Juan Garcia Postigo Crowned World’s “Most Desirable Man”


PostigoSpanish model/actor Juan Garcia Postigo has been crowned “Mr. World”. The event, held in the city of Sanya on southern China’s Hainan island, is what organizers call the search for the world’s “most desirable” man.

According to the Daily Telegraph, “Men from 56 nations competed in the 21-day event that included tests of style, strength, perseverance, mental agility and determination. Competitors strutted their stuff on the catwalk, climbed mountains, raced bikes and held a cook-off.”

There’s no report on what gave Postigo the edge, but perhaps a hypnotic modely Zoolander-esque glance stunned the judges into submission.

Lucas Gil from Brazil and Jiang Lejun from China, below, were the runners up.


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  1. Gary says

    What does one do with a title like that–head to the Meat Packing District, do blow and make out with strangers? Oh, never mind–Miss America has already beat him to the punch.

  2. pacificoceanboy says

    title + 25cents will get not get him a cup of coffee.

    I personaly don’t even find him or anyone in the pics attractive.

    Greg, LOL He does kind of look zoolanderish in that pic

  3. Eric M. says

    It just begs the question… does anyone “most desire” someone who spends that much time and money trying to prove they are “most desirable”?

  4. says

    I love all the haters turning their noses up when face-to-face with any of the Top 3 they’d be turning their asses up. But my real first thought was that the delegates from Latin countries always dominate ANY beauty contest they’re in, male or female. Gotta hand it to them.

  5. Henry says

    I’m sure there are but they were not in the contest were they? There are also better looking guys in Spain than Rodrigo but Rogrigo joined the contest and not them. I I think Pete’s point was the organizers clearly gave Mr.China the 3rd place finish because he’s the host country’s rep.

    Why I am discussing this with gusto is beyond me, LOL.

  6. Luke says

    Thanks for a good chuckle Andy! These “desirable” men and women are funny, a handful of queens decides who should win, boring, let real life, regular men who are connoisseurs pick the most “desirable” then things would be fun!

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