Anthony Callea: “It Shouldn’t Matter Who You Love”

Australian pop singer Anthony Callea has given his first interview since coming out last week. Callea talked about his unintentional ‘outing’ by radio show host Vic Lorusso, saying he’d already made the decision to come out before that happened:

Anthony_paul“To tell you the truth, at the start of the year I was in Brisbane and I was speaking to my manager about it and I said ‘I think I’m comfortable within myself now to make that next step’ and we were talking about it for quite a few weeks. And then this whole thing with Vic Lorusso came out and I thought it was just something telling me that this was the right time.”

He also said he’s been surprised by the attention it has drawn: “It’s really weird because a few days ago when I went to the airport and was going through the security, there were three security guards there. One of the them stopped me and said, ‘good on you’, and then I got through the actual security thing and the next one tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘that’s really good, good on you,’ and then the next one tapped me on the shoulder. I was going, ‘what’s going on?’, I’m still exactly the same person.”

Last week Australian High Court Justice Michael Kirby praised the star saying, “I’m going to write to him and congratulate him because frankly I’d trade 10 judges for one pop star. I think it’s a wonderful thing that he’s expressed the truth and he’s getting on with his life.”

Callea also revealed that he and his boyfriend Paul (above, right) have been involved for three years.

Callea Speaks Out [same same]