1. Zeke says

    I think most people get tatoos for THEIR OWN enjoyment and because THEY like the way they look so I doubt that my opinion about their chosen mode of artistic expression makes one rat’s ass bit of difference to them. As well it should be.

    Personally, I think well done tatoos are hot. The prison variety that looks like a five year old drew it on with a blue-green marker, not so much.

  2. Matilda says

    I’m with you, PacificOceanBoy – tats suck. They are the ultimate in “not thinking ahead” and this guy has a great body that is completely overshadowed by the cookie-cutter fad of body art. I think there is a lot of money to be made by opening tatoo removal parlors – a future investment worth looking into. As far as people getting tats as a “mode of artistic expression” – give me a break. Tatoo people and goths are the most insecure people I know – its all about what people think about them and how they are perceived by others. They’re hardly original when you think about it.

  3. pacificoceanboy says

    Thanks all for your input.

    Anyway; looking past the tattoo, uhm, YUM. The last pic with him getting ready to throw the ball. Nice. Some hair on his chest would make him even better.

    That is something….I am completly ignorant on the subject of african american males and chest hair. Is chest hair a genetic trait in the african american gene pool? I personaly have never seen a brother with chest hair. Any brothers able to answer this question for me?

  4. Krishnan says

    I wanna LICK his tattoo.

    And I wanna stick my nose into his pubic hairs.

    Who cares about chest hair with a chest like that? He probably shaved his chest anyway.

  5. Patrick says

    I don’t understand tattoos either, and can almost hear Diana Vreeland screaming how unchic it is to ink your body. Tattoos on young skin are bad enough, but imagine how nice all of these will look in 50 or 60 years on sagging old flesh in nursing homes…gag!

  6. says

    Chest hair on black men isn’t as rare as it is on descendents of eastern Asia, but definitely not as common as white men. It’s genetic. From an evolutionary standpoint, you don’t really need chest hair to insulate you on the grasslands of Africa as opposed to the hills of Europe.

  7. pacificoceanboy says

    Yeah joe, I noticed those nice aeriolas as well. Perfect for twisting, pinching, biting, and clothes pins/ nipple clamps. Whose a kinky boy? LOL :-)

  8. says

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