News: Obama Fundraising, Bermuda, John Barrowman, J Lo

road.jpg Barack Obama has raised at least $25 million so far in 2007, an amount nearly equal to Hillary Clinton’s $26 million. Obama spokesperson: “This overwhelming response, in only a few short weeks, shows the hunger for a different kind of politics in this country and a belief at the grassroots level that Barack Obama can bring out the best in America to solve our problems.” John Edwards reported raising $14 million in the first three months of the year.

Bermudaroad.jpg Premier of Bermuda Ewart Brown dismisses calls for Rosie O’Donnell’s “R Family” cruise to be blocked from visiting the country. Brown: “If we discriminate against a cruise ship, then we would have to send a homosexual detection unit to the airport.”

road.jpg John Travolta makes emergency landing in Ireland while piloting his Boeing 707.

road.jpg I made an update to yesterday’s post about Out magazine’s “Power 50″ but here’s a link to the full article in the same issue, by Michael Musto, about public figures who choose not to talk about their sexuality.

Barrowman_2road.jpg John Barrowman’s BBC series Torchwood coming to America.

road.jpg Law don’t cost a thing: J Lo on jury duty.

road.jpg Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully on the British series Coronation Street, has revealed his Eminem fantasies: “He’s gorgeous. I dream about him often and always kiss him goodbye in the dream and say ‘I’ll call you later’.”

road.jpg Lawmakers in Massachusetts plan to propose legislation that would repeal the 1913 law used to stop same-sex couples from out-of-state from marrying there: “The old law, which says marriage licenses cannot be issued to couples whose weddings would be illegal in the states where they lived, was originally passed when interracial marriage was legal in Massachusetts but most other parts of the country. When the US Supreme Court overturned state bans on interracial marriage the the Massachusetts law fell into disuse.”


  1. Leland says

    “Obama spokesperson: ‘This overwhelming response…shows the hunger for'” blah, blah, blah, blah.

    Silly me. I thought people were primarily throwing panties.

  2. pacificoceanboy says

    Actualy Obama has raised a lot more money.

    Clinton transfered close to $12,000,000 from her war chest. Her campaign has not realeased all documents because they would pop the pr bubble.

    Huffpo has been reporting on this fact

  3. says

    Obama’s support came from over 100,000 people. This is a strong indication that he’s going to be able to engage in this campaign for the long haul and will be able to do more than just draw massive crowds.

    What’s more telling is that this figure is almost entirely comprised of primary donations, whereas many other candidates were collecting both primary and general election donations. We’re still waiting for all the numbers to be released.

    Regardless , this is definitely going to be interesting…

    Full coverage (along with some sass) of the 2008 Election at

  4. Gary says

    I lived in Bermuda in the late 80’s (Naval Tank Hill, St. George) and I wonder why Rosie would want the cruise to go there? Every time I came back into Bermuda (from the UK and the US) I was harrassed for mere conjecture and the CID (Central Intelligence Division) would actively engage in the ‘bag a fag’ campaign, as homosexuality is illegal in the country.

  5. anon says

    That Eminem fantasy is hysterical with rich irony.

    I think it’s premature for MA to repeal their law, as this will lend support for the FMA to pass. That would be bad.

  6. vince says

    i want a clinton/obama team on the hill. it’s the only chance america has, these stupid white republican fucks are ruining america and everything it’s suppose to stand for…freedom, liberty, equality…my history book shows our fathers before us fought just for that….not big oil in iraq. most americans are too dumb to see what’s happening and they continue to allow hypocrites to rules. which means the rich get richer and the dumb get dumber. thanks to a lack of proper education. ignorance is bliss in the united states of amnesia!

  7. Leland says

    Ah, how soon they forget: President Howard Dean raised virtually the same amount as Rev. Obama in the first quarter of the 2004 election campaign. Oops, make that 2004 Democratic President Nominee. Oops, make that the Fresh Face, New Voice, Leader of the Multitudes Creating An Insurgency for Real Change But Neither Elected Nor Chosen Howard Dean. To be more specific, one truly hates to interrupt this revival meeting, to throw a little cold water of reality on the mass hypnosis floating the Great Black Hope down Denial, but neither Dean’s early nor late money raising magic tricks [he lasted quite a while, too, even beating Bill Clinton’s record for 3rd Qtr contributions] resulted in him getting the nomination, dropping out of the race entirely before the national convention.

    Further, Mitt Romney just took in almost as much as the Rev., and nearly $10 million more than Giuliani. BUT Romney is a distant fourth in opinion polls to Giuliani, the leader.

    In short, all the eggs haven’t even been laid yet, so taking a count now confirms nothing about who will be where and what this time next year or on election day, 2008.

    PS: The link below is to a very interesting read in today’s “Chicago Tribune” about the Rev’s history in politics and his hunger to be elected. “The man now running for president on a message of giving a voice to the voiceless first entered public office not by leveling the playing field, but by clearing it [with legal tactics].”,1,57567.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

  8. Damon says

    Call me pessimisstic but I just don’t think Clinton or Obama is going to win. I think Edwards it the best bet right now but I just don’t count on the American people voting for anyone non-male/non-white for at least another generation. Yeah I said it, generation.

  9. says

    Coming out about your sexuality is a very personal and though decision to make, and no one can make it for anyone else. Everyone who is ready to come out should do this so on her or his own terms. If “celebrities” do not openly say anyhting about their sexuality for whatever reason, that’s their right. I understand that there always be gossip about “who is, and who isn’t”, but putting two people on the cover of a magazine, and mentioning many names in an article trying to get them out, and judging them for not doing so, is in my opinion cheap, disgusting, violating privacy, cheap reporting, and not fair for anyone who is mentioned or does not decide to be out and proud. Articles like these are the reason I stay away from magazines like “Out”.

  10. Jack! says

    Most of Mitt Romney’s money is coming from mormons. Romney says don’t not vote for me because of my religion but then uses his religion to raise money. He’s a shady character.

  11. Jordan says

    Erm, I know hating on Republicans is trendy and everything, but why no mention of how much Giuliani, McCain, or Romney have raised? That seems relevant to the story…

  12. David H says

    This may be OT, but I urge you to write your congressional representatives in support of the action cited in this brief from Salon. Let’s take away Bush/Rove/Cheney’s use of obfuscating language (read lying), at least as regards their ill-fated occupation of the oilfields of the Middle east.


    An end to the “global war on terror”?

    The Military Times reports that Democratic staffers for the House Armed Services Committee want to banish the words “global war on terror” from the 2008 defense budget.

    The idea: Instead of using the heavy-on-politics, light-on-meaning GWOT terminology — who wouldn’t be against a war on terror, assuming, of course, that one can have a war against a tactic? — Congress should describe what it’s funding in words that actually describe what it’s funding. So rather than GWOT, the 2008 defense bill would be couched in terms like “the war in Afghanistan” or “the war in Iraq.”

    Now, by our way of thinking, Republicans ought not to be making much of the switch. Democrats could, after all, redub the Iraq war “Bush’s Folly” or some such. But a spokesman for California Rep. Duncan Hunter is complaining that Republicans on the committee “were not consulted” about the change — it sucks to be in the minority, doesn’t it? — and a Republican aide admits, at least tacitly, that the Democratic language would undo the framing that the Bush administration would like to keep in place. “This is a philosophical and political question,” the GOP aide tells the Military Times. “Republicans generally believe that by fighting the war on terror in Iraq, we are preventing terrorists from spreading elsewhere and are keeping them engaged so they are not attacking us at home.”

    — Tim Grieve

  13. Leland says

    “Hating on” modern day Republicans, Jordan, is not “trendy” but entirely well-justified. They are the party which has used hate and fear of not just gays but also racial minorities, illegal immigrants, pushy, “baby killing” women, fill in the blank to achieve and maintain power and wealth. There are exceptions but any genuine humanitarian today would be ashamed to be identified Republican. And, while you were probably addressing Andy, I mentioned Romney’s and Guiliani’s take in my post above.

  14. patrick nyc says


    Short and sweet and to the point, but you know as well as I do, don’t feed the trolls, they only come back for more.

    FANGIRLHATER, you didn’t hear it from me.

    And to any who think anyone can’t win in 2008, remember Reagan, Clinton and Bush 2, all were said to be DOA.

  15. Jordan says


    I mention something about hating on Republicans and suddenly I’m a troll? That’s entirely unfounded. Immature, as well.


    I just now read your comment. I appreciate you telling a little more of the *whole* story. And while I can’t disagree with your assessment of many Republicans, I don’t think it’s fair to paint the whole party with that brush. Certainly, social conservatives control the party now, but that wasn’t always the case, and their control will eventually erode.

  16. Matt says


    Take heart and do not get discouraged from commenting. If we don’t comment and have mutual discussion, none of us (democrats or republicans) who read this blog can learn. I agree with you comment that not all Republicans are bad or evil. The far right controls the party now and are doing a poor job.

    There are so many different factions within the Republican party. There are the Religious Right, the neoconservatives, social conservatives, security oriented, state’s rights oriented, paleoconservatives, moderates, log cabin republican, liberals (also known as RINOS), and libertaians. Democrats have numerous factions within their party as well. The have conservative democrats, new democrats, centrist, DLCs, Libertarian Democrats, liberals, and progressives. Basically what I’m saying is that there are so many different types of people within these parties that there are good and bad within each.

    Exit polls showed that in the last election 25% of gay voters voted or identified as Republican. Can 25% of our community be “evil” and “trolls”?

  17. Richard the YANKEE says

    The real America hasn’t started to vote yet. The heartland and the south. Obama doesn’t have a chance.

    For that matter neither does Hillary.

    Giuliani for President. Republican. God bless King Bush!

  18. says

    Exit polls showed that in the last election 25% of gay voters voted or identified as Republican. Can 25% of our community be “evil” and “trolls”?

    No, not evil trolls, just deluded or greedy or self-hating or ignorant. Take your pic. And the whole anti-gay issues is just one of several reasons this is true.

  19. noah says


    You refer to Obama as “Rev. Obama”? Uh, isn’t that rather bigoted of you to assume that because Obama is African-American and a political leader he must be reverend? Do a little research, Obama is a lawyer turned politician who has never served as a minister of any faith.

  20. Rey says

    Martin is absolutely right.

    If I heard stats that 25% of lgbt folks identified as Republican, I wouldn’t necessarily break out my EVIL TROLL branding iron.

    However, anybody who voted Republican in the _last_ election deserves said brand – and the flipside’s red hot poker.

  21. Shaun says

    Calling Obama “reverend” is completely unjustified. I really think that Barack Obama has a shot in the midwest and in the west. We need to pick up states such as Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, etc.. NO DEMOCRAT, not even John Edwards, will win a southern state. Its a lost cause right now for the democrats. If Obama can win 70% of the vote in Illinois, a state that is microcosm of the rest of the country, i’d say he has a shot.

  22. Leland says

    Yes, Noah, I’m quite aware of what Obama’s profession has been. Calling him “Rev.” is sarcasm based not upon his race, thank you very much, but his decision to try to sound like a stereotypical Black preacher in his speeches, not just in cadence, but in purposely mispronouncing words. Neither are his natural way of speaking so if anyone is being racist one might say HE is.

  23. mark m says

    ^^ Riiiiiiiight, and Hilary has never affected a dialect in a speech.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Selma, Alabama:

    Of course it’s via Fox News (Bless me Father for I have sinned).

    So what sarcastic nickname do we give Hilary for this? I vote for Doly Pardon.

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