Did Andy Roddick get a Photoshop workout?

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Some earth-shattering news for your Friday afternoon: TMZ thinks Andy Roddick’s arms may have had a workout with something other than barbells. A mouse and a Photoshop program perhaps? We (and over 90% of TMZ’s readers) would have to agree, although I doubt that routine is an option in their “How to Build Big Arms in 5 Easy Moves” article.

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  1. MP says

    I was going to e-mail you about this when I saw it on Trent’s site earlier – that’s got to be one of the work photoshop mag cover cock-ups ever.

  2. Oscar says

    Part of it is the way he’s standing. If you put your fists under your biceps with your arms crosed, your biceps will always look bigger. I think any self-loving top that never did that in a bar to look better is lying. The one that is suspect is the neck. Although, is possible if he is all puffed up. Nevertheless, it is obvious the photo has been worked on to make him look better.

  3. Tracell says

    I get that magazine and almost all of the covers of stars and athletes are photoshopped. Check out Carl Edward’s pic a few months ago.

  4. woodroad34 says

    Look at the shadowing under the neck and the shadowing above the forearms on his chest. Those are dead giveaways. My ex is a photographer and does this everyday.

  5. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Also, the waist-line/hips are much narrower than his hips in the court-side photo. I guess once the sign the releases, they have little control over the “improvements; just like those Brad Pitt pics that wound-up in Vanity Fair a few months ago.

  6. Jeff says

    it looks like my 5 year old niece literrally glue sticked Andy’s face on some body builder’s body… it’s almost humorous how shotty the photoshop job is… the more i look at it, i’m reminded of those carnival booths, where you insert your face in the hole above some ridiculous body that is not you and take a picture to send to your friends as a joke… this is what it looks like to me :)

  7. says

    What is sad is that it is the typical example of the difference between muscles for the look and being an actual sportsman: andy roddick is definitely a great sportman (one of the best tennisman in the world) but he doesn’t have the required big arms to make this kind of magazine cover, hence the “stick his head on a muscle mary body” operation.

  8. says

    In all fairness, the gigantism in Andy’s right arm is just a natural flaw in the cloning process. I’m sure the next few clones of him from Sean William Scott’s DNA will turn out just fine… *g*

  9. Ad says

    Yeah, as soon as mine came in the mail, I thought “Photochop!” Same thing last month with Carl Edwards, who is hot enough already, but MF made him look ridiculous. It’s just another sign of the piece of crap the new editorial team is making out of what was once a great, informative magazine.

    Having said that, Roddick looks even hotter with bigger arms.

  10. Oberst says

    Ok. I posted this to TMZ, too, but I’d like to point out that the arms are definitely Roddick’s. If you ever see him play, his right arm is much bigger and better defined than the left. This is from his serving action and forehand. The left pretty much only gets used during his backhand. In fact, the underdeveloped left highlights some of the problems on his backhand. Being a two handed backhander, the left hand becomes dominant in the swing, but with it so underdeveloped he lacks any real pace or power on the backhand.

  11. says

    I thought it as soon as I saw that cover. He’s a cute guy, but he’s just NOT that beefy. the arms are the worst giveaway, but the chest and neck are notably enhanced too. That, I do agree that this is commonplace, but it should be quite so noticable.

  12. mark m says

    Yeah I’m not convinced that they stuck his head on someone else’s body. I think they SHRUNK his head and enhanced his arms to look bigger than they are.

    Believe NOTHING you see in photography these days.

  13. Colin C says

    Check out the official ATP Tennis website. It has an article on Roddick’s cover shoot. Andy admits in the write-up that the magazine cover was totally photoshopped. He jokes he didn’t recognize his arms or chest but gave props to the computer guy that “enhanced” his look.

  14. Carl Davis says

    The mag is apparently shameless about enhancing the assets of its cover men. I wrote a letter to the editor about it some months back (to no response. It’s challenging enough to have the real “fitness models” as examples, let alone guys like James Marsden, Edward Burns, Josh Holloway, and the other cover subjects who have been pumped up not by physical workouts but by mouse-clicks in Photoshop. The Roddick cover is just the latest — and most blatant — example. Shame on the magazine for cheating.

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