1. says

    Having worked with Grady on a fundraising project I can tell you that his looks pale in comparison to his personality. He’s a sports dork, generous, kind and super goofy, combined with a great body it makes for an absolutely stellar combo.

  2. zabadak says

    Are there no Jakey pics out there ? Why do I need to see this generic hamburger when there’s mignon in Bloomies men’s underwear dept, prolly at this very moment??

  3. bojobear says

    Another rabid fan of Grady Sizemore here!! That huge dorky deer-in-the-headlights look drives me absolutely wild. Oh yeah, baby.
    In case it’s missed your eagle eye, next time he’s at bat, make an effort to look at his ENORMOUS GUN-BOAT FEET…
    oh. my. god. The lurid fantasies I have about this man are positively perverted.

  4. Billy says

    Grady’s cute! And don’t worry, it’ll always be Comiskey to us Sox fans.

    Mike, glad to hear someone else mentioning Scott Podsednik! That man is gorgeous. And his hands are absolute monsters. Not that I care about that…he just makes me smile all the time. *melts*

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