mainstream” thinking.”

Shorpyroad.jpg New photoblog Shorpy features images from 100 years ago.

road.jpg UK House of Lords set to debate rules requiring religious agencies to accept same-sex couples as adoptive parents.

road.jpg Simon Cowell’s package reportedly not a British landmark. A Socialite’s Life: “On Monday night’s airing of The Late Show With David Letterman, American Idol judge Paula Abdul revealed an unfortunate nickname for her colleague, Simon Cowell. When Letterman asked Abdul, ‘You honestly hate Simon, don’t you? He’s smug and he’s arrogant. And he thinks you want to have sexual activities with him,’ Abdul responded, ‘You are right about that. But that will never happen – because his nickname is ‘Small Ben.” We look forward to hearing what Cowell’s nickname is for the former pop princess.”

road.jpg Pete Doherty drops trou for French magazine.

road.jpg Major Indiana employer comes out against gay marriage ban: “The Columbus engine-maker [Cummins, Inc] said the measure would make it harder to recruit good workers and give the domestic partner benefits it now offers its employees.”

road.jpg “World’s first supermodel” banned from fashion show for bad behavior.

Naomiroad.jpg Naomi Campbell turns community service into a fashion statement: “Yesterday at 8 a.m., the catwalker – performing her court-ordered community service – strode into the Pier 36 Sanitation Department in a Chanel cap and $1,000 Christian Louboutin boots, her work shoes slung over the shoulder of her $1,500-plus Azzedine Alaia coat. The penitent prancer could have bought two years’ worth of gear for the price of her outfit. Sanitation employees are given a $900 yearly uniform allowance, which they use for things like shoes, vests, shirts and gloves. But instead,Campbell dressed for a fashion show, not a day mopping floors and scrubbing toilets.”

road.jpg Apple TV, which will allows users with iTunes to watch movies, listen to music, and view photos on their televisions by sending them wirelessly from their computers, is shipping and the first reviews are in!

road.jpg Director Bryan Singer and Tom Cruise attempt to assassinate Hitler in new film.

road.jpg Human rights activists urge go-ahead for Moscow Gay Pride parade.

road.jpg Andy Roddick: I touch myself.