Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Former Australian Idol Anthony Callea: “Yes, I am gay.”
road.jpg Retired Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe: Still not gay.
road.jpg Pop star Mika says he’s received death threats for not talking about sexuality.
road.jpg Ricky Martin: Life is too short to be lived in the closet.
road.jpg Michael Phelps breaks Ian Thorpe’s world record at swim championship in Melbourne.
road.jpg John McCain’s immaculate MySpace hack: I support gay marriage.
road.jpg Elton John becomes a sexagenarian and throws a lavish NYC party.
road.jpg Largo says City Manager Steve Stanton, who’s getting a sex change, remains fired.
road.jpg Summer coming: Fire Island Pines pavilion resurrected.
road.jpg Army recruiter under fire for racist, homophobic email to potential recruit.
road.jpg Guide to the Tube: Couric-Edwards interview, Planet Earth, Karl Rove raps, goldfish.
road.jpg Heather Mills was hoping for a gay dance partner; does backflip anyway.
road.jpg Thousands pack Indiana statehouse to write discrimination into the constitution.
road.jpg Staten Island elects its first openly gay lawmaker; fourth in New York.
road.jpg Arkansas fails to ban gays and lesbians from adopting or being foster parents.
road.jpg Gay frame-up: Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes pictures of assholes.
road.jpg Mysterious hexagon shape the size of multiple earths spotted on Saturn.
road.jpg Police say Detroit gay senior Andrew Anthos was not attacked. He just fell?
road.jpg Barack Obama on the record: homosexual morality and gay marriage.
road.jpg Two Florida men indicted for brutal murder and robbery of Ryan Skipper.
road.jpg PLUS: Sylvester Stallone, Mark Foley’s back, Lagerfeld bodyguard, Italian footballers.

Posted March 31, 2007 at 11:22am ETC by Andy Towle
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