Study Reveals Men are Crotch-Watchers

Eye_trackingA new study on website design and eyetracking (where readers’ eyes tend to travel when they are presented with text or images) reveals that men (and not specifically gay men) have a much greater inclination to check out the package than do women, based on their study of an image of baseball player George Brett:

“When photos do contain people related to the task at hand, or the content users are exploring, they do get fixations. However, gender makes a distinct difference on what parts of the photo are stared at the longest. Although both men and women look at the image of George Brett when directed to find out information about his sport and position, men tend to focus on private anatomy as well as the face. For the women, the face is the only place they viewed. Coyne adds that this difference doesn’t just occur with images of people. Men tend to fixate more on areas of private anatomy on animals as well, as evidenced when users were directed to browse the American Kennel Club site.”


  1. kipp says

    The penis, with its habit of becoming erect, is a significant organ and it can communicate alot about the state of mind of a another male. When we were all running around in pre-hominid packs, it probly paid to pay attention to whether the males around you had erections for a variety of reasons – poor “straight” guys… science keeps stabbing their conception of themselves through the heart.

  2. BeeDee says

    Well, I agree with KIPP to an extent, but really, it’s no different than any other male species. There are certain things that male animals check out on other males from a distance and certain things they check out up close.

    I don’t understand why this story should be surprising except that human beings think they’re better and different than every other animal on the planet.

  3. Jack! says

    This is an EXPLOSIVE study. It knocks down straight mens proclaimed innocence of not looking at another man’s penis in the locker room. Whatcha lookin’ at straight men? Oh yeah, my dick!

  4. says

    HAHAHA I wonder what test results would give when we put gay people to stare at a woman XD
    I bet the results would be the same but u never know.. i never immagine st8 guys staring at there favorite players package…dam sure hell suprised me 😀

  5. mark m says

    Anyone who spends any time in locker rooms with straight men already know that straight guys look.

    Another study revealed that men check out other men’s chests – even moreso than they check out women’s breasts. Men are sizing each other up all the time and often unconsciously. It’s easy to mistake such attention for cruising…


  6. Jordan says

    This isn’t all that surprising. It’s about male-male competition – evolutionary drive to be better than your competition so that you can successfully pass on your own genes.

  7. rayjr75 says

    I dont know. For this particular picture, I would stare at the crotch area because that is were the action is going to take place. The swinging of the bat and hitting of the ball and not necessarily to check out his package.
    I wonder if they have other examples that might better illustrate their point

  8. hcstud says

    Wasn’t George Brett famous for a hemorrhoid flare during the world series? I think the scan on the left shows hemorrhoidal inflammation. Is this a Preparation H commercial?

  9. Garth says

    i love it, lol. although having played baseball for a long time, i know that if you watch a batters hips it gives clues as to where the baseball is going.

  10. dave says

    For those who don’t know (or haven’t experienced…) humans have the biggest penises of any primate. Coincidence – I don’t think so. Our near cousins, gorillas and chimps, have small wangers.
    Humans have evolved large dicks as a signal to other humans – straignt or gay – of dominance. Ergo, we human males are hard (haha) wired to notice other male’s size.

  11. says

    I agree with this study..back in the days when we roamed always studied the other males mood looking at his balls and cock, seeing if he’s relaxed (hang low) also deals with men sizing each other up..checking out the competition to see if the opponent has a bigger penis, or larger testicles etc..important in determining the threat

  12. Allen says

    You don’t have to resort to the showering area in a locker room to see this behavior in straight men … I think all the boys were checking each other out in grade school when we stood at the urinals, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just me … and then as we get older we all eventually get socialized to very studiously NOT check out the guy at the next urinal … all of us except for George Michael, that is.

  13. jeff says

    i am offended by the comment about George Michael, sa a gay man I can only respond with “what the hell is going on with ALL THE GAY FOR PAY porn on the web these days,
    And your worried about Mr. Michaels behavior?
    if you ask me you should keep your lips zipped or should that be the other way around!

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