Two in Custody After Gay Couple Assaulted in Boulder, Colorado

Two 21-year-old University of Colorado students, Adam Perez (left) and Eric Schorling, were arrested after harassing and allegedly assaulting a young gay couple early Sunday morning in Boulder, according to the Rocky Mountain News:

Perez_schorling“The suspects are accused of making derogatory remarks to a gay couple who were walking in front of them. The 21-year-old victim was walking with his arm around a 19-year-old man near 10th and Pearl streets around 12:30 a.m. Sunday. There was a brief verbal exchange before Schorling, Perez and the victim began fighting, police said. The victim was able to punch one of his attackers and free himself shortly before police arrived. The victim’s name was not released.”

9News in Boulder reports that the victim was able to land a punch on Schorling, giving him the black eye you see in the photo: “Perez was arrested for second degree assault and bias motivated crimes. Police say Perez’s second degree assault charge stems from a strangle hold he is accused of placing on one of the victims. Schorling was arrested for third degree assault, bias motivated crimes and felony criminal mischief. Police say Schorling is accused of breaking an expensive pair of glasses belonging to the victim during the altercation. Both Perez and Schorling were booked at the Boulder County Jail where their bond was set at $5,000 each.”

This is the second incident of its kind in Boulder in less than a month. Late last month, a woman was assaulted after she told two men she was a lesbian and not interested in their advances.


  1. CF says

    That punk’s shiner is a SWEET reminder of what a well thrown punch to the face of an attacking homophobe can do.

    I love that his mugshot, immortalized forever bears the mark of a nicely thrown fist by the boys he tried to put down.

  2. mikey says

    How delicious is it to see the attacker with bumps & bruises for once?

    In the immortal words of Ms.Crawford “Don’t fuck with them fellas!”

  3. Zeke says

    I hope the gay guy told the attacker to be sure and tell his girlfriend, and everyone else who asks, where, how and FROM WHOM he got that black eye.

    Somehow I doubt he told ANYONE the REAL story behind it.

  4. Jonathon says

    I hope that he has to tell everyone in jail that the “faggot” he tried to bash gave him that black eye.

    MADE MY DAY. Way to go guys. Glad to see that we’re standing up for ourselves.

  5. Nick says

    HAHA!! that is awesome! big tough asshole got a black eye from the “wussy fag” he was going to beat up! That picture has easily made my day!

    Of course now that I think of it i should learn how to fight just in case i run into a bigot moron on the street… that or i could find me a big strapping man to protect me! 😛

  6. jimmyboyo says


    Punch back!!!! brilliant
    I bet the guy will never ever ever bash again because of this.

    bone up on your martial arts classes boys and bash the punks right back. Tae Kwon Do for females is great with the emphasis on kicks = women’s lower body strength being greater, Akido is great for the the more peaceful of us since it has no offensive moves, there are latin and african centric forms for those brothers who want to get in touch with their cultures as well for those who are more gun inclined and live in areas where concealed weapons are allowed

  7. peterparker says

    That shiner is beautiful and if you click the link for the Rocky Mountain News, you’ll see a picture of the other guy who definitely got some scrapes on his face as well. Way to go guys…keep on bashing back! And as for classes in boxing or martial arts, I’d also suggest hauling yourself out to the gym…the bigger and more muscular you are, the less likely these punks are to fuck with you (and you’ll look hot too!).

  8. Leland says

    There are TWO uplifting stories here. The first, as noted, is that a gay man had the wherewithall to successfully fight back [“All we are saying is,’Give beat the shit out of anyone who attacks you’ a chance!”] and the second: that the police obviously had the sense to believe the victims and not let the attackers go, who I’m sure were insisting they were innocent. I guess not all of Colorado has been brainwashed by the Haggerdites and Dobsonettes.

  9. dattexas says

    there is justice in the world. that’s really a nasty shiner.

    gay bashers are usually cowards, picking on smaller people than themselves, or ganging up on one. i loooove that picture.

  10. Bob says

    Silly, ignorant “straight” boys don’t look that straight to me, but maybe I’m just reading something into their faces.

    Seems like college is getting less fun for gay bashers. High School should be the same way.

  11. yoshi says


    What I don’t understand is how this could possibly happen in a state with a hate crime law that covers sexual orientation? Could you explain that to me? Obviously we need to ban all speech since the hate crime law didn’t prevent this crime.


    For the record – Boulder, CO, is an extremely liberal community. Ranks up there with Berkley. Altho its the home of the founder of Promise Keepers – Dobson and his ilk have very little influence there…

  12. says

    Gay bashers are most of the times lost in their sexuality (have gay urges) but don’t know how to deal with it.

  13. Jack! says

    I’m delighted in those pics. Great job gay men!

    Jovy and Bob, there are a lot of straight people that don’t like gay people. Stop with the self-hating message of only gay people can hurt gay people.

  14. says

    How can you all suggest we go out and do some ‘straight bashing’? Is that what Dr. King said to blacks in the 60’s? Go and do some ‘white bashing’? Of course not.

    Of course, if someone is attacking you bite, scratch, punch and kick your way out of it. But in now way should we, as a community, be condoning violence!

    One of the most incredible stories I have read about the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s was when a young black woman was walking with her children. She was stopped and a white man spat in her face. Without missing a beat thw woman said, “Thank you, and now for the children, please”. Talk about peaceful protest!

    Of course, nobody wants to be the victim of hate, but how much more educational is that? Not only for other African Americans, but imagine the look on that bigots face! How he must have been scared! How he must have ran after that!

    Just because we fight back does not mean it will stop. I don’t know how many straight brawls I’ve seen in bars (I’m a bartender)that get worse when the victim fights back. Fighting back will only make it worse. If we ask them to ‘spit in our faces again’, and then they are caught and persecuted that will send a larger message than ‘look at the black eye I gave this straight guy’.

  15. Ben Dover says

    Are you sure that the black eye is not actually shit that shot out of one of the fruits loosened ass when they were confronted as they swished down the street.