By Court Order, Aruba is First in Caribbean for Gay Marriage

ArubaSettling a six year dispute between a lesbian couple and Aruban officials, the Dutch Supreme Court on Friday told the island that they must recognize a same-sex marriage performed in the Netherlands.

Aruba, formerly a Dutch colony, remains part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (where gay marriage is legal) and therefore must follow the ruling by that nation’s highest court.

Shortly after moving to Aruba, the women wanted to register as a married couple but were told that Aruba would not recognize a same-sex marriage.

According to Caribbean Net News, “The Supreme court ruling, published on the internet, stated that a marriage certificate signed by an official of the Netherlands, carried the ‘same force of law’ in Aruba. ‘The couple can insist that they be registered as married in the municipal registry,’ the court added.”


  1. pacificoceanboy says

    Hmmmm, cool deal, but what if Aruba decides to seceede from the netherlands over this? Does Aruba’s being part of the kingdom of the Netherlands give them a lot of benefits that otherwise they wouldn’t have? If they seceede will the Dutch mount a military expeidition and retakA aruba?

    I can see it now, a bunch of stoned dutch soldiers storming the beaches of aruba deffended by a bunch of stoned arubians (are they called arubians?)playing steel drums.

  2. says

    Hey, our soldiers are not stoned…all the time. Aruba need the support from The Netherlands, especially the financial support, so I’m glad to see that they have to honor the Dutch ruling! Sometimes I’m proud to be Dutch!

  3. says

    Well, Pacificoceanboy as a citizen of The Netherlands I could not but laugh at your brave attempt at being witty. Kudos.

    Aruba has a status aparte (which is a limited form of self rule) since 1986 if I’m not mistaken; if they wanted to secede they would have carried through their designs for independence (circa 1996) and severed the (monetary) umbilical cord. Obviously there are some perks. And like in any loving symbiotic relationship: things go both ways. There’s no room to pick & choose which parts of the law you adhere to, and which parts you don’t adhere to.

    Besides, a country that doesn’t recognize a marriage between two consenting adults (whether same sex, or not) is not a country worth fighting over.


  4. pacificoceanboy says


    Ok, sorry on the stoned soldeirs comment. 1/2 the dutch troops would be stoned, not all. 😉

    Hell, they porobably would shoot straighter while stoned than US troops while sober. The US ranks with the highest number of friendly fire woundings/deaths

    Anyway; so aruba does get direct financial support from the netherlands? Cool, that means they won’t cut the cord.

  5. John says

    Legal or not, it’s going to be a long time (if ever) before Aruba becomes a gay-friendly destination.

    In some sense, asking Aruba to “re-integrate” into the current sexual norms of the Netherlands is like asking Afrikaners in South Africa to give up their ultra-conservative racial views. It’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    One of the strange legacies of colonialism is that the cultural ties between the motherland and the colony rarely stay intact. No one would suggest Americans are still British, for instance.

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