1. Charles says

    Jesus, with all the nasty comments on here, no surprise why some people are reluctant to come out. Other gay men dont exactly make it seem worthwhile.

  2. pacificoceanboy says

    Hey, did my post get deleted?

    Anyway; dark hair with bleach blond tips= retarded. Bleach blond hair while still having dark as night eyebrows= retarded. Guys with dark hair need to stop with the bleaching, it is retarded.

  3. Charles says

    “Lance doesn’t want to speak out about gay issues yet will go to every gay party and club there is. He’s something isn’t he?”

    And that makes him different from nearly every other gay man in what way exactly?

  4. Lani says

    Charles I didn’t see any nasty comments.

    And haters on the internet isn’t anything that will ever make gay men from coming out, partying and having a great time :)

  5. JAMES says

    How did Lance “shill himself” on the cover of People? They approached HIM. It’s not his fault that half of the America’s teenage population grew up with him on their television.

    Anyway, I’ve been to parties with Lance and he is CRAZY. Boy really knows how to party, now he doesn’t have to wear sunglasses and a hat when it’s a gay party he’s at.

  6. peterparker says

    GADDAMN!!!!!! Lance Bass is so seriously fug. Are guys so desperate to sleep with someone who ten years ago was sort of semi-famous that they’ll stoop to having sex with Lance Bass??!! Hell, when I was six years old I stood on my head for the local ABC affiliate’s chidren’s cartoon hour (don’t ask). And I’m better looking than Lance Bass to boot! Where are the men who should be waiting at my doorstep?

  7. alan says

    It never ceases to amaze me how vicious and bitter people can be about the choices famous gay people make in a free society, especially since the entire gay rights movement has been about the freedom to make choices many people think are gross and disgusting.

    Seriously, what to make of someone who claims that bleached blond hair with dark roots and eyebrows is “retarded?” Or that Lance Bass was semi-famous a decade ago and deserves only boyfriends who are desperate for some brush with faded fame?

    It wasn’t so long ago when gay people who were out were grateful and generous to one another.

    Lance Bass used to be crticized for being closeted, now he’s criticized for going to parties and not being enough of an activist. I suspect there’s nothing he can do to appease a small cadre of bitter people who have nothing better to do than criticize Lance Bass.

    Where is the love, people? How do we get other glass-closeted celebrities to treat their sexual orientation as a normal part of their lives when they’ll be so meanly attacked by our own people?

  8. peterparker says


    Let’s look at the facts here.

    One of the first things Lance Bass said (in his coming out interview with People magazine) was “I think the gay community is going to hop on my back because I’m not going to lead the parades and be this crazy activist.”

    With that one sentence, Bass insulted thousands of ‘crazy activists’ who literally risked life and limb and bravely paved the way so that Bass could enjoy the luxury of coming out of the closet without being vilified for being a gay man.

    Bass then accepted a ‘visibility award’ from GLAAD and, in his acceptance speech, acknowleged his earlier insult to the activists by discussing his desire to commit his life to working for equality for the GLBT community…a goal he seems to think is best accomplished by barhopping and attending soirees with men who are curiously attractive given Lance’s, um, ‘unconventional looks’.

    With his every comment to the media and with each appearance at some A-list soiree, Lance Bass seems more and more vacuous, superficial and entitled. Is it any wonder the gay community has quickly grown tired of Bass? Is it any wonder we are less than kind to this person who seems less interested in using his visibility to improve the situation for the GLBT community and more interested in upping his own social status and jumpstarting his career as a cheesy boy-bander?

    In stark contrast is the community’s reaction to another semi-famous man who recently came out of the closet: John Amaechi. At every turn Amaechi has proven himself to be magnanimous, articulate and humble. There have been no pics of Amaechi boozing the night away with some piece of brainless arm candy. Nor has Amaechi disparaged the GLBT leaders who came before him. Instead, Amaechi has used his visibility to enlighten others about the GLBT community and the struggles and discrimination we still endure. And the community has embraced Amaechi.

    In my opinion, Bass brought the hate on himself not by being an out gay man…but by being a self-centered gay man.


  9. tinsel says

    peterparker: Is it any wonder the gay community has quickly grown tired of Bass?

    speak for yourself peter.

    i don’t have paragraphs of reproaches to make to lance. he’s living his life and it’s fine by me.

  10. johnpaul says


    you would make some sense if most of what you said was true. it’s not. and you don’t speak for the entire gay community. get over yourself.

    i have seen several lgbt and activist things that lance has done, and i don’t really pay all that much attention to him. he said some totally annoying things when he first came out about being an activist, but that was obviously just ignorance, and being a newly out person who obviously spent a significant amount of time talking himself into being closeted. but he’s said since that he was wrong. and i think he’s done several things to prove that. who the fuck cares if he also goes to bars?

  11. peterparker says


    You claim to have “…seen several lgbt and activist things that lance (SIC) has done…”. Rather than making vague references to Lance’s ‘activist things’ why not tell us explicitly what Lance has done to help the community? I’d really like to know about Lance’s ‘activist things’ because I’m wholly unaware of them. I’ve never seen a single item in the press about Lance Bass doing anything to further the causes of the GLBT community or to create more understanding about our community.

    Instead, I see photos of Lance drunk in the Hamptons, Lance at the White Party (a drug fueled mess if ever there was one), Lance at Reichen’s book signing, Lance at the Toronto Film Festival. But I haven’t seen Lance Bass do *anything* to use his semi-celebrity to further the many causes of the GLBT community, as he promised to do in that acceptance speech for that stupid ‘visibility award’ given to him by the sycophants at GLAAD.

    And for the record, I don’t care if anyone, including Lance Bass, frequents parties or bars. I just find him wholly uninteresting and certainly not worth the space allotted to him by the various media. Lance Bass is fast becoming the Paris Hilton or the Britney Spears of the gay community. In fact, I admit I’m eagerly awaiting the moment when Lance goes bonkers and shaves his frosted locks or when he drunkenly exits a car pantyless and ‘accidentally’ shows the world his shaved mangina. Now THAT shit is going to be funny!

    (And by the way, JohnPaul, I’m still waiting for you to provide some evidence of Lance’s ‘activist things’.)


  12. Mitch says

    I saw him a couple of times in the elevator. The guys just would not leave him alone. A friend of mine accosted him at the pool. He did seem to be enjoying himself. For some reason I’ve imagined he’s wanted to go for a long time and this was kind of a liberating experience.

    BTW…he looks much better in person than he photographs.

  13. Wow says

    PeterParker, your jealousy is sad. I bet you wish you could go to all the parties Lance goes to, date all the men Lance does, have the millions and millions of dollars he’s worth. The guy doesn’t want to be an activist, so who cares? He came out of the closet, that alone is good enough. And if the people he should “fight for” are ungrateful people like you, then I hope he never does a thing for the gay community. Seriously, you’re ridiculous.

    Oh, and keep insulting his looks. He probably wouldn’t give you a second glance, either. Lance is an incredibly intelligent and sweet dude, and he doesn’t deserve crap like this.

  14. max says

    parker, you’re standing on that soap box alone. when has lance ever hurt anyone? he’s the most popular gay boy in hollywood, i’m sure he could care less what a pathetic person like you has to say about his life.

  15. peterparker says

    Dear Wow,

    Actually, no, I have no interest in the types of parties Lance Bass attends. I much prefer hiking in the Himalayas, swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, being front row center at a Radiohead concert, riding my bike to raise money for HIV/AIDS organizations or attending a yoga retreat to any of the vapid and vacuous parties Lance Bass seems to prefer. In fact, I’ve had opportunities to attend some of those parties Lance attends, but I had no interest. It’s not my scene. I find it entirely too insipid and superficial.

    I’ll admit Reichen is hot, but I doubt very seriously he’d interest me past ‘Hello’. I tend to date tattooed, pierced, edgy fuckers. I’ve never seen Lance with anyone who even approached ‘edgy’.

    As for Lance’s millions…let me put it this way: Every time you eat any product that contains peanuts, from M&Ms to PeterPan peanut butter, you are almost certainly eating peanuts grown on my family’s farms, processed in my family’s factories, and sold to the manufacturers for a tidy profit. For years my father supplied the largest manufacturer of candy in the U.S. with almost 90% of the peanuts they used in their products. I would tell you what percentile of wealth my family fits into, but then I’d look like I was bragging. I’ll just put it this way…I’m not hurtin’ for money.

    And no, I doubt Lance would look at me given the men he seems to gravitate toward. I’m not the bleach-my-hair-tweeze-my-eyebrows-attend-a-circuit-party type of guy. And that’s just fine by me because I don’t want to be that sort of man. Besides, I wouldn’t touch Lance with your dick. He’s fugly.

    You claim Lance doesn’t want to be an activist…is that why he stood in front of an audience at the GLAAD awards, accepted a ‘visibility award’ and pledged to fight for equality for the GLBT community? Or was it that Reichen had a book to sell? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    The only ones being ridiculous here, WOW, are you and Lance Bass.


  16. Janet Buttimer says

    Where are the pictures of Lance in his two-piece swimsuit? A Catalina number, I heard.

    And did he REALLY get a Brazilian Wax before the party?

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