Anti-gay Threats Against Rural Tennessee Man Continue


In April, I posted about the arrest of three teens in McMinnville, Tennessee, who targeted the home of Neal Anthony and his partner Michael Duncan with paintballs because they were gay.

The names of the teens were not released because they are minors, but apparently they were not connected to the disgusting gay slurs that were also spray-painted on the side of Anthony’s historic 1851 home. If you’ll remember, the messages said “all gays go to hell” and “fags deserve to die”.

AnthonyLast weekend, Anthony was reportedly targeted again, according to a Towleroad tipster. Says our source: “Yet another hate crime took place over the weekend when four rocks crashed through his front windows as a Red (possibly Burgundy) Ford Explorer with people screaming “FAGS MUST DIE” drove by Neal’s home. The local Sheriff’s Dep’t was once again called out but the investigating officer claimed they could do nothing as the car was headed into an adjoining county (where they have no jurisdiction) and so the matter could not be pursued.”

According to our source, the police see the spray-painting incident as a cold case and are refusing to pursue it further, even though there may be a connection between this recent rock-throwing incident and the spray paint incident in April. Tracking a red Ford Explorer should not be tough work in rural Tennessee, unless, of course, there is some reason someone is being protected.

I’ll bring you more information as I get it…

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  1. RB says

    Yes, this makes me home town proud!!! And actually tracking any Ford in rural Tennessee would not be easy as there are many.

    However, this is what life is like in this little town. Very closed minded. Luckily for most of those here you will only have to read about McMinnville. I had to live there. I am only thankful that I got out! Again, good luck to Neal and Michael…they are going to need it as I do not see this ever stopping.

  2. pacificoceanboy says

    The moment it stops RB is the moment one of them shoots a trespapser on their property with a shotgun loaded with rock salt.

    Arming a shot gun with rock salt still gives it that nice loud scare tactic thing while also bruising the recipient of the blast and if the skin breaks……the stinging increases a lot. Nobody dies, they only get taught a lesson.

  3. Brian says

    I don’t get it… why can’t the investigation continue into the next county? Does that mean I can go to a neighboring county and burn someone’s house down, then come home and sleep soundly in the knowledge that nothing will ever happen?

  4. says

    “the investigating officer claimed they could do nothing as the car was headed into an adjoining county”

    Seriously? Who was the investigating officer, Rosco P. Coltrane?

  5. Jonathon says

    This is terrorism, plain and simple, and it’s long past time we started calling a spade a spade. “Hate crime” is a term that confuses people, but terrorism is something that they understand.

    These attacks aren’t just against the unfortunate gay couple living in the house, it is an attack against all of us. “FAGS MUST DIE” includes you and me and every other gay person in the world.

    The intent is to intimidate, to remind the gay couple that “someone is watching them” and that they can be attacked even in their own home.

    That is unAmerican. That is just not right.

  6. Zeke says

    THIS is exactly why federal hate crimes laws are needed and THIS is exactly why they were proposed in the first place.

    Any backwoods police/sheriff’s department can refuse to pursue any case based on personal prejudices. Federal hate crimes laws would allow the feds to step in and investigate AND prosecute EVEN when the local authorities refuse.

    For those who argue against ADDING sexual orientation to EXISTING federal hate crimes laws, remember McMinnville and pray to God that you are never on the receiving end of homophobic violence in a place where the authorities secretly support your oppression and do nothing but look the other way when you are the victim of a homophobic assault.

    RB, people can move away from the McMinnvilles of the world but they often take with them the internalized shame and fear and self-hate and homophobia that was instilled in them there.

    The results of this internalized shame and doubt are sometimes obvious but are more often subtle. Being from a small town in Mississippi, I’ve seen it first hand. Most of the gay people that I grew up with there are deeply closeted and many of them are married. And those are just the ones that I knew personally.

  7. Dean says

    Okay, before I get started, this is NOT a “blame the victim” post. Far from it- as I hate those. What I want to know is, “Where the hell is the “gay community” for these guys?”

    I know we have organizations to battle homophobia, bigotry and violence. I KNOW we do because I’m always giving them money. NOW is the time for them to do something BEFORE this goes from a harrassing probelm to the murder of yet another unprotected gay person.

  8. anon says

    Well, if the homeowners could get some pictures of the perps in action the state police might investigate. It’s most likely some teens out to “impress” the ladies and each other, probably some are the sons of uptight community leaders. The point they are missing is that these aren’t the only two gay guys in town.

  9. pacificoceanboy says



    Till then, I am telling these guys…..for real Get a shot gun (its tennessee after all)+ rock salt= the little hate mongers will learn a lesson and many won’t come back.

    My great grandmother used this tactic back during the depression to chase people off of her little farm. It works. They run like heck and don’t want to come back all the while the police really can’t do anything to you because it is impossible to kill someone by shooting them with rock salt. the old timers used to also use bird shot which only gose right under the skin i think without going any deeper.

    This case is at the point where it is self defense time. Bricks through windows are dangerous and the police obviously aren’t doing anything.

  10. dan says

    yeah on the rock salt — and it burns like freakin hell…its also a pretty good way to mark someone…try and hide after getting a face full…”um, no officer, i just fell down in the gravel and pounded my face into it 12 times…thats where the marks came from.”

  11. Jack! says

    Completely agree with Jonathon, Zeke, and Dean. I also believe the police are allowing this behavior to continue just like the police covered up the murder of a gay man in Detroit several months ago.

  12. Dean says

    Well, I’m all for self-defense. However, what I had in mind was the possibility of an ACLU attorney or somesuch on hand to make the obviously inept police do their bloody job.

    You know, guys, it’s going to be awfully difficult to make gay marriage a reality if they KILL us all first.