Former Idol Contestant Mario Vazquez: I’m Not Gay

VazquezAlthough he’s embroiled in legal proceedings which claim that he stalked a former Fremantle Media assistant accountant, masturbated in front of him, and then propositioned him for oral sex, former American Idol contestant Mario Vazquez tells Arjan that he’s not gay and claims he left the show for “artistic reasons”.

Says Vazquez: “I’m not gay. But I want people to know I’m very tolerant of [gays]. I grew up with gay people. Growing up in New York City and growing up in the world of arts, it is something that’s there and I don’t even have a second thought about it.”

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  1. David says

    I don’t buy it. Arjan notes that the interview was conducted prior to the shenanigans coming out in the open. Mario had no reason to come out at that point. Now it’s a different story.

  2. Bobby Bushay says

    Who cares. Giving any kind of time to this is free publicity for someone who hasn’t proven themselves to be a star. Time will tell whether he’s talented. When that time comes the rest will follow. Until then, NEXT!

  3. Will says

    I always love that phrase, “tolerant of the gays.” What does that mean, that when a gay is in his presence he has the where-with-all not to stone said gay?

    Typical bullshit.

    “Oh, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public, I have such a promising career ahead of me, I just HAD to let you know that I just adore pussy. Please be sure to buy my record that will be flying off the shelves due to being in high-demand by teeny-bopper girls who fantasize that I am their dream come true.”

  4. JR says

    blah, blah, blah… Does anybody even give a shit? Really? I mean, I know often times there is a bit of fascination with a star’s sexuality (which I personally think is kind of silly), but I think the key word here is “star”. Who is this idiot?

  5. 000000 says

    So this is thanks to Arjan’s vapid taste in music? Shocking. I didn’t ask this guy to be “tolerant.” You tolerate flies.

  6. Chux says

    hmmm, he would have probably gone pretty far in the competition that particular season, he was quite popular… who gives up that kind of publicity (one of the most watched shows on TV) for ‘artistic reasons’??? NOBODY. Not even a toilet whore.

  7. Jack! says

    Guys you have to recognize that entertainers go through a public relations interview when they are hired by an agency so they know what to say and how to say it. He’s saying what his pr people are telling him to say. You rarely hear honest answers when it comes to being gay or gay issues. It is probably true in this case as well. So don’t hate him. Hate society that can’t accept open talk about homosexuality.

  8. says

    (a repost of my comment on Arjan’s site)

    So, then, that MUST have been a very masculine woman he was making out with at Esquelita (a place I’ve seen him at more than once)! See! I KNEW he wasn’t gay! I KNEW IT!!!

  9. Truth says

    He is so damn gay he can’t even convince himself he is anything else. I have seen straight girls acting more butch than him. Come on Mario, we won’t hate you for being gay.

  10. anon says

    In similar news, a PR war seems to be going on over Jakey G. It’s starting to get nasty.

  11. el polacko says

    if those aren’t dick-suckin’ lips then he missed his calling. thanks for the toleration though !

  12. Steven says

    So, if he’s not gay, then why is he part of the cover story for this week’s issue of The Advocate?

  13. lambman says

    What is with Idol being so homophobic. So many of the contestants are obviously gay, and even after the show they stay in the closet for their “careers”

    The show has a very large gay following, why wouldn’t they want to be out?

  14. daniel g. says

    Mario Vazquez is gay and it is sad he can not come clean and truthful about himself. There’s nothing wrong w/ his sexuality but lying so much to the media and all of us about himself makes him a looser. His album didn’t sell much and now w/ this lawsuit his music career isn’t happening at all!
    He did a great CD with guitarist Cesar (worlds of change) and did a great job w/ Michael Jackson as well. Too bad his solo career is sinking rapidly.

  15. says

    He might not be gay in a “standard” way you know only gets it up for males…but..I mean many of us have and do have sex with women right? LOL.

    I’ll say this I have a cousin that goes out to gay clubs more than I do and he works for a gay party promotion organziation and he has two kids to proove his sex with women. So whos to say?!

    I mean he is gay – even if he doesn’t have sex with men. LOL