News: Hitler, Tom Cruise, Naomi Campbell, Apple TV

road.jpg GLAAD taken to task by Here! Networks for policy of excluding gay media from its award ceremonies. Letter: “We believe that all gay media companies should be allowed to submit work for consideration. That collective group of LGBT voices in print and online journalism, radio, television, Telco, podcasts, and videocasts are quite literally changing the world. The New Gay Media has grown, matured and in many cases is taking the lead on groundbreaking points of view, yet GLAAD remains entrenched in old “mainstream” thinking.”

Shorpyroad.jpg New photoblog Shorpy features images from 100 years ago.

road.jpg UK House of Lords set to debate rules requiring religious agencies to accept same-sex couples as adoptive parents.

road.jpg Simon Cowell’s package reportedly not a British landmark. A Socialite’s Life: “On Monday night’s airing of The Late Show With David Letterman, American Idol judge Paula Abdul revealed an unfortunate nickname for her colleague, Simon Cowell. When Letterman asked Abdul, ‘You honestly hate Simon, don’t you? He’s smug and he’s arrogant. And he thinks you want to have sexual activities with him,’ Abdul responded, ‘You are right about that. But that will never happen – because his nickname is ‘Small Ben.” We look forward to hearing what Cowell’s nickname is for the former pop princess.”

road.jpg Pete Doherty drops trou for French magazine.

road.jpg Major Indiana employer comes out against gay marriage ban: “The Columbus engine-maker [Cummins, Inc] said the measure would make it harder to recruit good workers and give the domestic partner benefits it now offers its employees.”

road.jpg “World’s first supermodel” banned from fashion show for bad behavior.

Naomiroad.jpg Naomi Campbell turns community service into a fashion statement: “Yesterday at 8 a.m., the catwalker – performing her court-ordered community service – strode into the Pier 36 Sanitation Department in a Chanel cap and $1,000 Christian Louboutin boots, her work shoes slung over the shoulder of her $1,500-plus Azzedine Alaia coat. The penitent prancer could have bought two years’ worth of gear for the price of her outfit. Sanitation employees are given a $900 yearly uniform allowance, which they use for things like shoes, vests, shirts and gloves. But instead,Campbell dressed for a fashion show, not a day mopping floors and scrubbing toilets.”

road.jpg Apple TV, which will allows users with iTunes to watch movies, listen to music, and view photos on their televisions by sending them wirelessly from their computers, is shipping and the first reviews are in!

road.jpg Director Bryan Singer and Tom Cruise attempt to assassinate Hitler in new film.

road.jpg Human rights activists urge go-ahead for Moscow Gay Pride parade.

road.jpg Andy Roddick: I touch myself.


  1. scientitian says

    Wow, $300 – Apple charges a rather steep price for this stuff. I’ll stick with my extra long DVI cable for now. It doesn’t care if I don’t want to use itunes :)

  2. Leland says

    Cummins Engine is an anomaly in redneck Red State Indiana. Based in tiny Columbus [pop: c. 40,000], the modern architecture it has encouraged and sometimes paid for has made the town internationally famous. But its efforts to be socially progressive have met with resistance. When it announced employee domestic partner benefits in 2000, local Troglodytes called for reinforcements and hundreds were bussed in from Indianapolis for a protest at the factory, and later many protested at stock holder meetings—both, fortunately, without success.

  3. rudy says

    Jason, A donation “on her behalf” (by someone else?) or by her? Ms. Campbell could certainly afford to donate on her own. I fail to see why you expect others to donate in her stead. She should own up to what she did and volunteer to pay a mulct (voluntary financial penalty) in addition to her community service. Whether she is hot to the core or merely on the surface is irrelevant.

  4. Jack! says

    All gay media should be recognized at the GLAAD awards. However I think the main focus should be on mainstream media. That’s where you can affect change. People that buy subscriptions from Here! and Logo are already gay supporters. On ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox not so much.

    Religious organizations should recognize the humanity of gay people by allowing them to adopt or marry.

    Thank you Cummins Inc.!

    I hope gay Russian and their supporters have their parade this year. And that it go off without a hitch. They are very brave going through everything they have to go through on a daily basis.

  5. John C says

    Re the Lords vote, from the BBC:

    “Peers have backed the government over gay equality laws at the centre of a row with the Catholic Church.”

    “They voted against an amendment to throw out the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations, brought by Tory peer Baroness O’Cathain.”

    She argued that they were “seriously flawed” and would lead to litigation, but was defeated by 168 votes to 122.”

  6. says

    Guys and gals, if have a second take the time to send a letter to GLAAD’s in support of might be one of the most important letter you’ll ever send!

    As it’s been said before, the enemy of the gay community isn’t always the other, but ourselves let’s make no mistake about it..everyone who refuses to give room for our own, yet refuse to acknowledge our part in the problem are at fault.

    imo GLAAD’s exclusion of gay media is one of the keystones of that type of internal homophobia. And unfortunately we’re still not willing to address or combat it as diligently as we condemn the one coming from the others.

    But homohobia is homophobia. – That’s why the entire gay community should rally with Here! and start a boycott GLAAD Awards. Let them know if they want to do a show for the straight elite, they should rename it as the Emmys. Misrepresenting it with a “gay” label, or pretending to speak for us, is wrong.

    So send them your letters in the 1000’s, and talk about this injustice to your blogs and friends.

    What I also hope is that several other gay media and mainstream celebs (incl. the straight ones) will join in protest of GLAAD’s exclusion of gays. This isn’t right, so do not participate or condone what is wrong!

  7. says

    Here’s the letter I sent to GLAAD:

    To the direction:

    This letter is in support of Here! network and their decision to withdraw support from your Awards shows.

    I have been a vehement critic of your policy of exclusion of gay media and artists from your broadcast for a long time; and in recent months have been comforted to find that there is growing group of members of the community who have expressed similar views online and off. Today, I’m very thankful to Here! for being brave enough to challenge you publicly on this grave injustice; thus becoming a voice for the many of us who feel powerless and inconsequential before the big machine of exclusion you have come to represent in the eyes of many.

    Below is how I truly feel about your homophobic policies; and these are also the reasons why I’ve invited my group of friends to send their dissaproval of you, in a boycot of the awards you hold for the straight mainstream elite:

    1) Your homophobic policy is not about fulfilling a “mainstream media”’s about money!

    I strongly believe so. The reason you do not include gay media is because you seek the “stars” who can sell your product. Period. It’s not about change, “LGBT acceptance”, or even the’s about putting together a show which by rewarding Hollywood’s crop, like the Emmys or the Golden Globes, will put you on their elite map. Gay media does not fit in that equation.

    2) Your homophobic policy robs LGBT-made programs of their only chance of being recognized on national TV:

    Noah’s Arc, Dante’s Cove, Paradise Falls..all these shows produced on Logo or Here will never get recognition on Emmys, yet they’re also persona non grata at the media awards…The same applies to gay musicians like Ari Gold, Jonny McGovern, Levi Kreis, rappers Deadlee and Goddess & She – who have toured the world, put together documentaries, been featured in TV series, topped the charts at Logo, and together been viewed by an excess of 5 million of people on youtube.

    3) Your homophobic policy is counterproductive and counterintuitive:

    We’ve all heard the reasoning about you being a watchdog to ‘mainstream’ media, which means awarding Dr Phil, Teen Vogue, or a straight actor for playing a gay role is so they’ll do more..but guess what: this does nothing to challenge the status quo!! If a hetero actor knows they’re guaranteed trophee & adulation for playing a gay part, then that’s ALL they’ll ever do. Nothing more, nothing less. – The more intuitive thing would be rewarding those who already chose the “more” approach, and sooner than you think the straight elite will raise the bar, as they desperately need the attention from our community knowing we’re key buyers.

    4) Your homophobic policy makes our community look small:

    Self explanatory..Tune in to GLAAD awards and you’ll be wondering if it’s Emmys part’s like, “wait a minute! THAT’s the gay community? Those are all their artists? cause I already have this on my tv everyday..maybe what they say about them being 1.2% of the population is true!”.

    5) Your homophobic policy sends a signal to the LGBT youth they are not good enough for trophees!

    Let alone empowering and encouraging the players who talk about gay issues daily in a way that makes a difference…what you do is treat our gay media and artists as second-class citizens. Cause really: how do you think a LGBT feels at home watching our (supposed) gay leaders hand out award to hetero celebs for playing gay, while the gays are not invited to the party?

  8. Toto says

    I dont really find GLAADs move to exlude gay cable networks as homophobic. I just think its struggle of motives. Award those programs that are in way obligated to portray homosexuals in any fashion let alone negative OR award cable network programing that by its very nature is gay, gay oriented and not likely to be seen by a large heterosexual audience hence having zero chance of perhaps enlightening them.

    Im not familiar with GLAADs award nomination system but if its as easy as adding a “best GLBT cable program” category I think they should do so by all means.

  9. Justin says

    Naomi is beyond fabulous….mental perhaps, and for sure in need of anger management classes, but the bitch sure can work a runway, and is the definition of a supermodel. What would people expect her to wear, Old Navy? Hopefully she’s learning her lesson (this time), and I hope those classes do her some good, but unless she gets medicated soon, this will continue. Someone needs to tell her there are some really good drugs out there….fun ones even that the Dr. can give ya!

  10. says

    Those pictures of Andy seemed a little fuzzy to me. Andy, we should have some close ups! (lol).

    GLAAD isn’t wrong to want to recognize glbt material on network/basic cable, but it shouldn’t stiff glbt cable stations either. It seems to me that there could be some nice little middle-ground… have a catagory for Best _____ on Network Television and a catagory for Best _____ Overall. There, was that so hard?

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