Ryan McGinley Wins International Center for Photography Nod


The International Center for Photography has just announced its “Infinity Awards” and gay photographer Ryan McGinley, who was the youngest artist ever to be granted a solo show at the Whitney in 2003, racks up another one. He has been awarded their “Young Photographer” prize.

Exclusive: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ Flaunts the Go-Go Boys [tr]
Brandon Herman in Brooklyn [tr]
Marco Dapper in the Desert [tr]


  1. Giovanni says

    I saw McGinley’s show at the Whitney – it was pretty awesome – I dig his renagade style and relaxed sexiness.

  2. Rascal says

    RE the Touchy Wrestler — There’s got to be more to the story. How do you get to attampted rape charges from innappropriate touching–over clothes, no less…?

  3. ricardo says

    i love your comment about irrelevant statements in this section….it reminds me of a recent experience in questioning locations and a LOST culture, as what is accepted as representation of locations and misguided. similar to when a person misrepresents as a nanny and opts to become a tabloid author. just as location water becomes tainted, as one pretends to be a resident of san francisco and they’re really visiting from winnemucca. does that do justice to the REAL picture?? it’s a lost and irrelevant delusion fragmented by bad market values. is that novel?? probably not.

  4. Da says

    The guy in the photo looks like Alexandre Despatie.

    And Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’s Go-Go Boys spread in Flaunt was the hotness.