News: Brandon Flowers, Rudy Giuliani, Genetic Cleansing, Brazil

road.jpg Rudy Giuliani’s gay talking points.

Brandon_rufusroad.jpg Rufus Wainwright claims Brandon Flowers is salty, and perhaps a bit stale: “I don’t know [Brandon] that well, but I wrote this song about him which is kind of hilarious – it says he tastes like potato chips in the morning.”

road.jpg Gays with money stopping the Rick Santorums of tomorrow: “a group of rich gay philanthropists…quietly joined forces last year, under the leadership of a reclusive Colorado technology mogul, to counter the tide of antigay politics in America that has generated, among other things, a succession of state ballot initiatives banning gay marriage. Carroll had sponsored such a bill in Iowa and guided it to passage in the state House of Representatives, the first step toward getting it on the ballot.”

road.jpg Trent of Pink is the New Blog” survives plane fire drama over the Mojave Desert!

Kinkaderoad.jpg The real War on Christmas: Thomas Kinkade painting to become holiday movie.

road.jpg Illinois parents protest school panel featuring gay students talking with freshman students about their experiences: “‘We have a great deal of pride in the program and don’t feel we are overstepping any boundaries that [most] parents would feel are inappropriate,’ [assistant superintendent Suan] Hebson said. But Ellen Waltz, a Deerfield mother of eight, said the climate has changed so much that students who believe that homosexuality is immoral and violates their religious beliefs are now the ones being bullied.”

road.jpg Southern Baptist wingnut calls for genetic cleansing of original sin.

road.jpg Thousands protest Bush arrival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And Brazilian reactions to the U.S. president, then and now: Clinton vs. Bush.

Jackson_1road.jpg Fans freak to meet Jackson.

road.jpg Obama and Clinton battle for Chicago: “Mike Bauer, for example, decided to use his years of fundraising experience and contacts in Chicago’s gay community to raise money for Obama. He helped with Obama’s first fundraiser after the campaign’s official launch last month — a huge Chicago event that Bauer says was intended to make a statement. ‘Clearly there was a desire, an intent, by the Obama campaign to hit the ground first in Barack’s hometown,’ he said. ‘It was important, both for financial reasons and psychological reasons, to show that he has tremendous support from the people who know him the best.’ Bauer said he knows several of the presidential candidates and decided to help Obama after a personal request from the senator. Obama contacted him around Thanksgiving to discuss a possible run for president and seek Bauer’s support if he did run.”


  1. jtg says

    I know that many or Towleroad readers, like me grew, up as members of the Southern Baptist Church before we learned better. You may not be aware; however, that the church still has you listed on their rolls unless you have sent written notice to both your church and the Southern Baptist Convention requesting your removal. When the Convention claims to speak for millions of members, that number no doubt includes thousands of GLBT individuals who ended up on the church rolls simply by virtue of being born into a family who were members of the church – perhaps we should look for a genetic cure for THIS condition.

    I took care of this back in the mid-90s, when the Baptists started boycotting Disney and saying women should be kept barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. If you were ever a member of a Southern Baptist Church (or any congregation that spews such hate-filled rhetoric) I urge you to do the same.

  2. Da says

    1)Gays with money : What an encouraging read. I’ve been thinking more and more that it’s not enough to decry that some mega corporations we support are donating money to sponsor antigay programs. The rich members from our community have to do the same and support progay initiatives – and it’s good to know that many have gotten it and taking good care of us, cause we desperately need the support at all levels.

    2) Rufus Wainwright is such a darling. Thanks for posting him Andy!!

    3) Glad to know Trent has made it to land safe. I enjoy his daily Britney dishes.

  3. Mike says

    I was taught by the good sisters of Notre Dame back in Catholic School that we were ALL born with Original Sin. Sounds to me like he (the SB Wingnut), is calling for global genetic control…how unsuportive of the grand works of the goddess!!

  4. says

    By suggesting that scientists should genetically “correct” homosexuality in the womb, does Rev. Mohler not by default acknowledge that homosexuality is not a learned trait, but rather something one is born with?

  5. Jack! says

    That article of Guiliani makes me even more suspicious of him.

    It’s great to hear gay people coming together to help out.

    Trent had an exciting ride. Good that he’s ok.

    Parents protested in Philadelphia because of a similar thing. It’s a long-term battle. Eventually equality will happen.

    I am sickened by Mohler’s remarks. But these are the remarks of a growing number of people. They now know that being gay is genetic and they want to stop it. It’s very concerning.

  6. Sean says

    Well I don’t know if I would call Tim Gill reclusive. The Gill Foundation has been giving money for years to various gay rights groups and he is definitely very high profile in the gay movement. But I guess The Atlantic thinks it’s stealthy since they don’t know him…

  7. anon says

    The claim made by any christian that original sin must be cured through genetic engineering is clear heresy as christian doctrine states that original sin is washed away by baptism, something, one would hope, the leader of a Baptist movement would know something about.

  8. Leland says

    Rudy’s credentials ain’t so lavender and gold are they now, Girls? In any case, he’s certainly no better than any Dem candidate on the subject and THEY have the advantage of not being a member of the 21st Century Reich, excuse me, Republican Party. And anyone who’s ever been around that slimy hairy turd known as Ethan Geto would never support someone IT does.

    As Chicago’s Mike Bauer and the fact that his ego got in the way of his brain after Barrack O’Bigot cruised him, politically speaking—maybe the Reverend O will put Bauer at the front of the line at the next revival to heal him from his homosexuality. Rev. O may not pray for that, but many of his supporters that he likes to shake a philosophical tambourine with [“we have the same VALUES”] do and the friend of my enemy is my enemy.

  9. patrick nyc says


    This is one of the several reasons I hold you in such high regard, I grew up on NYC politics but had no clue who Geto was, so I did a Google search.

    Both my parents families were involved in NYC politics. I’m sure my Uncle knew him, as I’m now sure you now know who my Uncle was. James Barker, who ran the NYC St Patricks Day Parade.

    There were so many rumours about his running the Parade and his work on the books. Let me say, if he did the books the way he did my grandparents, he’d be in jail. Too bad he’s dead.

  10. Tread says

    The most disturbing part about controversy at Deerfield High School is the fact that the woman who is protesting the panel has EIGHT children. Good lord, wouldn’t you tie your tubes after five?