BP CEO Lord Browne’s Former Kept Boy Lets it All Out

Lord_browneChevalier lets it all out — the £3,000 bottles of claret, the £5million Chelsea apartment, socializing with Elton John, Jude Law, U.S. Congressmen and Senators, Ronald Lauder, holiday trips on private jets, and finally the realization:

“I was open to a lifestyle that people could only imagine about. It was all new to me and for the first few years a novelty. But after a while it became almost unbearable. Billionaires remembered me, but I did not remember them. The anxiety grew from not remembering these notables who knew me but whom I did not remember. Ultimately I experienced panic attacks from the thought of not knowing to whom I was speaking. John could not understand why his world was so difficult for me. Neither could I communicate to him the fear I was experiencing from all the parties, dinners and nights at the opera. John introduced me to all his acquaintances: friends, co-workers, billionaires, celebrities and the like. By 2004 I panicked before, during and after every function, because the people I met were so numerous and notable. I lost all ability to function as John Browne’s partner. He did not understand my anxieties and I had no ability to understand his concerns. We were worlds apart and we both grew to realise this.”

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