Sportrait: Frank Lampard


British footballer Frank Lampard, who plays for Chelsea, was attacked by a fan of opposing club Tottenham Hotspur Monday night following the match, after celebrating a win by throwing his shirt into the crowd.

Lampard_2 Lampard_3

Said Lampard: “It did shock me. Fortunately I saw it coming and luckily ducked out the way. It was strange … someone running at you like that. Measures need to be taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Lampard3 Lampard4

U.S. authorities are reportedly concerned that the violent football fans may follow Beckham over to the U.S. and have already begun preparing for a similar kind of mania.

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  1. Greg says

    The guy who attacked him should be banned from attending games for life, period. Maybe punishments like that would cool those jerks down a little.

  2. FizziekruntNT says

    Yeah, I’m with Greg. I don’t get why people get so damned aggro over ball games. What is it? It’s as if people can’t adequately express themselves in other aspects of their own lives so they use sport to blow up at. I’m not knockin’ any kind of human/human sport, but that just blows my mind. The only reason I ever get interested in most of these things is because of hot guys like Lampard. I’d rather watch boxing and fencing anyway. Go figure.

  3. says

    I’ve been known to attack shirtless hunks before, too. They also tend to duck out of the way and then complain about security later.

  4. joshua says

    This guy will be banned from all footie games in the future. The British and the Europeans in general have been really cracking down on all sorts of bad fan behavior. Look at the warnings that fans would be banned from all games if they yelled gay slurs at Ashley Cole. Unlike our NFL, the European football leagues are really trying to change the atmosphere.

    Now, having said that….I would jump Frank Lampard in a New York minute if I got the chance…

    Rich…..there are soooooooooooooo many hot men playing footie in Europe….you just got to get the soccer channel….lol

  5. cairine says

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