Virginia Tech Funerals to be Target of Westboro Baptist Picket

PhelpsNever missing the opportunity to take advantage of a tragedy, Fred Phelps and his gang of haters at Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket the funerals of those killed in the Virginia Tech shootings, according to a message on their website (which I haven’t linked on purpose):

“WBC will preach at the funerals of the Virginia Tech students killed on campus during a shooting rampage April 16, 2007. You describe this as monumental horror, but you know nothing of horror — yet. Your bloody tyrant Bush says he is ‘horrified’ by it all. You know nothing of horror — yet. Your true horror is coming. ‘They shall also gird themselves with sackloth, and horror shall cover them; and shame shall be upon all faces, and baldness upon all their heads’ (Eze. 7:18).

Why did this happen, you ask? It’s simple. Your military chose to shoot at the servants of God today, and all they got for their effort was terror. Then, the LORD your God sent a crazed madman to shoot at your children. Was God asleep while this took place? Was He on vacation? Of course not. He willed this to happen to punish you for assailing His servants.”

No doubt they’ll blame the shootings on the gays as well. But as many people have noted, the more these nuts trot themselves out, the more a symbol of the need for tolerance they become.

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  1. Tread says

    Someday, these assholes are going to show up to the wrong funeral where they will have no police protection and someone will throw a grenade in their midst.

  2. griffin1573 says

    For anyone still labouring under the foolish notion that gun control is NOT badly needed.
    Here it is.
    Anyone one of these twisted individuals presently has the right to arm them selves.
    Not just with a handgun,which is bad enough,but with assalt weapons.
    Will people NEVER learn.
    Guns are not a solution in todays society.

    And the 2nd amend. is out of date.

  3. Acolyte says

    The wingnuts over at WorldNetDaily are, of course, already yammering about how the obvious solution to the problem of gun violence is MORE guns (“someone could have taken this crazed killer out if they’d been packin’ heat themselves!”) I’m sure there will be more of the same from the NRA and other like-minded organizations…just wait.

  4. Rodolfo says

    “Why did this happen, you ask? It’s simple. Your military chose to shoot at the servants of God today, and all they got for their effort was terror”

    So, the Phelpses are pro-Islam?

  5. Mike says

    These nut jobs are doing more than they know. I hope they keep showing up with their hate speech and twisted ideology. They are bringing to light the awful message of what people will do in the name God. I’m a christian and find their actions deplorable.

  6. JLS says

    Call them wingnuts if you want, but I do not believe these people are crazy. They are just deeply and dangerously religious.

    Children are taught in this country at a very young age that unquestioning faith is a virtue. The problem is here is religion and society’s blind tolerance thereof, at least until one of these people does something crazy. Faith is dangerous and stupid, and creates these type of people.

    Our blind respect for someone’s religious beliefs simply because it is “their faith” has got to stop. This fosters the environment in which extremists are born.

    These wingnuts are just normal people whose minds have been poisoned by religious dogma.

  7. Dan says

    Slaughters like V Tech have happened in gun-controlled Europe all the time. For example:

    Dunblane, Scotland



    If more gun control makes you feel good, fine … but it won’t stop these murderers. Only armed cops or other firearm-equipped personnel could have taken the V Tech murderer down. Gun control just disables the population and makes us all potential victims. That “happy slapping” plague in Europe would never cross over to Texas, and for obvious reasons.

    PS Never held a gun, never shot one, never want too… just not an idiot.

  8. says

    I don’t think they are going to get away with it this time. There are simply too many people involved who have all been deeply traumatized. Hopefully, after the mob of students has their way with them, their scourge upon the Earth will be over.

  9. says


    “Faith is dangerous and stupid, and creates these type of people.”

    Here is the beauty of this country. Both you and the Westboro crazies have the right to mouth all the silliness you want.


  10. Brian says

    These deeply offensive people are the best thing to happen to the GLBT equality movement since Stonewall. As horrible as they are, they show the absurdity of anti-gay bias when taken to its logical conclusion. But as effective as they may be in convincing fair-minded people that the religionist perspective on gays and lesbians is fraudulent, I’m still hoping that they’re gunned down in Virginia. I can’t help it. The blood isn’t even dry in that school building, and they’re already planning to picket the funerals. They are beneath contempt.

  11. says

    I grew up in rural Alabama where, if these people showed up to picket a funeral, they’d get their asses kicked and their bodies fed to alligators… and somehow I doubt police protection would do much to help them.

  12. Rex says

    Why I’m glad they get all the BAD publicity possibe to show thier “sickness”….Where was everybody, when they were picketing Gay and Lesbian funerals years ago? Not until they started this crap on soldiers..did people pay attention!

  13. Daniel says

    While I agree they do show all the bigoted nastiness of extreme Christianity, and that is probably good for us, by comparison they make other hate mongers who are perhaps less obvious look less hateful.

  14. Malibu Boy says

    What’s more offensive? Bush going to “mourn” on campus for another “bullhorn moment” as Consoler-In-Chief (when he doesn’t go to military funerals) or Phelps going to protest? Close call.

  15. FunMe says

    I remember a while back in a local Los Angeles gay newspaper, the phone number of this religious cult was posted. I called and was HORRIFIED to hear what they had to say. Every word was “faggot this” or “faggot that”. I knew at that point that they were NOT christian at all, but a bunch of truly MENTAL cases that should be locked up.

    HELL … that’s definitely the place these pyscho nut cases is awaiting them!

  16. griffin1573 says


    I have to disagree with your last statement.
    Don’t sell yourself short….your are indeed every inch an idiot.
    Anyone who truly believes that the answer to the more guns.
    Deserves a trophy and medication.
    heres some sats.
    Since 1975
    Mass attacks at schools world wide,and yes unfortunitly it is happening worldwide,just not to the extent you’d won’t people to believe.

    Canada 10,2 of which where knife attacks on individuals.
    Germany 3
    Scotland 1
    Various other countries account for 6
    and the US leads the way with 33.

    Violance is NOT an answer and arming yourself in case of violance is a foolish idea.
    “they have guns,so I’ll have a BIGGER gun”.

    Border line insanity.

  17. anon says

    So the non-religious people here are advocating violence to eliminate the ridiculous WBC? This is progress? Human nature is independent of religion apparently. (And the irony continues with calls for violence at the funerals for victims of violence…)

  18. Jonathon says

    My disgust for the Phelps clan grows every day. They are media-whores who will do or say anything to get their names in the headlines.

    Clearly these people are “crazy”. They respond to a terrible tragedy by throwing more gasoline on the fire.

    If their “god” is responsible for “punishing” us via wild-eyed gunmen shooting up at schools or via faith-based madmen like those that brought us the 9/11 attacks then this “god” isn’t worthy of worship or respect. This “god” is an enemy of man, not his creator nor his salvation.

    I simply cannot wait until the Phelps family has a death of their own to contend with. I pledge to show up and picket that funeral JUST LIKE they have done to so many others. I can only hope that the gay community descends upon them en masse when that time comes and gives them a taste of their own medicine.

  19. Leland says

    Bear with my different perspective of the effect the Phelps Inbreds have. While I agree that the jawdropping extremity of their signs and statements relative to gays might wake up a few good souls, my cynicism tells me that, more than anything, it makes homophobes feel BETTER about their own “polite” bigotry. As Rex said, these Neanderthals have been doing it for years. Younger Towleroadies might not be aware that they picketed Matthew Shepard’s funeral [“Matt in Hell”] and the trial of at least one of his murderers, the funeral of President Clinton’s mother [“in Hell” because of her son’s support of gays and please spare us another debate about that] and the funeral of gay author Randy Shilts. They have even picketed speaking engagements by Judy Shepard, whom they call “the avaricious Mother from Hell,” “celebrating” the anniversary of Matt’s death. It gets worse—see one of their flyers at:

    Where, as Rex, said are the multitudes moved by their subsequent years of linking the space shuttle disaster, 9/11, Katrina, and soldiers’ deaths to “fags/sodomites, etc.”? One of the things to learn from the long-overdue Imus meltdown was how many “good people” can compartmentalize their own bigotry or the bigotry of others whom they admire. As I wrote yesterday, NBC news star Tim Russert, even though he had been publicly criticized over the years for repeatedly appearing with Imus—thus “legitimizing” his racist, sexist, homophobic slurs—STILL doesn’t get it, and thinks his poor rich pal was wrongly crucified. [Further evidence of how clueless he is was his equating Imus mocking Russert’s “own people,” Irish Catholics with demeaning Blacks and gays.]

    And, unlike, one assumes, the core audience for psychonazis like Michael Savage and Rush To By Drugs Limbaugh, Imus was the darling of moneyed, white collar, college-educated powerful men within the Washington Beltway and along the supposedly more enlightened, more progressive eastern seaboard.

    No, we can’t just expect large numbers of people to experience epiphanies whenever they see six-year olds waving signs saying “Fags Die God Laughs “Thank God for 9/11,” “Fag Body Bag,” “AIDS Cures Fags,” “God Is America’s Terrorist,” “Thank God for IEDs,” “Fags Are Worth of Death,” et al. WE must start a campaign EQUATING people who campaign against and vote against gay equality WITH PHELPS. We must point to his signs and say, “America, don’t look away. Look in the mirror!”

  20. says

    I am outraged at the Phelps clan, of course, but I’m also annoyed at the media that they play like a fiddle.

    The WBC is no different than any other group of religious zealots. “Repent your sins,” “the end is nigh,” “you’re all doomed” is their basic message, and it’s nothing new. Insane zealots have been shouting these things on street corners for literally thousands of years.

    The only thing that makes the WBC different is that they are MODERN zealots who have discovered the power and truth of the business maxim “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

    It’s easy to write them off as “attention whores”. They are, but to leave it at that is to grossly underestimate them.

    They clearly have a well-calculated strategy to “spread the word”. They’ve learned that the more shrill, offensive rhetoric they inject into their “message”, they more attention they get, thus – in their eyes – successfully spreading the message that they think God has called on them to share with the world.

    They think the End is near, and God has chosen them. Offensive slurs and protesting funerals are merely tools they use to amplify their message. They think it’s justified, because – in their eyes – what could be more important than answering the call of God and spreading His word?

    What’s frustrating is how successful they seem to be at it.

  21. John says

    I’ll say this for the Phelps clan…at least they’re consistent.

    Unlike the many folks who sneer “Hollywood liberal” and “San Francisco values” whenever anything terrible happens in crazy California, then remain completely silent when it occurs in suburban Colorado, Arkansas, or Virginia.

    Those are the people we should be worried about – the liars, hypocrites, and demogogues who call themselves respectable. They’re far more dangerous than Fred Phelps and his small band of hateful misfits.

  22. bman says

    that flayer of matt shepards 7 years in hell almost made me throw up. just reading the print around it was one of the most insulting things i have ever seen in my life. these people bend the words of the bible to there own disgusting understanding of the world and the relation it has with a higher being. if there is a hell and it is as they describe, they better get use to it because thats were they are going.

  23. BrokenMirror says

    I object to homosexuality as much as the next guy; picketing these funerals is nothing short of indecent and disrespectful.

    Posted by: Michael Ejercito | Apr 17, 2007 2:52:51 PM

    I’m the next guy, and I don’t object to homosexuality AT ALL.

  24. Andrew B says

    Michael Ejercito’s MySpace blog takes a different tone in response to the WBC protests. He states, “I am appalled by this. It is so easy to hate these people. But we are called not to hate, to bless those who curse us, to pray for those who persecute us.”

    Michael, I pray for you.

  25. says

    I’m simply pissed that Dubya was at the convocation. How dare he try to lead the nation through mourning a senseless tragedy while he and his ilk are committing senseless tragedies left, right, and sideways around the world.

    But back on topic: I hate everything that the Phelps family stands for. They are an embarassment to the entire world. I’m not advocating violence, but part of me wishes that THEY were on the receiving end of the crazed gunman’s actions.

  26. RP says

    Griffin, they don’t need to change the second amendment (IMHO). They just need to reinstate the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) that Bush let lapse back in ‘04.

    Alex, why wouldn’t the President be there? Yeah the guy is atrocious, but he’s still the president. I think it shows the magnitude and gravity of the situation that the President is there.

    If he didn’t go, people would cry foul that he wasn’t there.

  27. busytimmy says

    Hopefully, one day humanity will wake up and stop believing in “magical” stories about god. Maybe one day these stories will go the way of Odin, Zesus and Ra. Why does humanity still feel the need to cling to ideas about the nature of the world which fly in the face of rational thought? Even more, why the need to kill in the name of those beliefs? Religion is outdated and does not serve the needs of humanity or help with the answers to the challenges we face. It is a force of division and an obstacle to the spiritual and rational evolution of the human race.

  28. mark m says

    “Why does humanity still feel the need to cling to ideas about the nature of the world which fly in the face of rational thought?”

    Because humans are not creatures of rational thought, but of emotion.

    Because we are the first animal with the capacity to contemplate our place in the natural world and that ability scared the living shit out of us. So we developed a faith system to make sense out of the mystery of life.

    Because we haven’t figured out how not to give in to our need for order and answers when in fact, the universe offers very little of either.

    Because for some people, living in poverty, war-torn nations or dying of hunger, faith is the only thing they have to hold on to.

  29. stefan says

    More seriously, I wonder what happens when they age, or get sick? I notice that the picture shows them as young and healthy. But when things start to go bad – with the normal and even more serious ailments of a normal life – will they be reviled and kicked out of the group? What if one of them went bald – or got cancer? Would that be seen as punishment for some sin? Or would they see it as god punishing them for the sin of *someone else*?

    People like these tend to find ways to blame others for their problems. I’m sure it would be no different here.

  30. Nikki says

    It’s a stupid idea for them to announce that they’ll show up at the victims’ funerals.


    If I knew some extremist, right-wing, cantankerous, religious douchebags were going to be FUCKING PICKETING my relative or friend’s FUNERAL, I’d be waiting in the damn bushes with a big-assed wooden bat … specially branded for the occasion with “RE: WESTBORO ASSHOLES” on the handle. Then I’d have myself a Phelpy-Baptist Whompin’ Party.

    You know, I’m just about as liberal as they get, and I’m a total pacifist 99% of the time, but shit … sometimes I just get sick and tired of listening to peoples’ raving, mouth-foaming, ignorant, stupid, trash. I know people have the right to say what they want in this country and I acknowledge that sometimes that means being forced to listen to stuff you don’t want to hear, but dammit. God. Fucking. Dammit. If someone were picketing such disgusting crap at a funeral of a loved one of mine, I think THAT would be the time I finally snap and go postal.

  31. says

    Nikki, in my opinion, you are dead on. And I think that is exactly what is going to happen. So I sent an email to this morning as follows.

    “Go ahead and show up. With the sheer volume of people who have been
    traumatized who will be attending these funerals, your worthless idiotic demonstrations will surely set off a powder keg of emotions. And, this will be your last stand, no doubt. You people are demons from hell. Human trash. You don’t even qualify as garbage. Hag face needs to be the first to go…….straight to hell!”

    I received a response from hag face herself, Margie J. Phelps as follows:

    Thanks for writing

    We’re going to put you down under the “undecided” column.

    Meanwhile, unfortunately for you, God has decided. He’s judged this nation
    and all its reprobate citizens, and found them wanting. The siege is
    coming, america is doomed, the destruction draweth nigh.

    Go to and watch all the videos, and in particular click
    on special audio and video and watch the video of God Hates the World.
    It’ll do you a world (get it, world! :-D) of good. Then go to and read all the words and listen to all the sermons. Then get a Bible, open it, read it, and OBEY.


    I encourage everyone to write Hag Face (Margie) directly and let your true feelings be known. But be warned, you will be sentenced to hell and damnation!

  32. RB says

    Maybe God will send a crazy nut to shoot the whole Phelps clan. Or perhaps a tornado to take out the their church. Or, how about this, plague, blindness or any other form of torture and disease! What a group of losers. I hope that the next post I read about Fred and the clan is that they were accidently hit and run over by a Soulforce bus! “Accidently” of course.

  33. anon says

    I wonder why there is only one church like WBC? In a big country like this, you’d think (but not want perhaps) there would be more. With Phelps Sr. not doing so well these days I don’t see the church going on much longer. They are like Internet trolls, don’t feed them.

  34. Jason Young says

    According to BBC the shooter was a 23 year old Korean kid who was a loner. He used a 9mm and .22 caliber both of which are primarily used by the police. He most likely bought the weapons from the same kind of people who deal drugs. Even if you ban honest people from having guns people will still get them. This kid most likely premeditated this to some degree, although we won’t know more for several weeks in all likelihood.
    You can not stop people from getting guns and committing violence against other human beings. I’m living in France and the only people who have guns are the police and the criminals and they do have less violence in France but I honestly think it has more to do with their culture than their gun laws. If you haven’t noticed America is quite more corrupt than most of us like to believe. In America if someone wants a product or service they will get it and they will use it especially if they are willing to take their own lives to do it, whether for reasons of religion or insanity. Don’t believe me, just look at what drug prohibition has done and is doing to the US.
    Also religion based entirely on faith is dangerous. Typically as long as people try to combine religion with logic and reason it comes out tempered but once reason is abandoned then you get blind faith that leads to things like 9/11 and the WBC. Also the Phelps can easily invoke the god of the Old Testament to come to their side in an argument and their is much scripture to back up their point of view, although I think they focus too much on us. I still hope that Larry Kramer’s idea for a Queer Army gets off the ground though I don’t think it will because we don’t have enough confidence in ourselves much less our community to do so.

  35. boytokyo says

    They follow their own, internal logic, despite the hogwash most see it for. Faith really is that close to insanity (in this case symptomized by extreme hate).
    The people at WBC identify themselves by the “ungodliness” and “sin” of the rest of the world.
    I agree to some extent with likening them to internet trolls, as stated above. Nonetheless, as long as (to them) the rest of the world exists, their identity as the only true people of faith will remain.
    If you haven’t seen it, check out that BBC4 documentary on WBC. If you can stomache the bile, it’s fascinating.

    That said, I do think some progress in terms of battling homophobia is made each time they open their mouths. And I admit to a bit of schadenfruende each time another bigot looks at them and says to themselves: “oh, that’s just wrong” and feels a bit of guilt which spurs them to rethink their beliefs.

  36. sean says

    there’s about 70 members that comprise the WBC and most have some type of familial connection which leads one to the logical conclusion that inbreeding does indeed lead to retardation. talk about dumbing-down the gene pool or in their case, the jean pool.

  37. Warrior says

    If you believe in gun-control do you expect the cops to save you? Even the most optimist of us know that NO, there’s not a chance is hell that they will save you.

    It’s either a weapon equal to that of the nutcase, or a pair of running shoes with some slower prey behind you.

    The Dan basher, you’re the moron; you want the government to save you; which shall lead to the government leading your Childlike mind through your meaningless materialist life of comfort in jewish entertainment and WAR, wars for the zionist state you sick fuck.

  38. says

    I was not pissed about the president being there. I was pissed that THIS “PRESIDENT” was there. It smacked of hypocrisy that one of the most ruthless murderers of recent times was there to offer his “condolences” to a university racked with grief. The Hokies of Virginia Tech deserved better than his presence. In fact, the pro-gun policies of him and his ilk played some part in the senseless death of over 30 people who could have changed their world for the better.

    Part of me also thinks that it’s BS that when a senseless tragedy happens on American soil, it becomes front-page news around the globe. But when senseless tragedies outside our borders happen, we as Americans don’t relatively give a shit. What would happen if God forbid, a crazed gunman or a posse of crazed gunmen killed 60 or even 100 people or even 200 on a university campus outside the States?

  39. Rage says

    Can’t we just mourn and support each other through this tragedy rather than start a crusade on gun control? Seriously, please DO NOT make this VTech tragedy into a debate on Gun Control Just yet…it’s only been a day after the incident and all of you are bickering over the government when we should all be giving thoughts and prayers to those affected.

  40. bob bobberson says

    gun control won’t solve the problems that it’s promoted for.

    admittedly, gun control will stop some crimes. crimes of passion committed by pissed off husbands, and the occasional mugger.

    but the crimes that gun control is purported for, such as columbine, the v tech masascare, and other large profile shootings, won’t be stopped by anti-gun laws. even most high profile bank robberies won’t be stopped.

    the problem is that CRIMINALS BREAK THE LAW. most guns used in those kinds of high profile shootings are obtained illegally.

    even if there are anti-gun laws, criminals, through ILLEGAL means, will still get guns.

    the only thing that will change is that criminals will become bolder. if you know for certain that none of the people walking down the street have a gun, would you have a problem mugging someone with a knife? of course not.

    this will probably sound crass, but think about it. if even two or three of the students at the v tech massacre had even a small pistol, the killer probably wouldn’t have killed half as many people as he did. once again, it probably sounds insensitive to say these things this soon, but it’s the damned truth.

    to summarize: gun control LAWS won’t stop CRIMINALS, WHICH ARE PEOPLE WHO BREAK LAWS. taking people’s money by force is illegal, and of course that NEVER happens.

    to take a page out of pen jillete’s book, every woman in this country should be issued a gun. now, maybe half of them, or hell, two thirds of them, would probably just get rid of the gun. but if you were a mugger or rapist, would you try that shit if there was a ONE IN THREE chance that lady could blow your head off? rape, muggings, assault, would practically disappear over night.

    i’m not saying that guns are harmless. they have one purpose, and one purpose only, to hurt, and somtimes kill. to say that guns are tools is true, but we must admit that they are tools of destruction.

    no matter what we do, criminals will always get guns, it’s an undeniable fact. it is also an undeniable fact that simple law abiding citizens vastly outnumber criminals. it’s simple numbers, if more of us have guns, we win.

  41. dcmarty says

    To all those people on here promoting violence against the WBC group….you’re playing directly into their hands. At least Fred and his daughter are lawyers and the primary source of income for the group is from successful litigation against anyone who “wrongs” them. That’s why the law enforcement in Kansas generally avoids them. This isn’t about fags or soldiers or even sinners (if you believe in that concept)….this is about money. They want to provoke you to violate their rights and allow them to successfully sue you in court.

    Sadly, I have to agree with those posters who pointed out that these freaks make the dobsons, wildmons, and robertsons of the world appear to be less vitriolic. I personally agree with the group that created gigantic angel wings and stood in front of and blocked this crowd at Matthew Sheppard’s funeral. There probably isn’t a law that forbids a person from wearing something attached to their body that just “happens” to block this group from everyone elses sight. Ghandi and MLK would approve.

  42. mark m says

    “this is about money. They want to provoke you to violate their rights and allow them to successfully sue you in court.”

    Absolutely BRILLIANT. That never occurred to me but it makes SO much sense. It completely explains why this scum would start to go after wounded soldiers (something very UN conservative). But your theory explains it beautifully.

    Hmmmmm, I think more people should be made aware of this…

  43. says

    What the Westboro Baptist Church does is intolerable. I wish I lived close to VA so I could go counter picket. Although I am not a religious person I do know that his angle on Christianity IS NOT what Christianity is about. He is an exception to the Christian faith. He is not a good person but you can not fight violence. You have to fight violence with kindness. I feel bad for Phelps because he lives a life of such darkness and hate. I hope that anyone that is even remotely close to where these funerals will be held will attend and show their “counter” picket of kindness and compassion for these families. Kill them with kindness guys, those kids deserve it. Don’t lower yourselves to his level. Show him and everyone else that you are better. Those families deserve the utmost respect and anything we can all do to shelter them from Phelps at the funerals is what needs to be done.

  44. Luis Roman says

    From a fellow London English speaking person across the pond (ie Great Britain), me and my fellow country kin would like to give our sympathy those familes around the united states who not only lost loved ones to such a sense’less barbaric violent act… but more impotantly to the courage of those from the state of Virgina. Who having to not only deal with such an unspeakable evil ocurring in their own land, but also with the invasion of vomit hate from the so-called christian cult known as the ‘West’Boro Baptist Church’. For it is at times like THIS that will test all of Virgina’s soul, the more so.

  45. Luis Roman says

    From a fellow London English speaking person across the pond (ie Great Britain), me and my fellow country kin would like to give our sympathy for those familes around the united states who not only lost loved ones to such a sense’less barbaric violent act… but more impotantly to the courage of those from the state of Virgina. Who having to not only deal with such an unspeakable evil ocurring in their own land, but also with the invasion of vomit hate from the so-called christian cult known as the ‘West’Boro Baptist Church’. For it is at times like THIS that will test all of Virgina’s soul, the more so.

  46. Karen says

    You are some serious sick peoople. God didn’t send anyone to kill these poor innocent students and facility at VT. It was Saintin inside of a mad man just because he NEVER bothered to follow the Lords foot steps. What in the heck does our soldiers have to do with this? you are backwards. Our soldiers are here and over seas to PROTECT us here on Gods earth… you dumb ass. So know your facts before you come on and create a page you know nothing about. And don’t preach the word of the Lord if you DON’T know what the hell your talking about.

  47. diebuchen says


    Google: LOVING GOD’S HATE to read an expose of the Rev. Fred Phelps. This expose, by the Topeka Capitol-Journal, Phelps’ hometown newspaper, reveals many interesting items. Among them are: several of Phelps’ estranged children publicly state they were severely abused in the Phelps home; the details behind Phelps’ disbarment by the Kansas Supreme Court, and the Federal Courts for unethical behavior; and successful lawsuits for thousands of dollars of unpaid debts.

    Please visit to visit the website of a father of a fallen soldier who is suing Phelps for disrupting his son’s funeral. Mr. Snyder needs our support.

  48. Brian says

    The “church” has decided to forgo picketing the funerals in exchange for 3 hours of airtime on conservative radio host Mike Gallagher’s show. While I hate that they are getting airtime, I think that they would get much more if funerals were picketed. Not to mention saving The Hokie Family the added grief of having the bags of puke there. On a good side, most of the time when they picket funerals a group of people block them off from getting anywhere near the funeral. As a Virginian (backwoods nonetheless) and knowing my fellow Virginians as I do, they might not have made it back out. Someone above mentioned that they want you to do something to them so they could sue. Are you aware that the majority of the clan are lawyers? They also own a law firm.

    On a side note…there are basically 2 families in the “church”. They aren’t allowed to marry outside of the church. I’ll leave it to you to link that up in your mind.

  49. Louie says

    What I don’t like is thinking these people are the only bad people out there. There are plenty of hateful people that aren’t as extreme as these nutjobs, but that doesn’t mean they are any less evil (i.e., many republicans and christians who preach love but ask people to hate).

    Don’t go away thinking these are the only bad people, you only have to watch fox news to see how bad republicans have it in for gays.

  50. Heather says

    These people have some serious issues. They talk about how they are this great “church”, and pull crap like this. They seem more like some cult than they do a church. I don’t see how anyone who calls themselves christians can say and do stuff like this. Also, I don’t see how they can think that VT has anything to do with God. He would never send someone to kill a bunch of innocent people. The people at Westboro Baptist Church need to get some serious help before its too late.

  51. Dude love says

    “Why did this happen, you ask? It’s simple. Your military chose to shoot at the servants of God today, and all they got for their effort was terror”

    So, the Phelpses are pro-Islam?

    Posted by: Rodolfo


    No, the Phelp Whelps are anti-Islam as well. They are a menace to the world and I myself actually Got my ENTIRE kick-boxing crew on the ready, as well as Aboirgional, Bikie and Red Neck gangs on alert for if that group came here to Perth city to harrass Heath Ledgers funeral so we would fall upon them and kill them (yes I was actually planning to kill Phelps, and the idea made me shake with fear since I’m no killer, yet I actually wanted to kill him)

    Fortunately that cult never came to Perth and Ledgers funeral went peacefully.

    Hopefully someone will eliminate the cult when they harass this next school shooting funerals.

    Do NOT come between a Dragon and his Wrath!

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