Vice President’s Lesbian Daughter Mary Cheney Having a Boy

Vice President Dick Cheney revealed that his sixth grandchild, the first out-of-wedlock child for lesbians Mary Cheney and Heather Poe, will be a boy. He broke the news to ABC News Radio, the Washington Post column Reliable Source reported today.

Twomommies2_1_1Said Cheney: “I’m delighted I’m about to be a grandparent for the sixth time. I’m looking forward to the arrival of a new grandson.”

When asked about the same-sex family’s legal standing, Cheney said: “I think each state ought to have the capacity to decide how they want to handle those issues…And I obviously think it’s important for us as a society to be tolerant and respectful of whatever arrangements people enter into.”

Mary Cheney spoke about the child in February at Barnard College. She said: “When Heather and I decided to have a baby, I knew it wasn’t going to be the most popular decision. [points to womb] This is a baby. This is a blessing from God. It is not a political statement. It is not a prop to be used in a debate, on either side of a political issue. It is my child.”

She also defended same-sex parenting, placing her at odds with the positions of the Bush administration’s religious right-wing base: “Every piece of remotely responsible research that has been done in the last 20 years has shown there is no difference between children raised by same-sex parents and children raised by opposite-sex parents; what matters is being raised in a stable, loving environment.”

The baby is due next month.


  1. Marco says

    Congrats, Mary and Heather. Just make sure Grandpa doesn’t reap the poor kid’s soul.

  2. Jory says

    “It is not a political statement. It is not a prop to be used in a debate, on either side of a political issue. It is my child.”

    cough UNCLE TOM.

  3. says

    Okay, its time to ask Grandpa, or her puppet – Bu$h, “If Heather was in the military and had joined and served in silence, why is it FAIR for her not to be able to enjoy DEPENDENT BENEFITS and include Mary and her child as her primary family? Why should she have to remain SILENT about her sexual orientation? The Bu$h Admin has said “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy words. How would it work for Mary Cheney’s new family if they were a military family?”

  4. says

    There are PLENTY of GAYS AND LESBIANS serving in silence in the military who would like to have DEPENDENT BENEFITS for their partners and children but are DENIED those benefits because of the UNFAIR “DON’T ASK/DON’T TELL” policy!!!

  5. Webster says

    Not a political issue? NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE? Mary–and her father–are inextricably linked to a homophobic, exclusive, elitist Republican administration that WOULD have codified anti-gay law into our very Constitution.

    Mary and Heather are fascist pigs made in the very image of that poor kid’s grandfather. It takes some very deep, very sick delusion to be Mary Cheney and they all should be profoundly ashamed.

  6. Zlexar says

    “It is not a political statement. It is not a prop to be used in a debate, on either side of a political issue. It is my child.”

    I get it. So the administration can try to amend the constitution and rant about how a child needs “a mother and father,” but when it comes to YOUR family suddenly discussing the issue is in bad taste?

    Gays have been a prop used in the GOP debate for years, Mary. We’re actually human too, as hard as it is to believe. Maybe baby George will do better than we have.

  7. Jack! says

    Cowboyneok, great question. She is still a lesbian and is treated like other lesbians in this country even though she is the Vice Presidents daughter.

    It seems as though Mary is becoming more forceful about her civil rights. If I’m correct then I applaud her even though she has been late to the game.

    Congrats on the baby.

  8. Leland says

    Gotta disagree with you on this one, Jack!, in the sense that no one should be applauded for commenting about soley THEIR own rights while, to the best of my knowledge, she has never publicly uttered one peep about the challenges of lesbian mothers created by the Fourth Reich [see Patriot Act, et al.]that she has been such a tireless whore for until she became a mother herself.

    And it’s not just been a matter of acting as a loyal daughter holding her privileged if mannish nose while helping him rise to power. She was a paid shill for Coors, their “liason” to the gay community, playing her Dyke Card to distract attention away from the fact that while they did finally stop discriminating against gay employees [only in response to a gay boycott of their beers] they continue to be aligned with/financially support, among others, the Heritage Foundation [started by Papa Coors] which remains one of the most powerful and rabidly homophobic groups in the US, the Taliban in Brooks Brothers suits.

    I pity this child, but hope to live long enough to read about his response to her answer to the question, “What did YOU do in the Cultural War, Mommy?”

  9. Stephen says

    How can there NOT be a difference when a child is raised by two people of the same sex versus a mother and a father (male and female)???

    The different genders are a “light unto themselves” vis-a-vis the upbringing of the child.

  10. Dean says

    The hypocrisy of this witch/bitch blows my mind. While she stumped for Bush and called Kerry a “son-of-a-bi*ch” for identifying her as gay, her GOP pals have fought to murder glbt people and strip them of rights. Now she wants to quietly have a tube baby and expose it to her dike lifestyle. She is one of the sickest most selfish swine I have ever seen. What a whore.

  11. Missy says

    What an idiot reporter. When Cheney said that it is up to States to determine if glbt deserve basic rights, the reporter should have immediately followed up with: “Mr Cheney, should it be left up to each State to determine if the Negro has the right to impregnate a White woman? Why should States be allowed to determine that right?”

  12. Leland says

    Yes, yes, Stephen, we’re quite familiar with your willfully stupic, sexist, and homophobic concepts of childrearing. Tell us something new, such as which of Towleroad’s advertisers get you off the fastest?

    The twink in the Universal Gear underwear? The monthly meat puppets on the covers of “DNA”? The guys at Interactive Male? You could really have some fun with them and still not have a child. How about those abs on that model from Bet you want to run your tongue down that washboard while your brainwashed concept of reality is put on hold. Wait, wait. Now I get it! A lot of closet queens are Republicans, and there’s nothing more bondage and discipline than the Gay O P, so it’s probably the ad from Andrew Christian Underwear with the guy being jovially stripped. Male rape fantasize much? Oooooooooh, Stephen!!!!! Take it like a man!!!!!

  13. anon says

    Fastlad: that was a good one!

    Conservatives always used to warn about the dangers of mob rule and now they are governed by one.

  14. JORY says

    James, denying the inherent and OBVIOUS political issues the child raises, as well as her well-worded dismissal thereof, and especially considering her political surrounding and her potential power to open eyes, she is a fucking Uncle Tom.

    She lets it all go in a PR bullshit line. She is an Uncle Tom in every sense of the word. A traitor to her own kind.

  15. Crixi Van Cheek says

    I hope the vicious cunt miscarries during a State Dinner in the East Room. And, I hope the janitor that has to mop up that slop sells the stem cells on Ebay.

  16. Jack! says

    Leland, you convinced me not to forgive for that quickly. She still has a way to go.

    Crixi Van Cheek, that is cruel but funny too.

  17. Mike says

    They should name supreme court elected Dumbya as God parent since he thinks that he is God anyhow.

  18. Amanda says

    The sexist and anti woman comments on this board is incredible. Although I am not gay I can clearly see why some lesbians do not like male homosexuals. Mary made a choice to become a mother and I hope she has a successful pregnancy. Why would anyone wish for her to have a miscarriage that’s a cruel and inhumane comment. Mary is living her truth and her life. Last time I checked people have a right to live their lives the way they want to. Did you ever consider that Mary is very close to her father? Blood is thicker then water.