Who Suffers Most from Bush’s Iraq Policy?


Laura Bush on who suffers most over the President’s war in Iraq:

“No one suffers more than their president and I do when we watch this, and certainly the Commander in Chief who has asked our military to go into harm’s way.”

The families of the soldiers coming home in bodybags may think otherwise.

Video at AmericaBlog.

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  1. Greggie says

    I was waiting for this to be posted. I saw this on the Today Show this morning. What an awful statement! Can they give us anymore reasons to hate the president? Mission accomplished. Now we can hate his wife, too.

  2. JR says

    I was going to say something vile about her but it’s just such a waste of energy to hate someone that is so reprehensible. The way she stands around nodding her head in agreement with everything makes her so complicit. They all need to go!

  3. Bobby says

    I’m sorry, she may be the greatest person, but Anne Curry’s interviewing skills GRATE on my nerves. She’s too damn “sweet” and seemingly empathetic.

    Too much sugar can kill ya.

  4. 000000 says

    It’s to be expected. After all, Barbara swore up and down that the shelter accomodations provided to Katrina victims was swanky at the very least.

  5. Zeke says

    Why is it that when Hillary spoke out on policy we praised her for being strong and intelligent and willing to speak her mind but when Laura speaks HER mind we portray her as manipulated, oppressed and subservient to GW.

    What men are to blame for Coulter, Malkin, Rice, Hughes, et al?

    Stop trying to make Laura out to be a victim here.

    Laura Bush is a strong and intelligent woman who has a mind of her own. Is it not at all possible that she actually believes what she is saying? Is it not at all possible that she has the same aims, goals and beliefs as her husband?

    When she says something stupid or offensive or thoughtless, she should get all the credit for it just like she would if she said something intelligent, uplifting or insightful.

  6. FunMe says

    “the more i see of that zombie-bot laura bush, the more obvious it is that she’s drugged on some major anti-depressants.”

    AJ: the crazy people always get the best drugs!

  7. Jonathon says

    Ms. Bush, your husband is not MY president. He may be occupying the Oval Office, but he is not my president. I could care less how much you “suffer”. You and your husband apparently could care less how much the American people suffer – including the families of the overtaxed military members, survivors of Katrina, survivors of the 9/11 attacks, etc.

    If Bush or Laura had a conscience they’d never ever get a wink of sleep. The vile actions wrought by this awful man and his awful cronies that make up his administration ought to be enough to keep any self-respecting person up at night.

  8. Anon says

    Laura Bush used to present herself as a nice, unobtrusive first lady, but with this interview and the one at Larry King she’s proving to be a coniving politician.

    Plus she’s probably only doing this interview to deflect from the House hearing into Pat Tillman’s death.

  9. Dean says

    Seems 000000 beat me to the punch… Shouldn’t we expect this type of sentiment from this Mafia family by now? This statement is completely in keeping with Mama Shrub’s reaction to the victims of Katrina… *paraphrase* This is a good thing that has happened to them and aren’t they lucky since most of them live in worse places than a homeless shelter anyway.

    This family has no clue. They are completely power-hungry and ruthless.

    And I’ll second Jonathon’s comment… This IS NOT *MY* president. He’s a criminal and an embarrassment.

  10. richard the yank says

    I love when you guys bash your President.

    Well she is much better than that screaming liberal, Nancy Pelosi!

    You guys are all so irrational, some people think Bush is doing the right thing. Look at your DEM nominee’s for President, looks like we are going to have at least 4 more years in the WH. You think this country will elect Hillary od Osama?

  11. Dean says

    Geez… another Dick. I’m glad you enjoy having the Chimp for a president. As I’ve stated, he’s NOT my president. Yes, *some* people do think the Shrub is doing the right thing… last time I checked it was a whopping 27%. Nixon had a higher approval rating.

    And yes… I think this country will elect Hillary (or ANY Dem) before they’d put another lying, powerhungry RepubliCON in the White House.

    OH… and if we manage to impeach Cheney and Dubya, you might get to enjoy saying “President Pelosi”. Ta!

    IMPEACH NOW! ’08 is too late!!

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